Fab Fit Leggings


A fucking huge, does my arse look big in this cunting for these stupid looking leggings and the women wear them when posing, sorry training down the local gym waiting for blokes to notice them [ but only blokes they like otherwise they are considered p-verts].

So bear in mind these days half the time tits, arses, teeth, muscles [if your into that, I’m not]hair and even teeth are fake.

So finding one of these cut and shut bitches is like buying a Mondeo at the auction, its a bitza [bits of this bits of that] and what you have underneath is a well used, high mileage worn out old wreck with a lot of filler, history and a sloppy box.
Honestly it is like polishing a cow at the cattle market, get it home and what you have is totally different from when you went shopping, if your really unlucky you will get a bloke.

Fab fit

Nominated by Fuglyucker. It’s your cunting Sir but from the pictures I’ve seen I’m not sure why? C.A.

42 thoughts on “Fab Fit Leggings

    • I remember when gyms stank of sweat, had spit buckets, contained only free weights and the only machines were speed-balls and heavy bags, completely free of women, except the little old lady that did the cleaning. Much better.

      • I bow to your superior knowledge Termujin. Didn’t realise these were the garments I see worn in the queue at Gregg’s. I’ve led a sheltered life.

  1. The reality of these kind of things is…if you’ve got a nice ass, you don’t need them. That leaves the market open to the likes of Karen, Sharon and Waynetta, squeezing great wads of cellulite into these things, and the end result can be observed on any UK High St, usually outside Gregg’s, causing the casual observer to think WTF? More likely to vomit than salivate.

    • I like em.
      They smarten things up.
      For showing off really.
      Young girls looking pert isn’t that bad.

      Although you peel it off things act with gravity and head for the floor.

      The runners on iTV wear them.

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t agree with this cunting as they provide me with excellent wanking material, both in real life and online ✊💦

  3. A lot better than some of the sights we see some mornings at 7 on ISAC. We had the big black bloke advertising “slimming” drink the other day, and even I have subjected you to Anal-Ease and Bulldyke Phillips. Just wait till we see the pictures of Kweer relaxing at home in his knickers and suspenders…….

  4. The Yank wokies have a new expression….”straight bodied.” This means you are not a fat bitch/cunt and therefore one of the oppressor class.
    All minorities belong to the oppressed and exploited class which basically means every cunt except white, normal size, heterosexual males.
    I’m so grateful to be one of society’s elite even if it’s only in the eyes of a bunch of dim as fuck, brainwashed fucking idiots.
    I don’t see the point in this nom unless it’s an attempt to have another pop at fat bastards. Best to leave them alone in my opinion.

    • The yanks are good at creating expressions for stuff nobody ever fucking worries about.
      The whole country seems to have given up since ditching their manned space programme.
      I see America is holding a yard sale. discounts on dignity, military supremacy, economic might, energy security.. China looking around, seeing what it can get.

  5. I understand that Nugee and Abbott do some moonlighting when Parliament isn’t sitting by testing the stretchability of leggings in FabFit’s laboratory.
    So far three lab technicians have been severely injured by flying waistbands.

  6. I’m all for FabFits, but definitely not for FlabFits.

  7. Whenever I see a good looking (and that’s negotiable) woman in these type of leggings I look for a camel toe. Now I am retired, it is just one of the things I have to do to fill the day.

    • The receptionist at my work (who is also my bosses daughter) wears them all the time. She’s 25 and fucking stunning, it’s a nice bit of eye candy first thing in the morning.

      My boss must know everyone pervs over her everyday and he must feel like kicking everyone’s head in everyday

      • Man up!

        Tell your boss you will forego a pay rise if you can bend his daughter over the desk and rip a big hole in her pussy region and give her some pork pie.

  8. I like them.

    You wouldn’t criticise a girl because she wears a bra and these pants are just arse bras.

    If it worries you that everything will sag when they get taken off, then don’t take them off your victim.

    Just cut a hole in the fanny region and get on it.
    I carry around a small pair of scissors for such occasions, but your teeth will easily rip a hole in the thin fabric.

  9. Most of the ugly slappers who wear these are fat as a fucking house. Their legs look like sausage meat that’s been over piped into the sausage skin.

    When a bird with a tidy arse wears them though….wow

  10. A nice lady wearing them is a lovely thing,has a superb effect on morale..

    Enjoy the sights while you can,when the Goat Bummers are running the show all the wimmin will be wearing black bedsheets(I’m sure there’s an official medieval term for this type of protective clothing but I can’t be arsed to look it up so fuck them).

    • I think the situation in Afganistan might give us a clue as to who runs things. The Chinese have been in talks with the Taliban to extract lithium since pretty much after we fucked off.

  11. For when your arse looks like a lump of old chewing gum, there’s fab fit.

  12. A sight to behold when worn like the bird in the picture.

    Sadly most of those I see around the town look like San and Tracy from ‘Viz’. Not a good look.

    Morning all.

  13. Go to any gym nowadays and you’ll see more camel toe than an Egyptian vet….

  14. I would suggest that Diane Abbott in such garmentry might resemble an over-inflated hot air balloon in a cargo net.

  15. These days women don’t get dressed, they’re just poured into this special material and its just pot luck what you end up with when you get them home.

    • Pretty well what I was thinking Ed. Over a short time we seem to have moved from; “Does my arse look big in this?” to; “I really must pad out my arse.”

      I suppose it’s similar to the way the fashion for big or small tits oscillates over the years.

  16. Leggings are a blessing or a curse. For the fit gal showing ass crack and camel toe we are oh so blessed. For the 400 lb black bitch whose ass looks like a truckload of potatoes in a large leopard print sack, we are cursed.
    Saw some babe wearing a sport top and leggings that were the same color as her skin recently. What a sight! She looked nude at first glance.

  17. Mrs Buxomley sometimes wears these leggings. She’s all genuine woman though and keeps herself supremely fit (unlike yours truly). She’s 47 with the body of a 27 year old. She’s my African goddess and doesn’t have one of those really stuck out arses that most black women have, her arse is perfection personified. I’m 55 and get to fuck her every night of the week if I like. I’m the luckiest cunt on planet earth.

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