Victor Immordino

News from across the Channel, cunters. As we all know, our Gallic neighbours can always be relied upon to provide much entertainment by rioting and setting Paris ablaze, at which point the CRS wade in and crack lots of skulls. Great fun to watch.

Step forward one Victor Immordino with a street protest of his own. Victor teaches English at a school in Paris and he gave his students prior warning of what was going to be in their baccalaureate exam. Unfortunately the school changed the questions at the last minute and, quelle surprise, the kids all failed. ‘Catastrophic’ was Victor’s response, who then took the 63 papers outside, tore them up and set them alight as a protest against ‘the system’. The pupils had studied English for 7 years and could barely string 2 English words together, he complained. A strange coincidence, because most school leavers in this country can barely string 2 English words together either, but I digress.

What is really bizarre is that almost all the YouTube comments support him – it’s all the fault of ‘the system’. It has, of course, nothing to do with the fact that Victor is a fucking useless teacher, he tried to cheat and he got caught out.

Sadly it seems that Victor has foie gras for brains, because Inspector Clouseau takes a dim view of this kind of thing and he could be looking at a ten year stretch. I don’t know about setting exam papers on fire, Victor, but after a couple of weeks in the slammer your bum hole is going to feel like it’s on fire.

Ooh la la!



Nominated by Geordie Twatt.

48 thoughts on “Victor Immordino

  1. Yes let’s all learn the answers verbatim

    What the questions have changed. Merde
    Go get your p45 or French equivalent and you useless French cheating cunt.

  2. 10 years for lightning a fire. Can the French stick a few judges on the next immo dinghy they forget to stop..

    The french would be better off converting to English than learning their own language, especially at the rate their country is being invaded.

  3. I bet he “dinghies” it and claims asylum over here,to escape the “system”.

    He’ll be Education Secretary by autumn.

    The cunt.

  4. What a great nom👍

    Of course as well as cowardice the French are world leaders in cheating.

    It’s one of their 5 national pastimes.

    1) surrendering
    2) smelling
    3) cheating
    4) touching up the elderly
    5) rioting

    This teacher resorted to number 5 when caught at number 3.
    If threatened he’d of reverted to number 1.

    That’s the French for you.

  5. I remember the occasional good teacher when at school.
    Most were disinterested.
    Written off the pupils as council estate factory fodder.

    But one or two took their job seriously.

    None resorted to cheating.
    Not that anyone would of taken the moral high ground.
    All happily of cheated!
    Or ” gone French”
    Any leg up would of been accepted 😁

  6. Good Morning

    I am pretty sure that sort of thing, without the French dramatics, goes on over here. You only have to look at some people with their exam passes and university degrees combined with total ignorance. There is an over reliance on course work and continual assessment without the rigour of exams. If the education system wasn’t failing there wouldn’t be the need to import doctors, nurses, architects and every other skilled job.

    As for Monsieur Imordino, having seen the video, he seems to be another self entitled prick who might benefit from some education i from the university of life whilst banged up.

    • UK Universities have fuck all to do with education nowadays.
      They’re nowt more than Big business scams.
      Fucked up by Blair and his Tory successors.
      Hotbeds of lefty-woke indoctrination.
      Ripping off the taxpayer at 9 million squid a pop.
      Fuck em all.

      • If i had kids i would only let them study something with rigour to it, and only at a red brick or better, otherwise it’s pointless. The dregs being supported to get a degree in ‘McStudies’ are not suited to academia, and only see tge degree as a mean to an end: a job that won’t get because employers are wise to the scam.
        Most universities in the UK should lose subsidies and accreditation on the basis of teaching unsuitable students a complete load of shite.
        Also whack the interest up a bit on the loans. i’ve known a few students who use student loans to buy cars and clothes, then quit, then restart at a different university.

      • Yes it’s a complete farce.

        Over 50% of 18 year olds now going to university.

        Some of the cleverest 50% of 18 year olds don’t go.

        This means that universities are now handing out degrees to people of below average intelligence.

        Waste of time, money and effort.

      • Several years ago, my 40 yr old brother-in-law, who we call “the idiot”
        Managed to enrol on a business studies degree course,
        Despite having no O levels or GCSEs or any other basic qualifications.
        He emerged the other end with a degree and a masters…
        Since when he’s been unable able to find ANY sort of employment
        Because he’s still a dumb fuckwit, but now one with a degree and a masters.
        He’ll never earn anything like enough to even start paying back his tuition fees and student loan.
        That’s for us taxpayer to cough up for.
        The whole thing’s a fucking scam.

