Kwanzaa is a cunt. In recent days on ISAC I’ve mentioned it a few times and realized that it really does deserve a nom all to itself. For those of you that don’t know what Kwanzaa is, you can find out more here.

That’s right folks, Kwanzaa is a ‘festival’ made up by a marxist cunt in the 1960’s with the express intent of competing with and replacing Christmas. It is part of the systematic attempt by marxists and commies at erasure of Western civilization.

You may laugh, but here in the States, in elementary schools, you will never hear the word Christmas uttered, but this Kwanzaa shite is all over the curriculum. First I heard of it was when my kid came home one day and started lecturing me about it and proudly showed me his crayon rendition of the ‘kinara’. Intrigued to know more about this ‘ancient’ festival I looked it up at the link above.

After treating the scalds from my piss boiling over, I realized this kid had zero idea of what Christmas was supposed to be about. I knew the British tradition of the school nativity was still just about clinging on at the time since I got the photos of nephews, nieces back home participating in it, but there’s no such thing here.

Although I’m quite new around here, regular posters will probably realize I’m not exactly devout, but this was too much. So I had to seek out some nativity to take the kid to and actually tell him about this guy called Jesus.

Americans, eh. They have ‘in god we trust’ on their money but daren’t mention him for fear of offending the marxist nutcases who run the schools who are meanwhile brainwashing their kids.

Happy Kwanzaa cunts! BH

Nominated by: Berkshire Huntmaster

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  1. Sorry to hear of your battle, BH.

    This kwanzaa nonsense would be all well and good for the Afrikoon Americans if they actually bothered to follow the seven principles.

    Clearly these principles need re-writing to accurately reflect the enriching effect many of these all-year suntanned types have on their ‘communidee’, along with the ‘principles’ of BLM – i.e. rioting, looting and seeking reparations from a submissive whitey.

    Sadly it is only those who are brave enough with a voice to call out this Marxist horseshite, which is so obviously just that and in clear view for all to see.

  2. These yank sooties think its a African version of Christmas.
    They don’t celebrate Kwanzaa in Africa.
    Its bollocks.
    They celebrate UN aid day
    And Tarzan’s birthday.

    When not laying about seeing how many flies they can get to land on their faces,
    Your average africunt celebrates special occasions by a family meal of missionary in a cauldron,
    Some light bushmeat,
    And some lazing about staring into space.
    These yank sooties?
    Talk shite dont they?
    “African American”?😁
    Fuck off

    • I would have thought Cheetah’s birthday would also be a cause for celebration seeing as how they are all related to him.

  3. Well I,for one,think that they’re entitled….I’ve long thought that Christmas Day must be dour for The Sooties..obviously ( outside of TV ads) Dark People don’t celebrate Christmas..what’s to celebrate?…the KFCs are all shut,there are few white people about to mug ( unless there happens to be some 6 year old trying out her first pushike),da communnidee centres are closed so there’s nowhere to sit smoking crack cocaine and egging each other on with tales of “muh struggle against wicked Whitey”, all the fat ,white Slappers are at home giving their multi-hued brats plates of turkey-twizzlers having spent the benefit money on a new tasteful tattoo saying ” I take it up the dung-pipe,fnarr,fnarr”.

    No,you uncharitable Cunts,let them have their day….can you imagine the sheer horror and disappointment of waking up on Christmas morning knowing that fucking Santa didn’t grant your wish… yes….you’re still a Dark-Key.

    • PS….I’ve also often wondered what the Jews do on the day that we celebrate the birth of The Baby Jesus..celebrate their culpability in his death,I suppose…and fume over the fact that if they’d sacrificed him as a baby and drunk his blood,none of this Christian nonsense would have come about.

    • talking of Christmas TV ads, I got all excited last night as the M&S advert appeared to have all whiteys. Except the very last scene was the honky women jumping onto a couch with her dark key fella and two little pickaninies. As if – the old fella would have been long gone.

  4. If they love African traditions and culture so much why don’t they fuck off back there. They’d soon find the Africunts po*cing and stealing off them and telling them to fuck off home you flash Yank bastards.
    Being black doesn’t make you an African no more than putting on a dress makes you a fucking Wimminz.

  5. I suppose the defenders of Christianity, namely the Church and that useless twat the Archbishop of Cunterbury, will just sit back and embrace this latest piece of Build Back Better bollocks, completely unaware that he is supposed to be defending our religion and our festivities!

    Instead he’ll spout the usual “All religions are great, and we must embrace them in this new era etc etc.” In other words, too shit scared to say anything to the contrary.

