US Air Force


The American airforce are a bunch of oversexed, overpaid and over here cunts.

You can’t move down my street for Yank Airforce cunts in their rented houses, driving their left-hooker gas guzzling cuntmobiles. Loud, obnoxious, self-opinionated fucking nuisance cunts who insist on standing their shit motors on the drive to warm up while they finish their breakfast back indoors.

Can’t sit in the garden on a sunny day without the cunts roaring overhead in the AWACS and mid air tankers or screaming across the sky in F16s and Apache gunships. Top gun? Top cunt, more like it

Close the bases, send the cunts home and give us some fucking peace

Nominated by : Dioclese

26 thoughts on “US Air Force

  1. Rupert Murdoch is a cunt. In fact, Rupert Murdoch is THE CUNT. The odious Aussie sleaze merchant is Generalissimo Cunt. When rampant criminality is discovered at the News of the World, he takes out full-page ads in other papers to say Sorry. He meets the parents of Millie Dowler whose phone was hacked by his cuntish footsoldiers and does the whole contrite act, then gets out his chequebook to make the problem go away. He tells MPs that “this is the most humble day of my life”. Did we believe it? Did we fuck! Everyone knew it was all a cynical damage-limitation ploy to protect his share prices and now the truth has come out in a damning secretly-recorded audio tape in which Generalissimo Cunt describes News International’s widespread criminal wrongdoing as “next to nothing” (tell that to the Dowlers, you fucking CUNT) and complains that he’s being picked on. Right. Like your filthy rags pick on innocent members of the public every day of the week to line your pockets, you despicable, lying, loathsome, hypocritical Aussie CUNT. I hope THE CUNT gets prostate cancer and dies slowly and painfully – and I hope his final hours of suffering and death is televised on primetime TV for the entertainment of the nation.

  2. ^^ good point Fred West. I would even be prepared to allow Cunt and Dec back on TV if they were hosting it.

  3. Of late too many self obsessed cunts posting to nominate their own cunt and can’t be arsed to comment on the posted cunts. I would respectfully suggest that cunters stop wanking while cunting and support the blog. Nobody deserves null points – unless you’re Engelbert Humperdink.

  4. And in case they don’t and to prove I am a lying sonofabitch here is a nomination:

    Gok Wan

    And what is the mincing mixed chinese cunt’s fashion faux pas for the summer? Well darlings no-one but no-one should be seen dead wearing socks with sandals. Really what a total tsunami of bad taste my dears.
    In my area try wearing sandals au naturel sweetheart and your feet will soon be soaked in dosser piss.
    If we wear sandals we put plastic bags on first. Now there’s a fashion tip for you. So full of street cred. Now go fuck yourself.

    • Don’t get me started on that cunt, ‘Gok the Gook’. As my old dad used to say ‘kill a gook for god’, And he should know, he bayoneted a few during the Korean war. Admittedly, most had been taken prisoner and were unarmed and waiting to be taken to an internment camp in Japan. But you’ve got to take your opportunities when you can, because you never know when life will throw you a curve ball. Whitney Houston said that.

  5. I’ll tell you who is a cunt….that loud mouthed fucker who drives the taxi, Chunky Mark, the Artist Taxi Drvier….chunky?…fat cunt more like.
    Once was funny, I suppose, but now the obnoxious twat thinks he’s a serious player.
    Doubtless he’ll be on fucking Question Time.

    He’s just got everything I hate in a person rolled into one. Is he playing a character and I just miss the joke?
    Doubt it, he’s just a ball bag sucking cunt being himself.

  6. And another thing. During the Korean war the yank air force dropped napalm on the wrong hill and stuck my poor fucking dad to a tree. Spent 6 months in a yank hossie in Japan. This pained my ol man more than the pain in his hands because he really hated the Japs. On the up side he lost all feeling in the back of his hands and as kids we used to wait until he fell asleep after coming back from the pub on a Sunday afternoon. Then we’d stick various cutlery in his hand and never woke up, even once. And they call me an insensitive cunt.

    • As my old dad used to say: ‘When the RAF bombers came over, the Germans used to duck. When the Luftwaffe came over the British used to duck. When the American air force came over, every one used to duck….

  7. I was in Prague recently, a city that escaped the ravages of wartime bombing – except once when the Yanks bombed it by mistake because they thought it was Dresden. Dresden is in the country next door, chaps.

    Was it the BBC’s John Simpson who said when he became a war correspondent, his Dad gave him one simple, excellent piece of advice? “Don’t stand in front of the Americans, son.”

    • You really can’t make this shit up, can you? Only in America, I suppose. And now ‘nad man’ is looking for love. It probably wasn’t a good idea for him to mention his one inch cock. I know size is not supposed to matter but one inch won’t tickle any women’s fancy especially as he freely admits: ‘it doesn’t get any bigger’. This poor sod is doomed for a life of celibacy. Embrace your new life and take great care when getting out of bed in the morning.

      • I am sure Isacunt is delighted to have widened your educational horizons dear heart. I note that Mr Warren (aka fat cockless cunt) recalls his todger as being somewhat larger the last time he saw it before the operation. What happened to the rest of it? Has the noble surgeon put it on Ebay to defray out of pocket expenses? Is that the sound of ambulance chasing lawyers?

        Sad fat cunt with a one inch cock? He must be so relieved to have become an average american.

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