The Birmingham University Rainbow Network

Birmingham University’s Rainbow Network

This is nothing by the way to do with Dubai, it’s their country so they make the rules but Fuck me do these cunts have no sense of reality. They have just realised that at their Dubai campus (for fuck sake) their is no legal recognition of LGBT rights because being gay is against the law in Dubai. They have been warned that certain things may not be tolerated by the local peaceful. Actually not tolerated is wrong, you will be jailed if you are gay. In the UK all your SJW bullshit and whinging just makes everyone on edge and feel they are at risk of losing their job or professional reputation just for having a slightly less right on view than yourself and maybe saying in your opinion a misplaced comment or joke. But now you can go and see what tolerance levels the peacefuls have for your gay selves. Also while your studying at the Dubai campus why don’t you go fly your rainbow flag from the top of the refectory and see how quickly your arse is whisked into desert chokey. So Listen you bunch of self serving cunts if you don’t get how lucky you are to live in this country by now then you never will and if you don’t like it then I’m sure the tax payer will happily chip in so you can complete your education in that bastion of human rights Dubai.

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34 thoughts on “The Birmingham University Rainbow Network

  1. A safe space in this peaceful sandpit will be cockroach infested cell with a bucket in the corner and any trigger warnings will be the cocking of a gun before you go ‘missing’.

    • And that’s how it should be.

      For better or worse, it’s their country, it’s their fucking rules. Tough!

      Now if only our laws were so favourable to our people instead of ensuring every other “Johnny Come Lately” is put way ahead of us in the legislative stakes!

      And in another example of the wonders of “cultural enrichment” benefits, I urge you to watch this.

      Please note there was barely a peep about it via the lamestream media and UK (fake) news outlets.

      I wonder what the media frenzy would have been like if a negative of this situation had transpired?

      Never mind. Sir Malteser Head is from their so they must all be great, right!?!


    • See, that’s the thing – these people they’ve allied themselves with actually are far right. That’s the entire reason why I despise them. But because most of them aren’t white and because Islam has this protected victim status it’s somehow alright in their minds.

  2. You have to wonder what fucking planet these fuckers inhabit if this has to be spelled out for them.
    Must be difficult reconciling your extra rights and total precedence over the rest of humanity due to your trannie mental illness or gayness with your multi-cultural right-on respect for these noble cultures.
    Fucking hilarious.

  3. These lefty cockwombles take our democracy and freedom of speech for granted in this country, and they know it.

    But over in camel-jockey land they don’t take shit from anyone, not least snowflake cunts, and the libtards know that too. But will they have the balls to demonstrate the fact? Will they go over there with their placards and their rainbow-coloured jockstraps and say “you’re racist, bigoted, homophobic cunts!” Of course they won’t because the know the country won’t tolerate that kind of shit, and if any other country tries to dictate and change its views on human rights, they can tell them to go fuck a camel because they own all the oil.

    It would do my heart good to see Lily Mong protest in Dubai; perhaps do topless while drinking a beer or two out in the public realm. Her feet wouldn’t touch the ground, thrown into a toilet of a jail, and then soundly lashed.

    But will she go out there and support the oppressed wimminz? Of course not – way out of her comfort zone, and she knows she won’t be coming back in one piece.

    Hypocritical cunts, the lot of them

  4. Those cunts at Greater Manchester Transport are painting ‘rainbow hearts’ all over their buses in order to include/placate/arselick the LGBTXY Fucking Z ‘community’ and to appease a fuckflake council… So, they can find time and money to do such servile nonsense, yet they can’t get a bus (any fucking bus!) to run and turn up on time?…. Thinking about their regular customers as always, eh? Are they fuck as like… They can fuck off!

