13 thoughts on “Storage Hunters

  1. I actually quite liked Storage Hunters (its obviously staged) but it got a bit shit, and especially since they brought a UK version to the screen. Some scouse bitch shouting ‘Mine’ and that fat cockney cuntney ‘Heavy D’ shouting ‘Boom’. Still entertaining if you have a spare half hour whilst waiting to sign on.

    • Heavy D is a complete bellend. If he shouted like that near me I’d fucking punch him. I can’t think of the name of the scouse bitch, but she is a deeply annoying twat. Though the one who annoys me almost as much Heavy D, is that fat blonde git who calls herself Boudicca. Apparently, she used to be shagging Heavy D. They must have had a fucking hardened steel bed.

  2. Shitload of mindless Yank bollocks gets my vote, but, that covers just about everything broadcast these days because the British out put is so influenced by amurika it’s hard to see the dividing line.

    ‘finest satire of Capitalism’ Yep, I’d go with that too; mind you: anything over and above ‘you hold it you own it’ is Kapitalist satire. Binary bits representing intrinsically worthless paper and presented to you as ink on a paper statement must make you feel so secure with your wealth. You’re better off buying a storage container of junk, at least then you’ll have tangible junk.

    Storage Hunters for room 101 of Cunts!

  3. If you’ve ever had the misfortune to glimpse this pikey jumble sale you’ll know that ” Heavy D” translates into “Fat C”
    Avoid this chav shit at all costs.

    All in, fair warned……you ‘ave been.

  4. The American version is kind of funny sometimes (mostly thanks to Tarrell “T-Money” Wright who is the only vaguely likeable character) if you enjoy watching obese Yanks make total cunts of themselves but the UK ones are utterly unwatchable. That fat fucker who shouts BOOM all the time needs sending into space without a pressure suit and the rest of them clearly have not been taking their medication regularly. Still, it’s been 50 days since our last viewing of broadcast telly and we havn’t missed it one bit. All the stuff we enjoy is available on various websites free of charge so the TV licence can stay where it belongs, up the BBC’s arse.

    • When I was a bit younger my Tele broke down or something and I was a bit skint so I thought oh well, anyways after a while of not having a telly I was surprised at how little I missed it, this was before all the on demand/Iplayer was available. I actually did more and used my time more productively.

      • I left the uk in 1991 and returned to the uk in 2002, admitedly Croatian tv is pretty shit unless you are deep into mexican soap operas or some total american shite called sant barba (weird they fired actors and employed new ones and nobody seems tonotice that “mason” who was previously a 6ft skiny blond bloke is now a dumpy little bearded cunt)
        Any way on my final return to the uk I sat down and switched on the box, first program I saw was…………”The good life” a bit of dejvue going on there, I expected my mum to tell me it was past my bed time!
        (mind you being an adult I was able to bang one out over felicity without getting told off)

  5. Don’t know about everyone else, but the less I see of the TV the happier I am.

    Mainly because of the all consuming urge to punch fuck out of the screen whenever I see the gurning mush of some sub-z list sleb cunt telling me how great their otherwise pointless life is.

    As B&W cunt says, without TV we use our time more contructively. and in my case this also means fewer visits to A&E to have the bones in my hand reset.

    • Telly sucks nowadays but I enjoy cartoons,I still like old shows but shows nowadays are shite aside from a few shows. I really hate reality tv like alot, music channels, news shows but I can tolerate most cartoons and the odd cooking show, just not jamie oliver hes a cunt.

      TV also rots your brain get out even just for a few minutes for some exercise, blimey I’m one to talk my posture is horrible Hahaha

  6. These cheesedick fucks all look like cunts. All this so called reality tv sucks tramp shit through unwashed crack whores tights. I have reality every fucking day when I go to work, although it’s not edited to fuck with a shit soundtrack, that sounds like one of those cuntbrained ten Bob action movies that they shovel on the Syfi channel. All these time wasting soul crushing shows have script editors. So much for reality you cunts.

  7. Remember the days when the ‘History’ channel broadcast you know, ‘History’ programmes. Now its full of reality shit like ‘Pawn Stars’ and such bollocks. That in itself is worth a cunting.

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