Phillip Schofield (9)

An emergency whoops-duckie, whose after my seat? cunting for this elderly, lump-wristed old queen, who sits on his well used arse every weekday morning, being one of the girls in a show described as “the crown jewel” of daytime TV (This Morning), which if true, shows how shit daytime TV is.

This old uphill gardeners has been taking over the tabloids for the best part of the week – it seems he and his fellow lady presenter have been hitting each other with their handbags (metaphorically) in recent weeks – just an ordinary girly squabble but this powdered old drama queen has taken it further and has now apparently consulted a lawyer AND a PR man – I hope the latter remind him you can’t polish a turd.

He has had a long career, mincing round gushing at “celebrities” and womens fashion, time now for a younger poof to take over. Phil, nobody loves a fairy when he’s forty. Remember that.


Nominated by W. C. Boggs.

More on this self confessed liar below from Chuff Chugger

If think the point of this additional cunting, that it has since come to light in the last few days (a few days AFTER he said he would be standing down, which joe public assumed to be because of his family connection to his kiddie fiddler brother…and the historical issues with him denying he was gay, then admitted he was and then admitted he had been having secret gay sex whilst also sleeping with his wife…and the rift which this brought on between him and Willoughby)

Well, that’s what I thought..but that now clearly isn’t the case…on top of all that it has transpired he was ALSO having an on off affair with a junior male work colleague…which he had previously denied. And I suspect this was what the rift was all about and the straw that broke the camels back. Making him more of a cunt than previously reported in an earlier nom of the same week.

Bbc news

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100 thoughts on “Phillip Schofield (9)

  1. In the words of the dear departed R. Lee Ermey, “I bet you wouldn’t have the goddamn courtesy to give him a reach around”.

  2. Just look at the cunt in that photo. If that doesn’t scream POOF to you then you must be blind.

    • He may have a brown dick, but as long as it’s not my arse he’s trying for size, I don’t give a shit. In a perfect world we’d all shag whoever we fancied and no-one would bat an eyelid. It’s only sex and we only live once. If this ‘affair’ had been illegal or non-consensual, I could understand the uproar. We’re still in the middle ages as far as physical relationships are concerned.

    • That stunt they pulled with the spinning prizes crap tells me all i need to know ? Ditched TV 17 years ago.Can’t believe this garbage is watched.

  3. He has to be in my top ten sorry five of ultimate cunt
    No talent
    Non ce
    Bad to family
    Surprised he’s not in politics
    As for holly I find her thick as shit
    Never watch that sort of tv
    He’s the new Saville

  4. I’m confused by all this – I thought he admitted to being gay and having a gay affair with a work colleague a couple of years back and was duly lauded as a sort of hero by the TV community? Is this latest gay affair admission an “extra” and if so, how come he loses the hero status over it?


    • Well I think he’s a very brave little soldier.

      He came out as a homosexual to further the cause of LGBT etc
      Despite loving his wife and kids.

      He must of suffered dreadfully?

      Bet he couldn’t concentrate sucking a teenagers cock with worry about the effect on his family.

      Is there not some type of medal he can be awarded?

  5. Fuck me, every time I’ve turned on the radio today it’s some cunt talking about this pooftah. Anyone would think it’s WW3 just broken out. Bank Holiday I suppose…….always a slow news day.

  6. I wonder if he’s had a bonfire with all his computer equipment ? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Heeehee,yeah!
      A speed – bonfire.
      Hastily made up of hard drives , mobile phones and valentine’s cards.

      That lad with the slack arse is bound to sell his story!!!😁😆

      • Schofield will be shitting himself.

        Racking his brains, wondering if there’s still some SD cards tucked away in a forgotten hiding place. Haha !

        Squirm, you shitty dicked cunt.

        I wonder if anyone has got him in Suicide Squad ?

        Good evening, MNC.

  7. I remember him most for that enormously annoying gin advert, where he was lurking around outside someone’s house, peering in through the windows, trying to get in… Creep.
    Also, Rolf Harris tried to grope Fatty Feltz on TV. I always suspected the roo-shagger was a weirdo, but Tring to get your mitt up Feltz’s leg and into her minge is beyond pre erted, it is projectiley vomit worthy.

  8. I’ve had about as much as I can stand about this TV nonentity, sorry I meant ” personality”.

    Who fucking cares?

    As for the rest of the liggers, like Dr. Ranj, Holly ( hope my tits look perky) Willoughby and Eammon Holmes weighing in with their twopenorthworth, get to fuck.

  9. His wife must be retarded if she didn’t realise she was married to a bender.

  10. I won’t say what I think Schofoield is. I don’t have to. because the whole world will know soon enough.

    A clue though. It begins with G…..😉

  11. The vilest of vile rancid turds. NEVER liked him.
    My many and various previous posts atest to this serial liar being top of my Cunts list.

    Self absorbed, egotistical narcicist, who plays the ‘poor me, I’m a victim’ card whenever the cold hard truth rears it’s head, and he’s found to be a smug grinning two-faced bastard; known for many years, by many people, to be a reaaly mean, nasty shit who thinks all around are beneath him.

    Many more shoes yet to drop methinks. Lot’s more revelations of what this puddle of diarrhea has been up to. Bullys never like it when they’re on the receiving end, do they ? Kharma’s a bitch.

    Wolly Holloughby may yet be a casualty of the fall out by association. Nothing more than a pair of tits with a vacant expression on her face. Nothing going on behind the eyes. “The lights on, but nobody’s home” – not for me thanks. I prefer brains as well as beauty.

    This morning will get a new set, a name change “Daytime plus” or some such crap. Plastic face Rylan and some some efnik in muslim headgear will present and do cutting edge content like “why you’re a bad parent” and “don’t ignore my pronouns”

    Pass the popcorn – Rome is burning….I gotta see this …..

  12. Ho Ho. I bet old Scoffacock is peppering his lace panties and quaking in anticipation as to when this runner will sell his story.

    Front page Sun news. “Schofield popped my cherry at 12 years old”. What a sword of Damaclees for poor old Phil.


  13. Now lets hope something else comes oot and aboot about them other chancers anton dick. Pair of wankers.

  14. He went after Lady Colin Campbell awhile back and she forever referred to him as The Lord of the Closet. Lady C. will CUT a bitch! She’s Jamaican, and you know she cast some very smelly john voodoo at Phil’s tight arse.

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