    Oh well, if the big retailers in this country want to see the end of Christmas as well, then that’s up to them. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less. No one from the Establishment is prepared to stand up to these Marxists, not even the Monarchy.

    Give it another 5-10 years and there will be no more Christmas, Easter, May Day, Boxing Day, Guy Fawkes , St George’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Remembrance Day, union flags, St George flags, traditional history/literature … or even the name “United Kingdom” or “England”

  6. I intend to celebrate the solstice, albeit the summer one here by traveling to New Norcia and burn down the monastery after nicking all of their gold and silver plate as well as the contents of their wine cellar and crackers for my cheese board.

    • I doubt any of the yank flipperlips actually know the story behind Kwanzaa?
      Its about a little boy, Niglet.
      While out collecting piss tainted puddle water,
      As hes walking back the 16miles to his village a miracle occurred!
      He had thought of his future as a child soldier possibly a poacher of endangered rhino,
      But he got a message from the sootie god , JOLSON.

      “Niglet,,you are my chosen prophet.
      Go into de whitemans land,
      Lead your peeple to da promised land.
      Dey got chiggun an sheet.”

      And Niglet did.
      Hes sort of like a monkey Moses.
      In the words of Tarzan the one true god of Africa

  7. I seem to remember that, during the height of the Floyd hysteria, Pelosi and that bunch of shit stirrers were pictured wearing “African” scarves.
    Yeah, African scarves, available from Louis Vuitton’s* at 300 dollars a pop.

    * Also available for free at looted stores all over America.

  8. The bloke with the book in the photo is saying…….
    “And dat my Daddy getting off da slave ship getting a whooping from da white man.”
    The kid at the front is saying….
    “Wot yo talkin bout Willis? Sheet man, lyin mo’fucker.”

  9. African American, what the fuck is one of those? Only 3 generations ago my ancestors were German and Polish, much less time ago than these fuzzies in the States can claim to be African yet I don’t wander around proclaiming I’m European English. In fact,as I’m from Yorkshire, Dogs own country, I barely admit to being English and all you cunts from somewhere else can fuck off.

      • Moto Morinis, l had one about ten years ago, Strada 350. One of the very few bikes I didn’t really enjoy; sold it within six months.

      • The old 3 1/2’s were bombproof.

        Wish i’d brought an early Le Mans.

        I loved the look of them, especially the Mk1’s and 2’s

        They were just too much money new.

    • Sing along now –

      We sitting round
      In the burning sun
      It that time
      When de white man come
      And he give us lots of money
      So we never have to work
      And dat is how we know
      It Christmas time

      So spare a thought
      For de poor white man
      Who has to work
      Work hard doing what he can
      To earn an honest living
      Wishing he could be like me
      Hanging out and chillin’
      And drinking ice cold beer
      Sitting in de sunshine
      Underneath a shady tree
      Knowing it will soon
      Be Christmas time

      And we won’t be going short ‘round here dis Christmas
      ‘Cos there’s loads of stuff arriving every day
      And the trucks dey keep on coming
      And de dosh keep rolling in
      It’s Christmas time
      There’s plenty for us all

      Sitting round drinking beer and having fun
      Lazing round underneath de burning sun
      It’s Christmas time
      That time we do fuck all!

      Send the money!
      We don’t care – it’s Christmas time
      Truck de food in!
      Save us working in de fields
      Send de workers!
      Build us houses, build us schools
      Keep it coming!
      We t’ink you’re a load of fools
      Life is easy!
      That’s how we know it Christmas time
      Bugger working!
      Just wait round for Christmas time
      Oh no – it Lenny Henry!

  10. Fine nom, Mr BH.

    Kwanzaa must be the rough equivalent of the Japanese festival of Banzai. It mainly involves worshipping the Empalah and running around with sharp objects to frighten the neighbours. Eating boiled rice is another big thing.

    Good morning, everyone.

  11. Kwanzaa?
    Love the name..sounds a bit like how a BiAfran would pronounce “So I’m dying of Kwanzaa?”
    But of course what it really is is a perfect illustration that without The White Man these sub primates would still be eating hippo shit.

  12. On a serious note BH, I was in Stowe, Vermont once and the local Episcopalian church was very much the centre of the town and its life, and they seemed to live what we might call a Christian life. Mind you, that was about 20 years ago, so probably all changed now.

    • Yes indeed LC, the more rural, red state, or ‘flyover country’ a place is the more traditionally Christian things are. This shit blue state hell hole cities, but it spreads. Parents have been asleep at the wheel as marxists have infiltrated school boards and brought this subversive crap into the curriculum along with CRT.

