6 thoughts on “Kerry Katona [3]

  1. Bipolar fucked up cunt. Not pretty, not talented.The British Lyndsay Lohan. Face like a bulldog licking pissing off a nettle. Wasn’t she married to that twat off the ‘back door boys’ or was it Roming Kunting?

  2. Sir Alex Fucking Ferguson, and his twat son, and that cunt Blair for making him a fucking Knight.

    The cheating, lying, bullying, alcoholic Jock cunt is also an utter bastard. Every day is red nose day with this twat. Typical commie socialist in that he is a multi millionaire.

    I hope his team of homos, cunts, twats and wankers get relegated and he finally gets fingered for match fixing and back pocketing brown envelopes.

    WTF has happened to society that this utter cunt should become a Knight?

  3. Kerry Cuntona (not related to the French cunt Eric Cuntonaaa) is a fucked up, pay day loan advertising, shit singing cunt and Alex Ferguson is a Taggart, arrogant, whisky nosed, faux ‘man of the people’ cunt but which ones the cuntier? There’s only one way to find out FIGHT!

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