Hugh Laurie


Fucking boggly eyed cunt, fake American accent on House, pretend 1920’s Boogie-Woogie piano playing, knock-kneed donkey dick, horse-faced cunt.

Now the cunt has said he and fellow performer Stephen Fry have discussed plans to work together again. Fuck NO! Do we really need a pair of simpering, middle-class unfunny cunts on our tv, do we fuck.

The cunt should fuck-off back to New Orleans, climb inside his Boogie Woogie piano and chuck himself in the Mississippi, cunt.

Nominated by : r-soles

2 thoughts on “Hugh Laurie

  1. Christ I hate this cunt almost as much as Fucking Sir Tony Fucking Robinson. An Eton (how I weep for the old alma mater) and Cambridge/Cambridge Footlights golden spoon type delusional cunt that thinks he is hard boiled just because he affects some greying designer stubble. Somehow mesmerised the yanks with an appalling version of their own nasal accent. At least the balding cunt is some revenge for Dick Van Dyke.

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