Kwanzaa is a cunt. In recent days on ISAC I’ve mentioned it a few times and realized that it really does deserve a nom all to itself. For those of you that don’t know what Kwanzaa is, you can find out more here.

That’s right folks, Kwanzaa is a ‘festival’ made up by a marxist cunt in the 1960’s with the express intent of competing with and replacing Christmas. It is part of the systematic attempt by marxists and commies at erasure of Western civilization.

You may laugh, but here in the States, in elementary schools, you will never hear the word Christmas uttered, but this Kwanzaa shite is all over the curriculum. First I heard of it was when my kid came home one day and started lecturing me about it and proudly showed me his crayon rendition of the ‘kinara’. Intrigued to know more about this ‘ancient’ festival I looked it up at the link above.

After treating the scalds from my piss boiling over, I realized this kid had zero idea of what Christmas was supposed to be about. I knew the British tradition of the school nativity was still just about clinging on at the time since I got the photos of nephews, nieces back home participating in it, but there’s no such thing here.

Although I’m quite new around here, regular posters will probably realize I’m not exactly devout, but this was too much. So I had to seek out some nativity to take the kid to and actually tell him about this guy called Jesus.

Americans, eh. They have ‘in god we trust’ on their money but daren’t mention him for fear of offending the marxist nutcases who run the schools who are meanwhile brainwashing their kids.

Happy Kwanzaa cunts! BH

Nominated by: Berkshire Huntmaster