Dai Another Day

I don’t mind the Welsh being Welsh. I mean, someone has to be although their personalities seem to reflect their climate – wet and miserable.

But all this renaming of famous places into Welsh – is it not really aimed at excluding the English? And making us look stupid when we attempt to pronounce them.

Yes, I know the Welsh nationalists say it’s all about preserving their language and culture but less than 10% of the people in Wales actually speak it. And that Welsh anthem/folk song which says “we’re still here” and all that crap. Well, where would they be but in Wales? The North Pole?

Fact is, if you tried to speak Cymru in Wales most people wouldn’t understand you. I can see the point of speaking French in France or Italian in Italy. They are the native languages. But Welsh in Wales? Do me a favour. Fair enough, teach it as a second language if you must in taff schools but don’t inflict this tongue-twisting, vowel-free, spit-spraying monstrosity on the rest of the UK.

This is all part of the woke agenda which has now reached the valley boyoes (and girloes plus non-binarioes). Good Evans! (I see what you did there. Well played – NA)

Wales Online News Link.

And the lovely Suzanna Reid agrees with me. Need I say more?

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  1. Welsh is an ancient language that has run its course.

    There is no point in teaching it in schools as it doesn’t relate to any modern day languages.

    Latin is also an ancient language, but the difference is that with a knowledge of Latin you can understand or at least “suss out” other romance languages.

    Teach Mandarin Chinese in schools.
    That’s where the future is.

  2. I’m surprised that Welsh hasn’t been banned as a lot of people from outside won’t be able to understand it. Obviously that’s fine if it’s just us English who can’t understand it…

    • If I visit in future, I shall meet all costs in English Groats of the Dark ages.

  3. Excellent nomination.
    Any opportunity to ogle Susanna Reid is not to be missed.

    • Or Susanna Hoffs for that matter. Not that she’s anything to do with the nom, I’m just having a Susanna day.

  4. Bloody DVLA insist on duplicating everything in Taff.

    I only want to SORN my classic car, not drown those within a 3ft radius in a tsunami of saliva.

    • Morning PM, how goes it?
      I’ve been out in the Alan the Allegro this week…he’s fantastic! And when I say fantastic, I mean fantastically shit.
      Even though he’s 1980, every part of the driving experience is significantly worse than Graham the rusty as fuck mk2 Cortina, even though Graham is 12 years older.
      Not to worry though, anothet fortnight and Alan and I will be at the 50th Allegro birthday bash at the British Motor Museum in Warwick.
      Maybe the old fuddy-duddies would like some organic home-grown?! That’d liven things the fuck up.

      • Afternoon all. Friends of ours, a couple who live in the West Midlands owned an Allegro in the late seventies. Biggest pile of shit to come out of BL and that’s saying something. One Sunday afternoon they went down to Mitcham to visit his parents and driving through Hyde Park the front offside wheel parted company with the car and went bowling across the grass still attached to a big piece of the suspension. She remarked; “Ooh Ray, look at that!” not realising the situation until he responded; “It’s our wheel you silly tart!” Consider half an hour before they had been travelling at the speed limt on the M1. Following weekend I went with him to screw it back together using some suspension parts from a scrap yard and took the heap back home. Not long afterwards they were out in the car when without warning or preamble it burst into flames in spectacular fashion. They decided to give it up at that point and I’m pleased to report that they are both still alive and well therefore.

    • Hi Thomas, I have just sorned the Honda S2000, which belongs to the Mrs and my Rover P6 is sitting a little idle now.

      I am in the last stages of a giant house renovation, so will get both vehicles recommissioned once I finish this year. I think you are a little harsh on the All-aggro. Leyland’s very finest, undoubtedly a significant percentage made from the Austin 1300 and the Marina parts bin.

  5. “Rebranding” place names gets them in the news for a bit.

    The people who visit places like Snowdonia couldn’t give a fuck what it’s called in Welsh.

    The joys of devolved government,that we pay for anyway..

    The Cunts.

  6. It’s alright for the tourists, you know that place with more letters than the alphabet that ends in gogo summat but sadly the woke welsh government are banning new road development so no fucker will go there anyway.

    Wales, land of rain, Rhyl and world champions of sheep shagging and not forgetting the most boring man on the planet.

    • I love to hear Welsh spoken!

      Bloop bleep bloop flobabobba doodle..

      Makes me laugh.
      And the gozzing reminds me of punk gigs.

      I’m all for preserving it,
      Same with Cornish and any other dying nonsense language.

      • Ruff@

        I honestly couldn’t say if it’s a male or female?!

        Pretty odd.

        I wouldn’t sell it gold.
        It can get fucked.

      • I haven’t been to Wales for years, only heard Welsh in one shop and a pub, plenty of sheep on the make though 😂

      • Why is that cunty Gold Reserves advert always playing non-stop on GB News? And why is it accompanied by lots of other advertisements for businesses in Wales – Jones the Motors, Jones the Furniture even Jones the Death (Welsh undertakers). Is GB News only watched by people in Wales?

      • That Gold Reserve Jewellers was in Swansea Market. He is a bit of a paish.

  7. I honestly don’t care. The Welsh have a right to their own language regardless of how outdated it is.

  8. I don’t know much about the Welsh except John Cale was Welsh and Man were ace and my parents reliably informed me that I was conceived in a field just inside the Welsh border adjacent to Shrewsbury.

