Hugh Laurie [2]


Hugh Laurie is an absolute cunt.

Sure he was fine in blackadder but these yank shows he’s doing are piss poor. A vicodin pill popping bellend a medical genius who leads a team of other diagnosticians(bellends) nuff said shite show.

What a great thing to teach the already drug induced youth take drugs!.

Nominated by: Titslapper

Hugh Laurie


Fucking boggly eyed cunt, fake American accent on House, pretend 1920’s Boogie-Woogie piano playing, knock-kneed donkey dick, horse-faced cunt.

Now the cunt has said he and fellow performer Stephen Fry have discussed plans to work together again. Fuck NO! Do we really need a pair of simpering, middle-class unfunny cunts on our tv, do we fuck.

The cunt should fuck-off back to New Orleans, climb inside his Boogie Woogie piano and chuck himself in the Mississippi, cunt.

Nominated by : r-soles