The Birmingham University Rainbow Network

Birmingham University’s Rainbow Network

This is nothing by the way to do with Dubai, it’s their country so they make the rules but Fuck me do these cunts have no sense of reality. They have just realised that at their Dubai campus (for fuck sake) their is no legal recognition of LGBT rights because being gay is against the law in Dubai. They have been warned that certain things may not be tolerated by the local peaceful. Actually not tolerated is wrong, you will be jailed if you are gay. In the UK all your SJW bullshit and whinging just makes everyone on edge and feel they are at risk of losing their job or professional reputation just for having a slightly less right on view than yourself and maybe saying in your opinion a misplaced comment or joke. But now you can go and see what tolerance levels the peacefuls have for your gay selves. Also while your studying at the Dubai campus why don’t you go fly your rainbow flag from the top of the refectory and see how quickly your arse is whisked into desert chokey. So Listen you bunch of self serving cunts if you don’t get how lucky you are to live in this country by now then you never will and if you don’t like it then I’m sure the tax payer will happily chip in so you can complete your education in that bastion of human rights Dubai.

Nominated by Cuntsince1066