      If one good thing came of Covid it’s that with virtual home schooling, parents actually got to see the crap their kids are taught.

      How is it down in TX IY? Much Kwanzaa around yet?

  13. As Kwanzaa is an anagram of Wankaaz.

    I think that is as much as we need to know about this bollocks made-up celebration, and its creators.

    • That pic is ripe for a caption contest.

      Here’s a primer:

      ‘and now we set fire to da white man’s bible with the Kinara’

  14. Is Kwanzaa the celebration of driving SUV’s into white children and old Ladies? Does it have a BLM balaclava as one of the presents?
    There is no such thing as “African American” – just African or American and IMO we missed a trick not shipping these chippy bastards straight back to the dark continent as soon as WE ended slavery.
    Put a wall around Africa with machine gun toting guards – after just a couple of generations they will learn to fear “great white God with bang bang stick” and stop all this messing about.

    • The cost of sending the fuckers to Liberia was too much to bear for the Administration at that time. If only they knew then, what legacy that would leave the States with ? Fuck them.

  15. Hmmm. Kids not being taught about Xmas in the States eh? Same here, but its been going of for fucking years. Kwamza or whatever it is sounds typical of Noggin King of the Nogs types and should be expunged along with its adherents.
    I went to my Grandsons Nativity last Wednesday. Fuck me ! A contemporary piece of shite with mixed race mixed religions etc. Apparently Baby Jesus was not only an asylum seeker, but he was also multi faith and multi-cultural.! The fiasco ended upon the arrival of santa who was incredibly black!!! Resemblent of a Sweep but with dreadlocks.

    Xmas? Bah Humbug!

    • You know what, you’re right EyeC. I reckon my piss boil over even more furiously if I had to endure a woke nativity. I imagine the room would be full of fake grins and the sound of teeth grinding.

      Perhaps there’s a silver lining that they’re cancelling it

    • My would be to stand up, muttering feral oaths, make a show of putting on my coat…zzzzzip… loudly declare “this is a complete tavesty and a disgrace! I’m not sitting here to be fucking insulted.!!! Thereupon remove my offspring from the stage and exit pausing only to glare with undiluted contempt at the line of simpering, stuttering ‘educators’ feverishly trying to resolve their clanging cognitive dissonances at having their meisterwerk exposed as the piece of propogandist PeeCee’d cunt-waffle they all know it to be.

  16. Bin it all and call it the festival of Argos. Or something. As long as I get a couple of days off you can call it whatever.

  17. LOL … don’t worry about all that. The new masters of the world will sort it all for you. Festivities will be of a type and on a given couple of days each year. Then it’ll be back to the grindstone and feel lucky (maybe) that you’re allowed to live a bit longer.
    The Chinese are coming and they don’t do Kwanzaa cos it’s for freaks! 😂

  18. America seems to be going to hell in a handcart with all this neo-Marxist culture wars bollocks.
    Where they go, we seem to follow.

  19. This bullshit was made up out of thin air. Reminds me of the American TV show Seinfeld where a character made up a holiday called “Festivus” (for the rest of us) to get a day off work. Pure fiction and for no good reason

  20. December should just be a month-long holiday and you get to celebrate it however the fuck you want. No one is stopping you from going full-blown Jesus with a Nativity in your garden, going to Midnight Mass, watching, err… Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ, etc.

    All culture is “made up”. Christmas as we know it only started to take that form in the 1870s and by that stage it had taken on much of the pagan Saturnalia of Roman times.

    As for Jesus, there’s ZERO evidence that he was an actual person. If he was, there would a mountains of letters about this carpenter who performed miracles, raised a man from the dead, raised HIMSELF from the dead! LOL! Think about it. Whenever something wacky happened in those days, the scribes flocked to investigate it and write about it, like journalists. There’s fuck all about any “Yeshua” character and his stupendous miracles. Whereas, we know tonnes of stuff about Buddha, Mani of Manicheanism. We know Mani’s dog’s name! We have his bills, we now about his wife. I mean, in the Bible, it says fuck all about Jesus’ origin, early life, etc. It’s like the scribes of 60 AD forgot to give him an origin story, d’oh!

    So what’s all about? This religion stuff? They all have an esoteric meaning and practice. The figures of the Bible, the places, the events are metaphors for the human body, the organs, the fluids, the changes in consciousness achieved from prolonged deep meditation. For hundreds of years, billions of people have took it all literally, while those in the know, the so-called, “elite” who include magi/magus/magicians, alchemists, etc, know it’s all about the body. The head/brain/mind being Heaven, for example.

