Andrew Lloyd Webber [2]


Just for a moment, let’s spoil ourselves by celebrating the misfortunes of the pug faced little cunt who sat on his golden throne while he subjected us to his excruciatingly embarrassing search for not just one new unknown musical star, but two! A Joseph and a Dorothy. Not that we gave a flying fuck about either.

It seems his latest offering – a musical based on Stephen Ward who committed suicide in the wake of the Profumo affair – is to close after just 4 months. The omens were never good, of course. It opened the same night the roof fell in on the audience in a West End theatre he owns. Actually, I think he owns most of them, doesn’t he?

It seems the theatre was never more than half full. Of course Webby is unrepentant. He commented “if you choose a subject purely because it is commercial, catastrophe looms”. Well, no Andrew. Catastrophe looms when you write some so shitty and uncommercial that nobody comes to see it, you daft cunt.

Anybody who paid good money to sit through his excruciating sequel to ‘Phantom’ must be rubbing their hands together in glee…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Andrew Lloyd Webber


I’d like to nominate that eerie looking frog faced gaping cunt Andrew Lloyd Webber for infesting the west end with his shite, ponsy musicals and for those cunty reality tv ‘find the next starring cunt for Joseph’s Technicuntor Cuntcoat’ talent shows with all those soulless looking, preening attention whore cunts dancing and singing like a bunch of cunts.

Nominated by : Redvers Whitehead