ADHD and black women

“ADHD affects black women” – ‘it’s time our stories were told’

It seems that a largely imaginary condition is also racist.
Apparently there isn’t enough diversity in ADHD documentaries.

What a country we live in.

It’s a fucking disgrace.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble.

75 thoughts on “ADHD and black women

  1. Like many black women, Diane Abbott has severe ADHD – Adipose Deposited on Her Derriere.

  2. ‘neurodiversity’. I must have that. As a white male I see the world very differently to the rest of the population.

  3. ADHD is a pseudo scientific excuse for being a cunt. Fortunately there’s a cure for it…….the fist and the boot. 100% success rate.

  4. Trust me we don’t want to hear your story.

    Add it to list of ever other thing that discriminates against black people.

    Then post it where the sun don’t shine.

    • As I recall, that was pretty much standard teacher behaviour when I at school.

  5. Fuck me every five minutes it’s yet again time for some mental cunts “story to be told”..

    Racist conspiracy theories are the new normal.

    How about this story…Once upon a Time…OVEN.

  6. An ADHD with Tourette’s and Autism for good measure, just shoot it, especially if its black.

    • You get ADHD from not being hit enough.
      It’s obviously much worse in big fat lazy black women than in anyone else and deserving of benefit payments.

      Imagine how you’d cope tidying up in your slippers, droopy stockings, arse the size of a medicine ball,
      And a mouse is loose!
      Triggering you
      A mouse is loose and the cats done nothing about it!


    • My mate has Tourette’s, he even goes to Tourette’s club, where incidentally “The first rule of Tourette’s club is fuck off”….

  7. Does that picture say, ‘The Rapy Black Girls’?

    Imagine walking down an alleyway and being pounced on by Butler, Abbout, Mel Black Spice, Floella Benjimaan, and Mike Obama.

  8. I prefer ODD…….Oppositional Defiance Disorder. That means you tell some cunt to fuck off…….until you get punched.

    • Haha I remember some cunt telling me her lad had that lol.

      Thought she was taking the piss.

      Once again, the diagnosis is rude, disrespectful, lazy little bastard whose parents never taught him the meaning of the word ‘No’.

  9. They (the soots) suffer more from everything except hard work, they are never responsible for anything that happens to them, it’s always someone else’s fault.

    I just watched a documentary Ed Stafford 60 Days on the estates, I thought it might actually have some insight into the gang violence, no not a chance other than what we already know.
    Northumberland Park Estate in Tottenham
    What is does is show some hard luck stories, all self inflicted, one tart was in a one bed flat with 3 sets of twins, the eldest 11 and youngest around 2 or 3, the father(s) live somewhere outside London. The tart moved into the flat when she started Uni (I think she meant some shitty college),
    She is 31, so has been in this flat 13 years, she wants Harringay council to give her a 3 bed house, the usual black mold on the wall, this Ed wiped some off but stopped when it was clear that a bit of elbow grease would shift it.
    Talk about being a victim of your own stupidity, does Ed mention that, does he fuck, nope she is the victim.

  10. One of my ex-customers has a kid who is a total cunt or “neurodiverse” as it has now been rebranded. She is now some kind of ADHD guru supporting families and life coaching…a mental health grifter. Probably charges a fortune too when a kick up the arse would normally do.

  11. Never had these cunts when I was a kid at school. They just got slapped down.
    Left school as normal people.

  12. Make believe I’m everywhere
    Given in to all the shite
    Bullshit written on the pages
    Is the no answer to a neverending story
    Ah ah ah.

  13. What with all the trials and tribulations they have to put up with,
    Poor quality housing,
    Lack of organs for transplants,
    The slavery.
    Now ADHD,
    You could almost feel sympathy.

    Well you can, I personally think they’re a bunch of whining, moaning, self-pitying cunts who ought to get off their arses and do something about it for theirselves, instead of holding the begging bowl out and expecting someone else to fill it.

    • And, being inevitably jobless, fat black wimmin no longer have Holly and Phil to entertain them of a morning.
      I’m joking, of course.
      They’ll never be up in time for ‘This Morning’.

      • I noticed Jimmy Floyd Hasslebank was about an hour late to his Sky punditry slot the other day. Turned up looking half asleep at 5pm.

        Other pundits took the piss (the honky ones that is, the ones not late to a mid afternoon ‘job’ of watching a game and then saying really obvious shit about it for about 10 minutes.)

      • Loads of jobs going for the fat black female. The entertainment and advertising industries are groaning under the weight and they can’t seem to promote them enough, each one more obese than the last.
        It’s enough to put a man off his confit pigs trotters.

  14. 😂😂😂 the article in the link gets 43 thumbs up and 896 thumbs down.

    Nuff said!

  15. It was only a couple of years ago that the Darks were saying, “black people are likelier to catch Covid than white… wayy-ciist virus wahhhh…”

    • Yes indeed Captain…and that was another gigantic racist conspiracy by the NHS and some science cunts in Chy-na.