  5. Gayness is nothing more than a passing fad. In much the same way as Punk Rockers or Fucking Hippies adopted a certain lifestyle in order to “stand out”,as do The Gays these days. When they realise that their lifestyle is actually rather passe,it will become considerably less common. Of course, just as old Punk Rockers and Fucking Hippies are left with the scars,both mental and physical,from their attempts to be non-conformist,as will The Gays have to bear the health results of leading an abominable lifestyle.
    Of course previous non-conformists never lost sight of their masculinity. The Gays,however,have. Gays adopt a feminine lifestyle because they are both physically and mentally inferior. Easier to dress and act like a woman (the weaker sex) than stand up like a real man. This also proves that their Gayness is a choice. If they actually were “Gay”, they would be prepared to stand up and fight like men,instead of hiding behind their make-up and petticoats,screaming and crying about their rights.
    I’m aware not all of The Gays are just putting it on for effect….this brings us to the real problem….the mentally-ill Gays. These deluded souls actually believe that their degenerate lifestyle is natural.They truly believe that men having sex with each other is just another aspect of sexuality. Well,it isn’t. There are only two sexes,male and female. Their bodies have been designed to accommodate each other. A man “fits” into a woman,and the woman is designed to “accept” the man. A man is not designed to accommodate another man,let alone up the soil-pipe.

    I believe that if we are ever to stem the tide of corruption,we must “treat” the mentally-ill “Gays”. The rest of them would sharp fall in line and forget their imagined “Gayness” if the AlphaPoofs were detained in a secure facility. If their mental illness could be cured,it would be all the better for them,for the “pretend” poofs and for the future of Mankind (Won’t someone please think of the children). I really do believe that the National Health Service should put 10% of it’s budget towards curing the greatest health threat of our times…Poofery.

    Oh, all students are Cunts anyhow,and Birmingham is a shithole. Nuke it.

    Fuck Off.

    • Don’t nuke it just yet, as me and the missus still live there!

      Come next March you can bomb the shit out of it, although to be honest you’ll be pushed to spot the difference afterwards!.

      • My grand plans cannot be delayed to accommodate you and your Missus I’m afraid OldMen. I was given to understand that the last white family had already left Birmingham and, as I’m sure you can imagine,the costs involved in storing a nuclear device are prohibitive. You will have to accept the results of your procrastination.
        P.S….be sure to invite Lenny Henry round for tea on Tuesday ,11 o’clock.

    • It’s World AIDS Day Mr Fiddler. No doubt in my mind it was sent to show His Divine displeasure.

      • Indeed, Miles. In the same way as The Gays dismiss the fate of The City Of Sodom as apocryphal,so they refuse to accept that Aids is Punishment from a Higher Power.

      • It is against the Natural Law. It is an Abomination crying out to Heaven for Vengeance. That’s the talk we need.

    • Lesbianism has never been illegal in Britain because Queen Victoria refused to accept that a woman sleeping with another woman was unnatural. However, her majesty made male homosexuality illegal because she thought men taking it up the shitter was wrong.

      I wonder how her advisers got that message across to her in those days?!?

  6. This from the Bender Broadcasting Corporation…

    “I’ve been up and down on trains, planes… – I should be an ambassador for British Airways with all the miles I have clocked up….”

    Sol Campbell says he’s put in the hard yards to get his first job in management….

    Well, what else is there to say?…. This is one of those where you just sit back, fold your arms and wait for the inevitable meltdown…. Priceless…

    • Ah yes, Sol Campbell, the greatest mind in football. Cunt is as mad as a box of frogs but he’s always got the race card to explain why nobody wants to employ him. I suppose he thinks Spurs fans all hate his guts because he is black.
      He won’t last 5 fucking minutes in that job. Delusional cunt.

  7. What the fuck are Birmingham University doing with a branch in fucking Dubai anyway? Presumably it has something to do with money and some cunt filling their pockets with it.
    The irony of course is that your average dirty A-rab loves a bit of arse…… long as it belongs to a young adolescent boy !
    Faggots shouldn’t have a problem, as long as they are discreet and mind their own business. If they did that in this country there wouldn’t be a problem here either. No , it’s their constant self promotion and their lust for younger and younger flesh that pisses normal people off. Fucking queers…… I hate the cunts.

  8. Friend of a friend works in an office where one of these over the top, “fabulous,” gay as you can get types also works.
    Constantly banging on about the gay lifestyle and what he gets up to at the weekend, no holds barred. Shit on the sheets, shit up the wall, everything.
    Cunts in the office apparently just ignore the cunt.

    Anyway, this poof is apparently always clean shaven but was recently spotted with a few days growth on the top lip.

    Friend of friend, in an attempt at humour says, “I guess you’re growing that for ho-movember.”

