Benedict Cumberbitch (8)

(Benny loving his patriarchy when it suits – DA)

A ‘hello darling’ *mwhar mwhar* cunting for Superluvvy Bendydick Cunterbatch.

In a finger-wagging discourse on ‘toxic masculinity’, Benny has called for ‘an end to the status quo and the patriarchy’, and an end to ‘childish denial that not all men are bad blah blah’. He also demands that men ‘shut up and listen’.

Oh dear. Another day, another lecture from another virtue-signalling luvvy. But wait; could there perhaps be something more to the dear boy’s ramblings than altruistic concern? A baser, more self-serving motive perhaps?

Why look! (stands back in amazement) He’s got a new film out! It’s called ‘Power of the Dog’, in which the darling sweetie plays, erm, a masochistic, abusive Montana rancher. There’s a surprise.

Go on then Benny; punt your latest effort and parade your ‘woke’ credentials at the same time, telling us blokes how bad we all are. Great publicity for the film, and all your Hollywoke friends will fawn over you for giving such a ‘worthy’ performance. There’ll be Oscar buzz no doubt. It’s a win/win.

Well, not quite… you’ve only gone and made yourself look like a colossal luvvy cunt again. Don’t worry though. Just draw consolation from the undoubted fact that you’re in good company.

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  1. I’m not sure he’s gay. He’s married to Sophie Hunter and they have 3 children, not that that means anything (e.g. Phillip Schofield…)

    I expect she’s bent his ear about the patriarchy in between and during shags and pregnancies.

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