Phillip Schofield (9)

An emergency whoops-duckie, whose after my seat? cunting for this elderly, lump-wristed old queen, who sits on his well used arse every weekday morning, being one of the girls in a show described as “the crown jewel” of daytime TV (This Morning), which if true, shows how shit daytime TV is.

This old uphill gardeners has been taking over the tabloids for the best part of the week – it seems he and his fellow lady presenter have been hitting each other with their handbags (metaphorically) in recent weeks – just an ordinary girly squabble but this powdered old drama queen has taken it further and has now apparently consulted a lawyer AND a PR man – I hope the latter remind him you can’t polish a turd.

He has had a long career, mincing round gushing at “celebrities” and womens fashion, time now for a younger poof to take over. Phil, nobody loves a fairy when he’s forty. Remember that.


Nominated by W. C. Boggs.

More on this self confessed liar below from Chuff Chugger

If think the point of this additional cunting, that it has since come to light in the last few days (a few days AFTER he said he would be standing down, which joe public assumed to be because of his family connection to his kiddie fiddler brother…and the historical issues with him denying he was gay, then admitted he was and then admitted he had been having secret gay sex whilst also sleeping with his wife…and the rift which this brought on between him and Willoughby)

Well, that’s what I thought..but that now clearly isn’t the case…on top of all that it has transpired he was ALSO having an on off affair with a junior male work colleague…which he had previously denied. And I suspect this was what the rift was all about and the straw that broke the camels back. Making him more of a cunt than previously reported in an earlier nom of the same week.

Bbc news

Cunters be aware to avoid words that will put you into they spam bucket on this nom also stay the right side of legality C.A.

100 thoughts on “Phillip Schofield (9)

    • Gordon the gopher to mount legal landmark case amid being buggered for decades ,read all about it in the daily star

  1. I’ll stay the right side of myself, by not commenting on something I know nothing about. Never watched this cunt and sick and tired of hearing about him. That’s me finished until late afternoon.

  2. I wouldn’t be at all shocked to learn that Schofield entices rodents into his capacious analysis cavity with pieces of cheese.

    Soon there will be photos in the media showing Schofield attending a gay nightclub, wearing cowboy boots, a leather peaked cap, leather chaps and a white tee shirt.

      • No, I think your phone accurately predicted the proper term for a busted, prolapsed, infected or all of the above ringbit.

      • Me thinks that a bit of the Rophie Harris was just a tadge too inviting to turn down.

  3. Philip helped a 15yr old boy with his career which shows he’s keen to help young people get head,
    Sorry, ahead.

    He clearly states he didn’t tamper with the boy till legal.
    Sort of like a ‘best before’ date on a box of chocolates.

    His brother is also had his career cut short as a scout master.

    The Schofields are unlucky around youths 😁

    • Funny that. Obviously runs in the family.

      And although it might have been legal it must be morally dubious for a man in his 50’s to seduce a youth of 16 (male or female).

    • Gordon sadly is nowadays just a spunk encrusted bloody rag sat shivering in a pile of schoolboys underpants in a locked room at ITV.

      • Fisted every day, live on cbbc. No wonder the poor little cunt was squeeking.

    • Gordon may yet name Schofield,although the real abuser was Zippy, with help from Emu.

      • Both George &bungle however have declined for comment on the matter

  4. Rumour has it that he met his male paramour at This Morning when he was 15 and helped him ascend onto the greasy pole – the “greasy pole” as spoken of by Disraeli, of course. I’m not accusing him of illegality but no doubt Schofield was eagerly anticipating his 16th birthday.

    How much did the ITV executives know about this? Quite probably everything and no doubt heads will role. How much did the sainted, doey-eyed air-head bimbo Holly know – quite a lot, probably.

    Other than that, who cares? Are the antics of these non-entities of any consequence in the unfolding history of The World? Admittedly, they present an intriguing pair of specimens for all connoisseurs of cunts. But, hopefully, they will both sink into obscurity.

  5. You could replace all those monetary amounts on that wheel with cunt and it would still fall short.

    There’s more to this.
    Allegedly, Maybe, Possibly, Could be!
    Think that covers it.

  6. What with all this phone hacking and other assorted tabloid espionage surely they will have bugged this jockey’s house?

    Imagine reading the transcript of the jolly conversation when Mrs Gopher first finds out he’s a bone smoker and all round furtive Bad Egg?

    Frankly the unimaginable horror of this entire episode has driven me to drink..again.

  7. Oh deary me yet another establishment degenerate caught with his/her knickers down.

  8. I have always been astonished that TV executives, producers, presenters were so shocked when Schofield announced he was an iron hoof. A voice as camp as Anthony Blair’s, spending years being obsequious to showbiz types, talking about subjects of interest to women, I took it for granted he was a player of the pink oboe.

    • A biter of pillows, a brown-hatter, left-footer, a friend of Dorothy.

      What a fucking mess.

      His only redeeming feature is his interest in promoting the careers of teenage boys and…. oh, hang on, no, I didn’t think that one through.

    • Light on his feet.
      First on the dance floor.
      A ‘Bake-off’ and ‘Strictly’ enthusiast.
      Likes the feel of leather
      Living for the Mardi Gras.
      Studied theatre.
      Has a Tin-Tin hairstyle and a French bulldog with a sequin’d collar.

  9. Yeah, the story is that the tabloids are about to fuck him up in a big way and it will bring down Willoughby and lots of backstage cunts at ITV. Not quite in the Savile class but at least the bastard is still alive to take the flak.
    If only it was happening to Linekunt.

