Susanne Hinte


Susanne Hinte is a cunt….

Did anyone really believe that this ‘grandmother’ (she probably became a grandmother when she was about 30!) had that winning 33 million lottery ticket? I could smell the bullshit from miles away and I expect that this hag has pulled some sort of other skullduggery before this (look at her, for fuck’s sake…. If she was chopped in half you’d probably see ‘Poundland’ written down the middle like a stick of rock)…

We could all say we’ve got a winning lottery ticket and attempt to pass off an old or defunct ticket or a crappy forgery as authentic, but most of us have standards of some kind… The old munter is probably on every benefit in the book too…

What a conning cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. (and their customers) are cunts….
    Selling substandard crap masquerading as gifts and cards is their thing (which makes them cunts)… But the people who order from them are also cunts… The wailing because a load of fuckwits didn’t get their moonpig tat in time for Mother’s Day… First of all, why would you buy your mum something as ghastly and tasteless as a moonpig product? Secondly, why can’t these cunts get off their lazy arses and go to the newsagents to buy a card? Ordering something online for Xmas is one thing… But a card for your own mother? What sort of cunt does that?

    • The only good thing about Moonpig is that their “personalisation” system is automated and uncensored, so not only can you use words like “cunt” in the text, but I was also able to upload a photo of Rose West to a “World’s Best Mum” card.

    • This fucking spank really is thick as two short ones. When you stroll into any retailer to buy a lottery ticket you’re on camera, so if there is any question as to the authenticity of a claim Camelot simply ask, where did you buy it and at what time? Therefore you’re fucked as this surely is trying to obtain money by deception. If I tried to have Barclays over for £33m I’m pretty sure plod would have kicked the door in by now. Having said that Camelot are epic proportion Canadian teacher union funding cunts.

    • In fairness I heard he promised her that Xbox for letting him bum her on the first date.

  2. Admiral Insurance,

    What a bunch of cunts. Not only are they happy to rip people off like most Insurance companies, but they have now changed the Admiral in their adverts from a Man to a Woman. If you see the advert she is an annoying cunt, Who decided this was a good idea? Probably some twat in Admirals advertising department who did it to try and impress some bitch in the office in the hope of getting a bit of pussy. What next a man advertising nail varnish? What a piece of cunt.

  3. Is that really her taking a tit selfie? something tells me its a shop job but whatever. Selfie taking cunts are self absorbed bellends hence the term selfie(selfish), dumb granny fanny cunthead now she says she won’t play lotto again good riddance.

      • Actually it checks out the same pic was surprisingly used for the daily mail, daily mail are a bunch sensationalist click bait bastards they are. Although that Anti-refugee cartoon was hilarious at least DM isn’t as liberal as say guardian or the shite like news of the world.

      • There is never, ever, any excuse for the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the Daily Mail.

        (- added to which, it will be interesting to see which side of the EU referendum the DM eventually supports – especially since the editor Paul Dacre receives massive EU agricultural subsidies for his enormous estate in Scotland…)

  4. It’s a bit beyond me how someone of 48 can be a grandmother, dirty mucktub.

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