ADHD and black women

“ADHD affects black women” – ‘it’s time our stories were told’

It seems that a largely imaginary condition is also racist.
Apparently there isn’t enough diversity in ADHD documentaries.

What a country we live in.

It’s a fucking disgrace.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble.

75 thoughts on “ADHD and black women

  1. What does ADHD mean for Demi Colleen.

    She’s got her name/face out there.

    She’s got an in-built excuse for her lack of achievement and success.

  2. ADHD, or just bad attitude, crazy, gobshite bitches? That is the question

  3. If I may paraphrase Mr Mike Tyson……
    “Everyone’s got a behavioural disorder until he gets punched in the face.”
    And he should know, he’s a right fucking mental cunt.

    Err…..don’t tell him I said that.

    • So Tyson is saying that a punch in the face cures most behavioural issues? If that’s the case he is the worst example ever

  4. All fat black women with ADHD have things easy. They have a lovable cat named Thomas, whose kept your mouse infected house down to one. The fridge is always full of food and when the cat tries to catch the mouse, there’s enough room to fit all your relatives you’ve reluctantly avoided to invite. We only ever see your feet in slippers, so you’re not recognised and avoid all the backlash on twitter for having a massive house all to yourself. Your CCTV coverage of all the antics the pets get up to will keep you in clover for the rest of your life.

    • The owners of the house are very fond of glazed hams, cooked turkeys and puddings with cream and cherries.

  5. The victim grift will never end. There’s too much of an industry around it now.

    The call for ‘reparations’ had me thinking.
    The black militants want to be compensated for distant ancestors being sold by their fellow black men to the european devil, and then having to work on plantations without pay under slavery, but how much money have bla their descendants received in state benefits while not working since their families arrived in the UK in the fifties and long before that in the US? What would the average slave made a day if they were paid labourers? How long was each slave working over a lifetime? I bet the lifetime earnings and the fees from their sale aren’t that much.
    I think black militants and white liberals need to look at the numbers of slaves actually brought to North America by the British Empire, compared to the numbers taken to Brazil by the Portugal or through Zanzibar by Arabs.of They might also want to backdate the amounts paid to black people living off the state since welfare was introduced for both countries.

    • From a fellow Autocunt, I also have a sound policy on this reparations bollocks: if your forbears hadn’t been bought as slaves you’d be living in a shithole in Africa, so clearly the option is this; take the reparations and go and move back to your ancestral home, or just shut the fuck up.

      • They have been given some if the nicest islands in the world, The West Indies.

    • “… liberals need to look at the numbers of slaves actually brought to North America by the British Empire, compared to the numbers taken to Brazil by the Portugal or through Zanzibar by Arabs…”

      …and who underwrote both vessels and cargoes…???

      • Given that Lloyds was set up in 1688 and the Portuguese established their Atlantic trade in 1452, I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

    • Everyone is ignoring the real issue of Dinosaur reparations – they became oil, we used it (shame on whitey), but it’s poisoning the world, so T rex and the other feather covered lizard bird cunts owe us for the damage THEY inflicted on the world! After that the cavemen have a lot to answer for. Fucking arsonists…

      • Including the trans(itional,) dinosaurs like Archeopteryx
        (not friends with Asterix)

  6. I’m thinking of going after the French for their 1066 fuckery.

    My family traces back to Saxons.

    Wish me luck

    • Are you black? Lots of black people died in Hastings. I know because they were colouring in the Bayeux tapestry with chocolate as part of History realignment newthink

  7. Is that why a lot of them are so gobby and do all that ‘feisty’ and ‘attitude’ shite?
    Like that treeswinger luvvie cunt who spazzed out at the royals. Having a go at a white family just for being white. That bitch should have a swastika tattoo with that mentality.

  8. Most ADHD ‘cases’ are total bollocks. It’s now an excuse for feral uncontrolable cunts who act up and cause trouble. Like Paddy McGuinness’s Mrs. She was a cunt at school. Violence, bullying, throwing chairs, disruption and all sorts. Now the bitch is saying she has suddenly been told she’s autistic. My niece is austistic, and she’s never been violent in all the 18 years she has been on this earth. Cunts like that slag and many others use autism and ADHD as an excuse for their tantrums and cuntish behaviour.

    • I’m Autistic and seeing that cunt claim to be autistic brings my piss to a boil. Generally, Autistic people are not attractive. Some are, but there are mannerisms that indicate the true issues. Still, taking advantage of those with no true representation is nothing new.

    • She’s also a cunt for marrying that shitstain, interbred, unfunny cunt McGuinness. He’s one of this country’s biggest fucking cunts. I’ve met him so I know about this knobhead.

  9. Years ago a violent prisoner escaped from custody and the police put their photograph out in the MSM and warned everyone if the felon was seen not to approach under any circumstances but to phone 999 immediately. Said felon was a nineteen year old black woman who had escaped from Holloway. As far as I can remember it was before ADHD had been invented.

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