    • Hopefully Holly will be forced onto Onlyfans and we can see just how much of a disparity there is twixt collar and cuffs.
      I’ll be her minge is as dark as a chimney sweep’s brush.
      But those bangers…

      • Holly’s TV career is far from over. Good Morning Thetford is looking for a presenter.

  10. The BBC were reportedly eager to speak to Schofield before the full-scale of his grooming came to light.

    Of course they were.

    Broadcasting House is the natural environment for degenerates like Schofield. Like flies to shit. Meanwhile, the next unfortunate cunt who makes an off the cuff remark about a woman or joke about some protected victim group will be dealt with in a heatbeat.

    • Phil’ll Fix It?

      That said I bet the teenage wannabee TV star was not an unwilling partner in the sordid mess.

    • Maybe the Beeb could do some kind of double act light entertainment show, Ant and Dec sort of thing, fronted by Schofield and Barrymore?

  11. Maybe he can forge a new career as lord mandys butt plug.
    Can’t be any worse than appearing on daytime TV..

  12. They are coming out of the woodwork to have a go, what a pile of fucking nonsense, can’t put any sensible news on the box because it’s all about this fucking twat.

    Mind you, I have been educated, having never seen this shit show I didn’t realise it’s been running for fucking decades. Probably because like most people for the majority of that time I was working, must be aimed at housewives and the bone idle.

    • I’ve never watched it. I’m told it was started by Judy and her granny-shagging husband, Richard. It’s described as the “most valuable TV franchise ever” ! I personally find it hard to believe that it could be more valuable than Michael Portaloo’s Great British Railway Journeys.

      When I was young breakfast TV was the Test Card. And a damn sight more entertaining it was ! There were no scandals involving the Test Card girl and her woligog doll.

      • I thought it was Anne and Nick Diamond, or was that TV AM?

        Fucking daytime telly. it’s aleays been shite to torture the normal people off sick from work or school. Only the senile or terminally unemployable could suffer it, just after they’ve punched their mum on Jeremy Kyle.

    • Sensible news on the box?
      The last time that happened was when those planes hit those towers. Everything since has been largely incoherent shite.

  13. How many more brave young men are going to come forward and tell their truth?

    It could be the next #MePoo movement.

  14. Enough already bin the shitshow in the name of dog. Thomas your suggestion on Holly was priceless. I bet she’s an aeroplane blonde, has a black box allegedly

    • Ho ho, indeed CM! This time next year, an aging Rocco Siffredi will be plugging her botty as she cries loudly, her mascara running down to her lipstick, making her look like someone from KISS.

      • While he’s reaching for her tits and ssying, ‘ah magnifico.. a’Vesuvius e’Stromboli!’
        All before letting his old mate Gino have a go.

  15. Found some hilarious fake porn pics involving Schofield and his sidekick . If only i could post them on here 🙏

  16. Can I just say that if ITV do drop this morning shower of shit Boggs Pornographic Film Productions (Taiwan) Ltd would be prepared to cut a deal with them to show some of our soft porn catalogue each morning, and, if they would like to progress to harder material, then we can oblige. Strike a blow for mens lib – every morning at 11 The Dirty Old Man’s Hour. We can offer ITV a sponsor – KY Jelly.

  17. Time to let his ex wife( bless her) sew the cunts hole up. Then force feed it prunes.
    Vile loathsome creep.

    • Rare roast beef on white bread, give him the hardest thing he’s ever had in his arse.

  18. A lot of fuss over a programme I have never seen and a vile wretch who will be no loss.
    Where is the shirtlifters’ #Metoo? Doesnt seem to apply to them.

  19. I wonder how many young mincers are going to come springing out of the woodwork looking for compo and claiming that Pip fingered them in the broom closet when they were 12, while simultaneously fisting Gordon on live kids TV.

    I see this gravy train running for years.

  20. Finally Scofield posts go live. Spam filter my arse. Lily livered Admin were pulling comments and none of mine got through despite Yours Truly being a time served expert on use of inverted comments, “allegations” and not posting up controversial or unverified content. Let us see how long before this comment gets binned.
    The allegations that are floating around seem now to be centering around corruption at the top ie top tier management suppressing for years complaints about the cunt’s behaviour – sorry the great “media star” – not unlike the BBC and and Mr Saville. We await further confirmation or denials in due course.
    Hope you sweethearts get the chance to read this.

    Limply if you wish to post something that might end up with you in court then I suggest you do it as yourself on F/cunt or twatter. C.A.

  21. I’m with Mr Cunt Engine on being flummoxed at the bender brain.

    How can a bloke be just three feet from Holly Willoughby’s tits every day and not gawp at them? And think about men’s, shitty, hairy arseholes instead?

    If I watch Ms Willoughby for more than ten seconds flat, the thoughts about what I would do to her that go through my mind ashame me, to the point that I want to run away from myself.

    I could easily go full Fritzl on it.

    • You’re not expected to understand bum banditry just to call it “brave”, “courageous” and “love”. Don’t ask me why…..I don’t make the fucking rules.

      • To be caned navy style, by Penny M. I shall be the medical officer, and carry out the necessary cavity searches.

  22. I have a show for Ms Willoughby to present.

    “Good Morning Now suck my cock”

    Yes, three hours of Holly sucking my rancid bellend for three hours, as I spaff all over her face and baps as the titles roll.

    Hang on, three hours?

    I’d struggle keeping the wolf from the door for more than three seconds in this scenario.

    I’ll just sit in the background in my undies, eating a sausage roll and scratching my knackers until I get second wind.

    Viewers will love it.

  23. I bet he touched underage boys wearing the Gordon gopher puppet.

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