      Oh the humanity!


    • That would be, Captain, because they thought the rules about no close contact didn’t apply to them, so they carried on with that fist bump, half hug shite..

      Hey blud! Here’s the virus for you to take home to you fam, innit!

      And then wonder why?

  16. Scientific studies have shown a direct correlation between ADHD and discipline.
    Showing that blunt force trauma around the cranium has a beneficial effect.

    Start of gently with a odd open hand slap and if symptoms persist?

    Use medically approved half bricks.

    Even in the most unruly child,
    Flying about council estates on a moped and hepped up on drugs,
    A series of between 3-5 blows at the base of the skull will turn them into well mannered, compliant little angels!*

    *Side effects may include stuttering, a squint, and jitteryness.

  17. ADHD is real, but I do see some cunts’ kids with it who are just little shits. Nowt wrong with them apart from parents not setting boundaries or ever saying ‘No’ to their little angel.

    I reckon it’s (the epidemic of diagnoses) because teachers want the rude, disruptive little bastards out of their classroom, but can’t unless they’ve got ‘special needs’ which seems mostly to mean little cunt nowadays.

    Then it’s ‘behavioural ishoos’ so they can fuck the little shit off to one of those pupil referral units.

    Don’t blame them.

    But teachers are so fucking woke for the most part, that they should suffer the consequences of their doogooding.

    Not fob them off in a spare room at the council on some supply/trainee cunts.

    Bring back the cane for these little bastards and do it in front of the whole school.

    ‘Ishoos’ cured overnight, or the little bastard tops himself.

    Either way, win win.

    And blacks more likely to have it? LOL. Again, confusing gobby, disrespectful loudmouthed cunts with ADHD (yes not all blacks of course).

    • That was brilliant! They could start a new TV game show. Line up the tree huggers and see how many you can knock down with a boom camera. Wonderful entertainment!

    • Oh bloody good show.

      Shame it didn’t knock the little cunt into a bath full of piranhas.

      • It could be like the Golden Shot……

        Left a bit….left a bit more…..keep going left…..that’s it….FIRE!
        If you hit the cunt square in the chops a load of money shoots up out of the stage.
        Then the security takes him outside and beats the shit out of him. They can’t help it, they’ve got ADHD. Fa**ot boy Schofield could be the host.
        I’m a fucking genius! So many good ideas!

      • “…It could be like the Golden Shot………”

        My very first thought… “hmmm, time to resurrect T.G.S.”

  18. The darkies just love victimhood, don’t they?, whatever trouble flesh is heir to, you can be sure Lammy, Butler and the svelte-like Ms. Abbott will get it worse than us.

    Considering how the UK is such a cunt to their people, I wonder why they keep coming here?

    That trio would be far happier in de jungle, bollock naked dancing round the cooking pot, praying for rain.

    • I lived in Uganda and Kenya 1962-1973. We had 2 dogs in that time. They only barked at black people because there were no white burglars or robbers; not racist, just life(?); I therefore have to disagree with the article based on my own experiences, bwana.

  19. Nowt to do with the fact that most subcontinentals/sheboons are thick as pig’s?

    No, not that, is it?

  20. Funny when teachers would pin you up against a wall, give you the cane or give you a 10,000 decibel hairdryer style bollocking, no cunt had ADHD?

    Now, moddy coddle them and millions of cunts have it and remain utter cunts in adult life.

    Pure coincidence.

    • “…and remain utter cunts in adult life….Pure coincidence?…”

      Nope; from what I’m seeing CB it’s rooted in the corporate desire actively to freeze (or preferably prevent) natural maturation of an individual through and BEYOND the early teens to mid 20’s consumerist ‘me wanteee’ stage. “Arrested development” is as good a descriptor as any.

  21. A lot of Head Doctors have careers invested in the promotion of this fairy story. It appeals to useless parents who want to be their kids’ friends. If my parents had done that I would have said …..fuck off, get your own friends. Of course behind it all is big pharma who want to fuck our brains up and rob our pockets at the same time.
    Always follow the money.

    • A couple of good points well made there Freddie.

      Anyone whose occupation starts with the prefix “psych” is a dangerous charlatan to be avoided at all costs.

      Always follow the money is one of the most reliable tenets you can hold in life. From being robbed blind at every turn to nothing in public services being sorted properly from the NHS down to the fucking holes in the road it’s all down to someone skimming off the money.

  22. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? That’s a bloody long-winded way of saying stupid and lazy!

  23. In Liverpool, ADHDEEDOODODONTDEE ? Is rife.

    Because of it.

    Millions are unemployable.

    It’s a national tragedy.

  24. ADHD affects black women?

    Does it fuck.

    The people I’ve met who say they have it are BUSY BUSY BUSY, can’t stop working 60 hours a week.
    They can’t sit down. A lot I know with it is a Chef and will not take a day off.

    • Make your fucking mind up!

      You’re either strong, empowered or a snivelling waste of a skin.

      No inbetweens.

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