C4 ‘News’

C4 News is a cunt.

Where to begin, the smug metrosexual intonations of its presenters, John Snow with his xylophone ties and stupid socks, I’m so hip I wear a white poppy and is down with the kids at Glasto. Or the peaceful in full hijab just to remind us that C4 is fully inclusive, token Asian male and a reformed chap from the Fatherland, I am surprised they haven’t got the full set yet and have a lovely hairy 6ft tranny presenter yet, only a matter of time, oh and lest forget the annoying twat who chases after people for a comment, glad he was smacked by a UKIP chap a few years back. So for shear irritation and everything wrong in Modern Britain its C4 news for me.

Nominated by Gareth Kendall

29 thoughts on “C4 ‘News’

  1. Snow is a cunt and he can stick his Guardianista white poppy up his remoaner arse. Thanks to the power of nepotism we have to put up with his soft as shit soppy son ruining all sorts of potentially interesting history documentaries.
    A pair of fucking cunts who need to stay the fuck off my TV screen.

    • ‘So what your saying is Kathy Newman is vile?’

      Violence against women is never acceptable but after that Jordan Peterson interview I was half-hoping she would get a full frontal tackle from a speeding Range Rover.

  2. They definitely rival al-Beeb news for its left-wing bias reporting, anti Brexit/Trump rhetoric and the general punchability of its libtard mouthpieces Snow, Newman and Guru-Murthy.

  3. Snow and his lady friend Dame Starmer did their best to goad JRM into submission during one recent interview.

    The Mogg told him to ‘hold his horses’ so he could ‘get a word in edgeways’. Superlative performance from the Mogg that made Snow look the quarrelsome, lefty great fucking tit that he is.

  4. Interviewee: I’d like a cup of tea, please.
    Kathy Newman: So what you’re saying is, you want a bowl of celery soup?

    • Jordan Peterson put a massive dent in her snowflake ego, Capt.
      “So what your saying is facts don’t care about my feelings?”

  5. Talking of tranny newsreaders, didn’t C5 hit that milestone with the freak show abomination known as India Willoughby?

    • Arrogant newsreaders could be a future cunting, those who think they ARE the news, Tom Bradby and Kate Burley spring to mind.

      • I’ve been to his house in Kennibunkport Maine. Nice place full of security men a you’d expect. Very well respected in the local community where it seems he was just an ordinary bloke.

    • I have to be honest, I thought George HW Bush (Sr) was the best president in my lifetime.

      • Bush Sr. was certainly the least worst since Nixon, imo.

        As a small boy I thought Kennedy was cool, but then who didn’t? Johnson possibly underrated…didn’t personally connect much with politics before the advent of Thatcher, who I despised at the time. My opinion somewhat tempered by the pernicious dross that followed…

    • Dignified period of mourning….patriot….fine man…..etc ….funeral….dignified……loved his country….blah blah…..then…..ok folks lets release the last of the Kennedy papers.

  6. I’m so glad I don’t have a TV. I don’t see this shit – AlBBC, C4, John Lewis adverts, reality shows. All utted crap. I just have Radio 4 to boil my piss and that’s getting bad enough these days.

  7. I think you would be challenged to find a more uptight feminazi than Cathy Newman. From her coiffured, tight curls and sneer to her matronly dress sense that never gives even the slightest glimpse of lady flesh. She has bern vocal about the objectification of wimmin.

    I bet she is a real bundle of fun. A good holiday in Greece with the ultimate gift of a pearl necklace and fish yogurt supper might relieve her of some of her burden. Not that I’d volunteer…

    • As those fucking reptiles on dragons den would say “ im out!’
      Newman got owned by Peterson
      I’ve seen him take apart many other Cunts on you tube…….
      I would love to line up james o’ shithead and Owen Jones for a debate with Peterson on just about anything …. Jones wouldn’t last 5 minutes without blowing his top and flouncing off! , being a cocky cunt o’ brien would definitely fancy his chances, I know who I would back ….

  8. Talking of news cunts, here’s another example I was just made aware of, guaranteed to make your piss boil:


    I want to say I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it already, but the video just confirms what we already know about why I, and maybe some of you, didn’t hear about it.

    Fucking cunts day in, day out.

  9. A perceptively great cunting Gareth. Long overdue. It’s the TV equivalent of the Guardian.

    Snow is indeed the complete media-cunt.

    Nomination for that 6ft tranny vacancy…. Steph McGovern.

  10. C4 is just obsolete and no use whatsoever… After the great Father Ted it has produced nothing of worth whatsoever… Only thing worth watching on it is Rachel Riley’s arse… And I wouldn’t watch C4 News even if it was the only news outlet available,,,

    I also see the TV will be as shite as ever this Christmas…. Mrs Brown’s Cunts, Doctor PC Cunt Who, Call The Black Midwife, Jools Holland’s Cuntenanny etc…. Fuck that…

  11. Jon Snow is the epitome of sanctimonious cuntitude, with guru murthy and the (hilariously owned) newman as runners up.

  12. Agree Norman,Other than Father Ted the only other thought provoking comedy was Jam and Brass eye. They soon put a stop to Chris Morris and his shenanigans.

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