Shopping With The Wife


Shoe shopping on a Saturday with two visiting cruise liners in port plus the usual tourists.

Female logic guesses that the shops will be empty. Wrong.

Common sense is soluble in oestrogen.

Nominated by: All Seeing Eye; every man ever.

3 thoughts on “Shopping With The Wife

  1. Aha the time in the month when that enchanting spirited filly of fond memory metamorphoses into the brood mare. Only thing to do old sport is to man up and do your duty. “What!” I hear you cry “Shag me own wife!” Life has come to a pretty pass I agree but consider the economics. A far cheaper option surely lies in dusting down the old horseprong than riding handicapped and blindfold in a hormone race at your local shopping centre. Either way you will lose your shirt. Shag her and at least you’ll get a cup of tea in bed.

  2. Indeed shopping with the wife is not to be recommended. My missus is a recreational shopper and will spend all day (not kidding) wandering around shops buying absolutely fuck all. I refuse to go out on a shopping trip with her these days, Christmastide excepted. If I want something I go out, buy it and go home. I honestly can’t see the pleasure in shopping. She really is a daft twat- luckily for me she doesn’t read your blog.

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