    But I just like the fun side of December. It’s the end of the year and you can just louge around, get drunk, get fat/fatter, watch movies, take a giant shizer on Boxing Day.

    Kwanzaa is just an attempt to fight the nihilism of modern life for black folks. If it brings them joy in the month of decadence, drunkenness and dinosaur dumps, then let them make up any mythology they want.

    Peace and goodwill, cunters!

    • It is true that there is actually very little documented evidence of a historical Jesus. Despite the Romans occupying Judea throughout his entire alleged lifetime, I think he gets one mention, in Tacitus if memory serves me right. Given that he would almost certainly be regarded as a subversive by the Romans, you’d think he might get a bit more of a mention. Then again, maybe they just thought he was an irrelevant nutcase. Or perhaps he was just ‘cancelled’, erased from the historical record.

      Like I said in the mom, I’m not exactly devout, but I enjoy the European Christmas tradition, pagan roots and all. And I know marxist subversion when I see it.

      • Yeah, I love the Bible. I loved it when I read it as a literal document, but love it more now that I understand the esoteric meaning of it. But it’s possible that there are actual historical events and people mixed in with it.

        If they found Noah’s Ark, that would be cool, but really, who cares? “Proving” the historicity of the Bible is fine, but the people who do this really ought to put more time into proving scientifically how to achieve the higher states of consciousness that “Moses” and “Jesus” cryptically talk about.

      • “…but love it more now that I understand the esoteric meaning of it.”

        Are you sure? There is much more to Christianity (and Islam for that matter) than understanding the concealed morality in a few parables. It is a fabricated system of social control based on pure fable, myth and invention derived from the torah and co-opted to enslave its gentile adherents to the service of its originators.

        All you need to know…
        Jesus: A Jewish Prophecy Hoax
        …first up we have Rabbi Jacob Mizrachi; my absolute favourite orthodox psychopath, let’s see what he has to say about the cucked religion of “za goyeeeeeeem” Enjoy…

      • I’m sure that it’s easy to dig up an anti-Christian rabbi, they are out there. A lot of rabbis are fake Jews. I’ve done way more research into Jewish people than internet videos on Bitchute and Odysee. It’s easy to fall into the trap of, “it’s the Jews! The Jews run the world! They all worship Moloch the demon!!!” and I myself had one foot in that trap at one time, but figured out that those videos are fucking dangerous. You go spouting that shite to the wrong people and you’ll end up in a life of shame.

        Yes, there are those who call themselves Jews who are psychopaths who want to rule the world, but they don’t represent the 17 million Jews of the world. All orthodox Jews dislike Israel, are ashamed of it. Most Jews want a quiet life. End of story. No more links, please.

      • Are you a member of the tribe CG?!

        They would say that wouldn’t they!

        Just kidding! Agreed, the vast majority of them just trying to make a crust. Every group has its cunts that screw up everything for everyone else by sowing division and hate. That’s why we need ISAC.

        As for ‘wintervals’ Christmas may be made up too, but I’ll take it over this Kwanzaa shite anyday.

      • Berkshire Huntmaster, I just got back from the secret synagogue of $atan (loads of them in Aberdeen, Scotland, don’t you know!) worshipping Moloch (or is it Baal our people worship?) and sacrificing a goy-boy at our annual December Saturnalia orgy! Much Christian blood was drank and it was hard to get during lockdown this year, but brother Schlomo always has his sources in the handicapped orphanages!

        See how easy it is to be sick about the Jewish people? LOL! There are people in the webz who lap that shit up.

        Psychopaths run – or try to run – the world to varying degrees of success. Some of those evil cunts are marked down as Jews, may even call themselves Jews, but they stand shoulder to shoulder in the halls of power with psychos who call themselves Christians, Mormons, atheists, socialists. Psychopaths with white skin, brown skin, yellow skin, nice dainty noses, big hooked schnozes, they all flash the symbols, hand-gestures, say creepy cryptic phrases, so on and so forth.

        Humans run the world. Some are psychopaths, some are compassionate. It’s becoming easier to see who the evil ones are, though, they are getting brazen. But the government-media-influencers have most of humanity in it’s grip with their psychological terrorism propaganda machines.

        I’m optimistic that this century will be amazing, but there’s a long battle for the hearts and minds ahead.

