Michael Fabricant M.P. [3]

Hi my all fellow cunter’s best wishes to you all.

I’m sorry with all the terrible news about Ukraine being shelled by that cunt mad Vlad. But Micheal Fabricant MP is doing in my swede in on SKY News giving his utterly useless opinion about it to the Nation. Maybe it is something to do with the fact that I started losing my hair on my head at just 24 years old and am now a proud confident ‘Slap Head’ some twenty years on. Which of course means that whenever it is my misfortune to see the the aforementioned MP, I simply cannot take whatever he says seriously because of my unwavering conviction that the guy is hiding his bald pate behind a ridiculous looking blonde wig!

I ask you all with all honesty ‘Who has got hair like that! except maybe the very Donald himself no less granted. If your Dad and your two Grandad’s are Baldies by the time you are a six year old boy growing up, then you shouldn’t be surprised I’m afraid, to find yourself follicly challenged in later life. No matter. The question then becomes “Whatever can I do about this unenviable turn of events” The answer, after much deep thought and consideration my friends is this. Micheal Fabricant MP my dear boy! Ditch that Awful Wig and get you’re hair shaved off and stop talking, like most of your ilk do, about stuff you patently know nothing about.

You Cunt. xx

Nominated by: Baldieboyz

Michael Fabricant


Michael Fabricant needs to be set upon with a flame thrower such is the revulsion for the little fucking rug muncher.

He’s a fucking two tone wig wearing ponce if ever there was one.

Having said that, the cunt deserves a medal for threatening rent a gob-shite Jasmin alab-fucking-whatever-the -septic-old-arab-rag-head cunts name is. If I had the chance, I’d fucking chop suey her fucking gizzard an’ all.

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish