Kerry Katona [4]


Just watched video of Kerry Katona rolling round an airport carpark smashed out of her tiny mind with her jogging bottoms round her ankles. Kerry I cannot even remember what your famous for but you look like one of the slappers who drop their kids off outside the local school before they head of to spend their benefits money of fags and cheap makeup.

Kerry I nominate you as a cunt, mainly a cunt to yourself. Sort your fucking life out, your a mother to 5 kids who have to live with all your public self humiliation. I don’t give a fuck your an alcoholic, take some responsibility for yourself and grow the fuckup. You have made a good living out of being a nobody and yet you throw it away and shame your children and family.

Kerry you are a cunt of the worst kind, what’s your ambition to humiliate your kids until one of them finds you dead in bed having choked on your own vomit.

You are a putrid bitch right now, you owe your children, stay out of the media and out of the bottle. I nominate you as a cunt of the first order.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit