Piranha Web Design

Piranha is a rip-off website design company based in Gibraltar.

Want a copied free template site rebranded with your logo for a hefty price-tag? Want a site built on their own platform so that you can never export the code you’ve paid for? Want to deal with a web company that doesn’t even understand DNS? Want them to host your site on the cheapest bandwidth-throttled budget servers imaginable but get charged for premium services?

Want a web company that doesn’t know about SEO? Want to get tied into contracts you can’t escape from? Want the hard sell from a slimy Managing Director? Want invoices before the job is completed? Want to have your domain and your code held hostage if you don’t keep shovelling money down their greedy throats? Want to go wildly over budget and under delivered? Want to be crushed by one of the worst business decisions you’ll ever make?

Want to start a project with a company you’ll quickly end up hating and resenting?

Then Piranha Design Group, Gibraltar, is the company you’re looking for. Enjoy.

Nominated by: Piranha Screwed Us With No Lube

Is A Cunt: Onwards And Upwards!


Greta as Alien

Is A Cunt has been running for well over a decade now!

As an introduction, I am All Seeing Eye and although I don’t do much posting these days the first scribbling done on here almost 15 years ago was mine.

This posting is Administrivia. Just to let you know that the site will be down tomorrow from about 7am-8am UK time whilst we move to a different server.

We must all be wary of the insane Cancel Culture out there. Our current hosts have occasionally questioned our content, but we have always answered with straight talking and we have never taken anything down. So far they have, to their credit, continued to accept our free speech defence. They have not threatened us yet. However there is always the danger that one day, unexpectedly, the hammer will fall.

The opportunity came up to buy a dedicated server cluster. There will be no hosting company to answer to or anyone to look over our shoulders. The new equipment should be a little bit better and faster too. We’ve taken it over to use for my other sites and Is A Cunt is coming along for the ride.

Is A Cunt will continue to be completely free. We were banned from GoogleAds about 8 years ago for being a bit rude, we don’t have any other advertising, we have never had a tip jar and we have never asked for donations. Even with a big server upgrade this site will remain a place that I fund myself because I love the site and love the fun it brings.

Please be patient for an hour tomorrow whilst the site move happens and afterwards in case there are some issues to fiddle with.

All Seeing Eye



A very liberal cunting please for this long faced self important old bag who has been an MP for just a few hours:


She has won the Monmouth & Radnor by-election, and in her acceptance speech she said “The first thing I will do when I get to Westminster will be to seek out Mr. Boris Johnson, where ever he is hiding”

Is the old cunt for real?. Boris has hardly been missing in action since he became P.M. and the real reason this old tart, who probably has a minge as rampant as Brian Blessed’s beard, is because the Tories were stupid enough to try to reinflict the tarry fingered expenses swindler cunt who held the seat until he was booted out in a recall just a couple of months ago. Hopefully that motherfuckers career is now over and his constituency will debar him from standing again – it should also serve as a warning to arsewipe Dominic Grieve, if he imagines his unwilling constituents will nod him through again.

But back to doddering Dodds, yet another mouthy rent-a-gob hag in the mould of Anna Soubry and Jess Phillips (and they don’t come much mouldier than that pair of twats) who will say anything however crass to get a quote in. Wind your neck in, wench.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

To cunt a cunt



Yesterday we witnessed the mysterious disappearance of a topic, This caused some concern (and conspiracy theories) amongst you.

Last night ISAC HQ held a webex conference call where the site logs were discussed and examined.

We found that Admin gbz1825 had in fact deleted the Topic in error, in their defence they stated that Admin hdz6140 had called for assistance due to “pressing work matters” and that the high volume of comments going into moderation caused gbz1825 to “Press the wrong button” .

On behalf of all the team at ISAC we would like to wish Admin gbz1825 all the best in their new career at NORAD and they will be sadly missed.

As for you lot, carry on cunting.

Yours sincerely


The Auditor