Michael Fabricant


Michael Fabricant needs to be set upon with a flame thrower such is the revulsion for the little fucking rug muncher.

He’s a fucking two tone wig wearing ponce if ever there was one.

Having said that, the cunt deserves a medal for threatening rent a gob-shite Jasmin alab-fucking-whatever-the -septic-old-arab-rag-head cunts name is. If I had the chance, I’d fucking chop suey her fucking gizzard an’ all.

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

3 thoughts on “Michael Fabricant

  1. Fabricant looks like Martin Freeman playing Boris Johnson (two more cunts who should be burnt alive).

  2. Tony Blair is a cunt. The expenses of the cunt Blair were shredded (to cover up his thieving and depravity) and also, cunt Blair, has been paid more than $300 million for killing babies (by the hook-noses).

    Yet here in Britain the filthy worthless shit, David Cameron, is rushing though a law to spy on all British people (with all their records to be held for 20 years so the hook-noses and American shit-tards can spy on us all).

    David Cameron eats shit out of the arse-hole of the child-killer and war-criminal Tony Blair and hook-noses.

    The dirty filth David Cameron thinks he is going to get hundreds of £millions from the hook-noses like Blair. It’s not going to happen. The hook-noses now only pay $1 per million babies killed.

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