    Ten minutes later he’s dragged in by HR. An hour later he’s at home on gardening leave, waiting to hear about a disciplinary meeting next week….

    I’d go in and punch the cunt, but that’s me….

    • I imagine this would happen in just about every workplace in the country. Freedom of speech? Don’t make me laugh.
      Democracy? Forget about it.
      Yes, it’s 1984 already and nobody noticed.

      • Thankfully not mine Freddie even the new young apprentice lads are being told what’s what lots of good old racism, sexism and homophobia. They probably think all us old fuckers are joking but we ain’t. I have nothing against other races, women or gays it’s just myself and my workmates really don’t care, you’re black well get on with your work look after your family pay your taxes and bills and keep quiet, same with women and gays. You’ve all got what you wanted now move on. But no the real agenda is crush the average white heterosexual man make us feel worthless and afraid to speak out.
        All this LGBTWXYZ, wimminz, and jigaboo shite is a precursor to the end of white men and the take over of mud.
        I pity my grandkids it breaks my heart seeing what’s in store.

  9. I still don’t get the LGBT crap, I don’t see the connection between lesbians and poofters, by definition the two factions should never meet. And why the fuck should either have any connection to the sick tranny cunts.
    I wanted to watch Have I got News for you last night but the sick cunt Grayson Perry was on so I didn’t bother – CUNT!

    • I am not a violent man, but looking at Greyson Perry on HIGNFY last night, if I ever met the abhorrent fucking weirdo, I would twat him relentlessly

    • I met a gay from Birmingham once.
      Before he had any idea of what my tastes might be, he started “Ooooh, you NEVER want to share a house with lesbians, they’re so…oooh.”
      So wasn’t he tolerant and NOT full of hate ?

      Oddly enough, though, I wouldn’t want to share a house with lesbians, or camp, remoany, Trump-hateing, anti-Brexit snowflakes like him.
      I think being gay was the least of his worries..

  10. Felt in the mood for Divine Wrath quotations so just googled Biblical condemnations of homosexuality. The first links-‘Where does it say in the Bible..?’ ‘Does the Bible…’ ‘Biblical passages used to…’That’s what we’re up against. When we all know there is condemnation after condemnation. I remember you once said Mr Fiddler that we have let the philosophy of ‘what happens in the bedroom between consenting adults is a private thing’ as letting our guard down. Too right. When we see the grotesque spectacle of all this Deviency in the streets, on our tv screens. Deviency breeds deviency-that why they’re going after children.’Vengeance is mine saith the Lord…’ I tell you solemnly…’They are polluting their own bodies with this lifestyle. I was once in Dubai airport and was struck by how dignified the women looked. Good on them that they will have nothing to do with this Lie emanating from the filthy decadent West. It’s a lie. From the ‘Father of Lies’. Only Biblical Truth is going to arrest this situation. And bring us back to what normal, natural.

    • Biblical truth? Run that past me again!

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree that morality is going down the tubes, but religion is all man-made BS, and no help at all.

  11. Persecuting gays is homophobic yet criticizing islime is islamophobic so it looks like the dumb cunts have painted themselves into a corner.
    Besides, don’t they know that Muslims are higher up in the victim hierarchy than gays so they should stop moaning before they get in trouble from their peers.
    …. to these twats there’s nothing in the world worse than islamophobia.
    …even rape and terrorism isn’t as bad as islamophobia.

  12. Allow me to recommend my favourite Islamist website;
    They are currently engaged in a holy war with celebrity snowflake infidel Emma Watson. Is it really her bumhole? If only the BBC covered such important topics.

  13. This poof says fuck anything to do with ‘rainbows’ and LGBTQXYZ. I’m ashamed to be of the same species as the majority of my ‘fellow’ backdoor-botherers, given their tendency to be left-bent (fnarr fnarr). As if any more proof were needed that leftism is a mental disease, the un-hole-y (teehee) alliance of mainstream poop-chute pokers and Islam truly takes the chocolate doughnut. That my ‘kind’ sees the adherents of the single most dangerous force in the world today as ‘allies’, who would no sooner throw them off the nearest multi-storey roof, buggers, sorry beggars, my fundament-(teehee again)-al incredulity.

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