  7. Can’t understand the problem. I don’t remember having any difficulty learning English.

  8. Victor was probably drunk.
    Most frenchies are incorrigible drunks.

    And his volatile acting up to impress the female pupils, try and get into their knickers?

    They’re like that the French,
    And greasy.

    Very greasy.

    • G”day Mis. It’s all that runny and smelly cheese they eat. Give me Shropshire over Roquefort any day.

      • Morning Shackles!👍

        Yes, they are always going on about cheese,
        They have a fetish.

        But none of their filthy muck can beat Red Leicester!

        Same with wine,
        They think they are superior,
        Any Australian wine is above and beyond what the frog tamperers can produce.

        Even grapes dislike them 😁

      • Sorry, i’ lltake tge French Cheese board over the English anyday.
        and watching the football team.

        Allez les Bleus!.

  9. What’s the fucking point of cheating to pass a language exam if you can’t string together two words.

    It’s not like your not going to get caught out on your first day of work as a hotel receptionist, or whatever.

    The teacher is a fucking cunt and his pupils must be as thick as shit.

    If I was in his class and learned absolutely fuck all I would be rioting, and sooner than 7 years.

  10. Whatever the outcome of his trial, I can’t see him keeping his job. Not a problem though, because he’s 29 and French so he’ll qualify for his state pension next year.

  11. There are plenty of French to English phrases you could drop to make the test easier.

    Like is this the door to the shower.
    And where can I buy soap and deodorant.
    And is this the line where I sign up to fight.

    • – I’m only taking two hours for lunch today.
      – I think the President is doing a good job.
      – We really must stop those dinghies crossing the Channel.

      • Our French teacher, teacher of the French language that is, was a bit of an oddball. He was homosexual so his nasal voice and French went together perfectly. He would tell us French swear words most of which I can’t remember as they weren’t required for the ‘O’ level exam. He told us of a phrase which might be used by a French woman to insult another woman which translated literally as; “Go screw yourself in your kennel.” Superb.

        He never caused us any anxiety unlike the PE teachers who scared us fucking shitless.Silly twat had no more sense than to make a pass at a PE teacher one day and was observed by one of our number to leave the staff room bloodied and with his nose spread over his face like syrup on a waffle never to be seen again.

      • Shouldve guessed. la Puta in Spanish, used by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels, a book most IsAC members would get along with for its satire and filth.

  12. What is the point of Frogs learning English, the refuse to speak in English even if they can, maybe better learning to perfect the trademark French shoulder shrug


  13. I employed someone recently , they had a first from the LSE in Politics .

    Seemed normal during the interview.

    Turned out to be an appalling lefty and a good example of what attending a university in the UK will do to your ‘thinking’

    Oh and she let slip last week that because of COVID she was able to do her exams for her degree 1. At home 2. Open book conditions

    So that 1st doesn’t look quite so good anymore

    • A first from Edge Hill is equivalent to putting the wooden blocks in the right slots in the kiddy waiting room at hospital.

  14. The hundred year war wasn’t long enough in my opinion.
    It was just starting to heat up.
    We’d still be at war with them if I had my way.

    They really are beyond the pale.
    No surprise Hitler walked in and took France before dinnertime.
    All in a days work.

    • One HOUSE in Stalingrad put up more of a fight than France and the low countries.

  15. The Frenchies don’t need an education system anyway. They just get free money from His Majesty’s Government to pretend to patrol their own beaches.
    That makes Victor’s little scam look like some kid nicking a Mars Bar from the P*ki shop.

    • Mars bars ® are joining the green Revolution,
      Changing the wrapper from placcy to paper.

      Which it used to be years ago.

      And if it’s not fresh?
      Money back.

      I see a scam forming by fat kids..

  16. Obviously his understanding of logic and reason were never examined at his job interview. He should not worry just come over to Blighty step straight in as head of languages in an inner London school they all have universal translators like Star Trek now. Jobs a gooden.

  17. What about Jane Birkin fucking that dirty smelly cunt Serge Gainsborough…..She must of puked every time he made her suck on his steaming cheesy knob 🤮🤮🤮

  18. Changing the paper at the last minute can’t help them. At least they were learning a foreign language and failing, and not their own. The UK has the dubious honour of being the only developed country surveyed by OECD to have a generation of college-age young people (16-24) less literate than those approaching retirement.

    With us, it very much is the system

    • “…With us, it very much is the system…”

      Cuntamus thou speak’st the right. Does anyone read books anymore? There’s always been a strong anti-intellectualist undercurrent in British society, we accord our ‘intellectuals’ a grudging respect and a minor social status whereas in the continental model they form a distinct, semi-venerated but very separate social class. Those who ‘live exclusively for the mind’ … and those who don’t.

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