Entitled dog owners


‘B-b-but you’re not dog friendly’, the dog owner wails on a business’s Farcebook/Twatter/Instacunt page, as if not allowing dogs on the premises is some sort of original sin.

Heaven forbid that some of us may not like dogs, and may ourselves want to access public and private spaces as well. How heinous we are for not enjoying the delights of fleas, slobber and loud, incessant barking.

Quite frankly I welcome it when some businesses buck the trend and have an ‘assistance dogs only’ policy – some dog owners need to realise that the world isn’t tailor made for them and their mutt.

Herald Scotland

Nominated by OpinionatedCunt, link by C.A. who says “please add you own in future”.

111 thoughts on “Entitled dog owners

  1. Well, some of the responses on here rather highlight the point of the cunting. Liking dogs is fine. Not liking dogs is also fine. Expecting people with phobias or allergies to limit their lives to accommodate your dog, when they have no choice over said phobia/allergy, is NOT fine, and it’s disappointing that people like CP and Sixdog appear to have this mindset.

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