      • I agree with you CG. As I’ve written several times previously on ISAC, most recently on the girl guides nom, Psychopaths are the real problem, and they’re much more prominent than most people realize. You don’t have to be running amok with a meat cleaver to be a psycho. It is said because of their lack of emotion, morals or empathy, they are ruthless in their pursuit of power and wealth.
        Assuming this to be true, many top politicians, businessman etc will be psychopaths because most people are more interested in putting the kettle on and watching the telly. Or normal people that get wealthy usually get to a point where the feel they’ve got enough money and seek to put their feet up. Most self made billionaires are going to be psychopaths because they always want to be richer Look at Zuckerberg for example, he’s barely human as far as I can tell. One of the problems with modern society is that the systems we have queer the pitch in favour of these maniacs rising to power. Someone, I forget who, once said anyone who craves power should be prevented from having it. Given their ruthlessness, you have to fight the cunts like hell to take their wealth and power from them, they’ll do anything to keep it. Millions have died for this simple reason. And since they come in all sizes and colours as you point out, you can’t identify a single group, except perhaps the senior leadership of any political party. Public service my arse, gravy train riding and troughing more like.

        BTW, was the Christan blood vaxxed or pure?

      • Apologies – four days flat on m’ face with this bastard flu! 🥵 🤢 🤮 💩💩💩

        ” I’ve done way more research into Jewish people than internet videos on Bitchute and Odysee.”

        If you are claiming a depth of scholarship the equal of Bjerknes then I am certainly impressed and look forward to reading some of your no doubt numerous published works if you care to tell me where they can be found.
        In similar vein that level of knowledge should allow you to post the text of the Kol Nidre prayer for the enlightenment of cunters

        “It’s easy to fall into the trap of, “it’s the Jews! The Jews run the world!”

        Which begs the question… ‘Why is it so easy?’

        “…myself had one foot in that trap at one time, but figured out that those videos are fucking dangerous.”

        Danger? …from whom?

        “…spouting that shite to the wrong people and you’ll end up in a life of shame.”

        Which again begs the question ‘who are these so called ‘wrong people’? and simultaneously answers it!

        “…but they don’t represent the 17 million Jews of the world.”

        Then those moderates and non observant jews should be standing up for the goy against their maniacal, supremacist “community leaders” who are leading them into calumny and yet another pogrom but this is something that will never happen.

        “All orthodox Jews dislike Israel, are ashamed of it.”

        Their objections are centred around the risk that jews will place greater faith into the pursuit of raw Nationalism and divert them from scripture.

        “Most Jews want a quiet life. End of story.”

        But it’s NOT the end of their story is it. I’d like a quiet life too; I’d like to relax with the knowledge that the country I’m leaving to my two young lads will be a safe homeland and haven for them and THEIR children. But that is no longer possible for me and mine given the global circumstances consequent to the decades/centuries of financial, demographic and political engineering and duplicity the jewish owned/run banking cartels have inflicted upon the West. Ergo why do they get a free pass?

        ” No more links, please.”

        I’ve reviewed your request but must respectfully decline; I shall post as I see fit and as Admins permit.

    • Everything that humans get up to is “made up’! It makes me laugh that we don’t recognise that most of the time. CULTure is a way of making sense of reality in an idiot-proof way. That’s fine, but in the the last 100 years, culture has really became sinister, creepy, degenerate. There is much that needs chucking on the bonfire.

      Ad for December festivals, one I love is Tió de Nadal in Catalonia, Spain. A log with a face and sticks for legs is “fed” sweets by children and they then ask the log to poop/shit out presents for them! I shit you know, heh heh heh…

      (9 minute video)

      I became aware of it through 1990s Channel 4 TV show, Eurotrash. Don’t bring this up to Spaniards outside of Catalonia as they will look at you as if you are on LSD talking bollocks. Trust me! LOL!

      • Just tried to buy a Shit-log on Amazon, bu they aren’t in stock. My nephew would love the Shit-log! I’ll maybe make one…

  21. Sirs:

    On the first day of Kwanzaa
    My bitch ho gave to me…
    A stolen widescreen TV

    Please continue

  22. That picture looks like every Christmas TV advert (and just about every other advert too.)

  23. A little background on the founder of said Kuntzaa manufactured ‘tradition’ …

    “…That’s when I learned that Karenga had been convicted of heinous felonies. Though he denied the allegations, in 1970 he and three other members of the US Organization, a black nationalist group based in Los Angeles, imprisoned and assaulted two female members. Trial testimony revealed that the women had been whipped with cords, beaten with batons, and seared with irons — while naked — in an effort to elicit confessions that they were conspiring against him. Those confessions never materialized. Karenga served a few years in prison and later went on to get his doctorate and teach.”

    You can take the ape outta the jungle etc…

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