Hugh Laurie [2]


Hugh Laurie is an absolute cunt.

Sure he was fine in blackadder but these yank shows heโ€™s doing are piss poor. A vicodin pill popping bellend a medical genius who leads a team of other diagnosticians(bellends) nuff said shite show.

What a great thing to teach the already drug induced youth take drugs!.

Nominated by: Titslapper

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  1. Stole the show as sinister arms dealer “Roper” in BBC production “The Night Manager”
    Worth a look.

    • I still think he’s a good actor(very adaptable) that’s particularly the reason for this cunting because now he’s doing those shite yank shows. I sat through a few episodes of house piss poor in my opinion.

      He also declined to do another blackadder special everybody on the project was willingly to do it except Laurie! mainly because hes a big name now so he would except more dosh.

      • Good.
        Blackadder deserves a counting too.
        Overrated….full of that shower of self regarding right on wankers who everyone was expected to admire and fall about laughing at.
        I didn’t then and, watching the re-runs now, I was right not too. Absolute shite.
        at least they’ve started dying off. Proper punishment, I say,

  2. Anders Breivik is a fuckin ‘orrible kardashicunt of the first order…
    Apparently his human rights have been “violated” whilst in prison; he’s been handcuffed (oooh!!) on transferral between cells, and occasionally strip-searched (oh dear, how appalling…). What about the “human rights” of, say, about eighty of his fellow countryfolk that he gunned down in cold blood. I’d have put him in a secure “psychiatric” unit (he’s very obviously totally mental) with the most sadistic shrinks in charge of him…godforsaken little turd. Nothing wrong with him that a soundproof cellar, heavy-duty alligator clips, K-Y jelly and plenty of wattage wouldn’t sort out, even if the treatment accidentally shortened his life.
    He’s a kardashicunt, the sloppiest, loosest, most fishy-smelling sort imaginable

    • I don’t know why they want to take these cunts alive. Like those scum who did Lee Rigby, shoot on sight, who cares why they did it, just waste them before the bleeding hearts get to them.

      • Norway is so fucked and cucked, they basically have no punishment in their prison system. Did I say prison? what I meant was a facility where you get to watch TV in your room, play playstation, choose your own meals.

        Its basically a 3 star hotel if you commit a crime make sure you commit it in norway. He killed a bunch of kids 15yr olds and staff members at the camp

  3. Re Spivey, what do you reckon, cunters – “Victoria Wood Not Really Dead”…? Followed up by facial analysis of photos in Daily Mail of Paris shootings bystanders “proving” that the crisis actor who “played” Victoria Wood was also at the scene of the staged Paris shootings (as well as the Sydney Coffee Shop)…?

    • Its possible, I wouldn’t hold my breath…. His site is actually littered with viruses or something just tryed visting it 5 minutes ago. Trying to read his new article that suggested that david gest was in on michael jackson’s kiddy molesting and drug abuse, it froze up though had to reboot my system.

  4. Barack Obama. I’m sure he’s been cunted before, but like his chief fellatalist, Cameron, he can’t be cunted enough. This time, it’s for sticking his nose into British affairs, and telling us to vote to keep being ass-fucked by those unelected fuckwits in Brussels. I’ve never liked Obama. I’ve never bought into the Messianic bullshit that has surrounded him for the past ten or so years.

    Obama has always been a visibly arrogant and condescending prick. You can see the contempt in his eyes when he’s dealing with anyone who’s not a black American. Although he was correct, back in 2010, when he had the nerve to call Cameron a lightweight. This wouldn’t have been so bad were it not for the fact that Obama is, himself, a political lightweight. His tenure as POTUS has been weak, especially where foreign policy is concerned.

    What I really despise about Obama though, is that he hates the British people, yet he hasn’t had the guts to admit it publicly. He’s shown it in snide, sly little ways, like returning a bust of Winston Churchill and referring to the French as America’s greatest ally. He should simply have admitted it at the start of his presidency and got it into the open.

    So from today, until Sunday, the traitors in the Remain camp will be wanking each other off at what they think is a coup. Obama, the ‘leader of the free world’ is in town to tell the British people that we must vote to stay in a corrupt, undemocratic, Britain hating organisation. There’s just one problem that they’ve overlooked. The British people have a history of disobedience when someone presumes to give us orders. We don’t like being told what to do, especially by foreigners. That’s a big part of the reason we’re having a referendum.

    This is going to backfire on the remainians. And on Sunday, Obama will fly out of the UK with the words; ‘FUCK OFF’ ringing in his ears.

    • Well said, QDM. Everyone with a functioning brain knows that Obama is only here because TTIP will be far more valuable to the US if we remain within the EU.

      This is what happened when Canada signed a TTIP-like trade agreement with the US:

      Funny how none of the Remainers, nor the press, nor indeed Obama have mentioned TTIP…

      • Quite right Fred. Nobody has mentioned TTIP, because they don’t dare. It’s a sure fire out vote.

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