  9. The Welsh are cunts, always have been and always will be.
    Good morning Carrrrrdifffff.

  10. I was sent to Conwy to convalesce as a child and always remember listening to the nurses on night duty talking in Welsh to help me sleep.

  11. Just make sure you’re not within a two mile radius of a Welshman arguing with a Scouser.

    You will drown in a tsunami of goz.

  12. Couldn’t give a fuck – never gonna go there. Bit like France, lovely countryside populated by cunts.

  13. I thought this would piss off the perpetually offended, and those that can’t miss an opportunity to churn out the same tired sheep shagger drivel.
    Who needs facts, this is ISAC after all.
    It’s not being renamed. It was renamed by the English, it’s just reverting to its original name, which has been on the logo all the time, it’s just being given provenance.

    Imagine someone walking into your country, imposing their culture and language instead of learning to fit in, changing the names of places because they won’t learn how to pronounce them. Oh wait….
    I suppose it’s a change from dinghies and trannies, so bravo! 😂

    • Honestly, the state of this site nowadays compared to what it was is dire. No wonder Saxon, Dick, DCI etc left.

      • Nowt wrong with this site, OC.
        We all get along for the most part.
        Pardon my shameless rimming of Admins’ ringpiece…

      • We do Thomas, I’m more referring to the fact that a good 90% of the nominations nowadays are about ‘woke agendas’ etc. It gets repetitive after a while.

      • Ho ho, yes…you certainly have a point. But we all have several common enemies that we, as Englishmen, like to vent about or we’d explode so a certain amount of repetition is inevitable.
        From time to time, I do like to post without my thoughts deteriorating into disgusting, sick filth but my imagination is irretrievably broken!

      • It’s not even offensive, just predictable and boring.
        I honestly can’t understand why some can say the same things about the same topics every day.
        I was mocked as someone who isn’t a regular poster. Good.

      • Oh dear, are you still smarting that I don’t like your beloved mongrel CP? You’re probably the type of dog owner I’m on about – the one who rarely exercises their pet, sees their more negative behaviour (like jumping on others and incessant barking) as ‘cute” and demands that people with phobias/allergies hide from the world so you can take it EVERYWHERE with you. Believe it or not this earth isn’t exclusively made for you and your mutt.

      • Afternoon RTC!
        Just about to take my hungover corpse out for a wander up the local hills, bylingually signposted obviously.😉

      • I’m fortunate in that I live right near the Peak District so I have hills aplenty nearby

      • Haven’t been to the Peak District, but it’s on my list of places to visit.😀

      • Castleton is beautiful – even if you don’t walk any of the trails you can still get some spectacular views. I did Cave Dale last week and it was great.

      • Not wrong Opey.
        It’s glorious.👍

        But so are the Brecon beacons and Scottish Highlands.

        We live in a beautiful country 🇬🇧

      • Mam Tor is a place I like to launch myself off, On the paraglider…😁

      • Great thing about where I am MNC is that I have the Peaks, Dales and Lakes all within a reasonable distance on public transport. Would like to go and see the Steall Falls in Glen Nevis at some point too.

      • Oh, and the Howgills but that won’t be for a while. I need to wait for the ankle to get stronger first.

      • Next time you go Castleton go down Speedwell cavern!
        It’s at the bottom of Winnats pass.

        It’s a underground boat journey!
        Blew my mind as a kid.

    • But the Celts (P and Q equally) were invaders too.


      They originated deep in Europe (see also Hallstadt culture). God knows who was originally in Wales, but the Celts may only have moved in under pressure from the Romans in England. Whose empire failed leaving a political vacuum for the Saxons, the Danes and the Norman French in succession to interbreed with and supplant the Celtic tribes. So we need quinquelingual signs here…

    • Wot, like Romans,Angles,Saxons,Jutes French etc?


      • The Huns were funny. Funny strange. They practiced deformation of the skull to elongaite it to make them look more fearsome.

        I suppose if they dig up Gareth Bale and the like in a 1000 years and examine the skull they might think that we all sported one.

        They might call us ‘The Buns’.

  14. I’ve often wondered what the game show Countdown would be like if it were filmed in Wales.

    Rachel Riley: What letters would you like?
    Myvanwy: I’ll have a consonant, a consonant, a consonant, a consonant, a consonant, a consonant, a consonant, a consonant and another consonant please Rachel.
    Rachel Riley: Wouldn’t you like a vowel?
    Myvanwy: A what?

  15. As someone who has to travel over the bridge regularly for work it always makes me chuckle when the first road sign you encounter is ‘Gwasanatheau 1 milltir’ or ‘Services 1 mile’ in English.

    And they say English is supposed to be one of the hardest languages to learn….

    • What use to amuse me about that when I lived there was what the fuck did Polish lorry drivers crossing the bridge make of it?

  16. This is a master stroke by my brethren. Years ago they decided that Tenby (a norse name) should be revitalised for tourism with a true Welsh name, even though it never had one (like Newport (Casnewydd) or Swansea (Abertawe)
    Tourism has boomed since being renamed Dinbiggypisspot. Or something.

  17. Can only agree. Add to that Scots Gaelic. Thanks to a couple of 19th century clerics, neither branch of Celtic sounds anything like its spelling and for any concept later than 1750, the words don’t exist and you have to use English anyway. Left alone, they’d quietly die out in the general population, like Manx and Kernow. Irish Gaelic is only sustained with massive state involvement.

    The main selling pointof these old languages is their application to nationalist politics. They give a sense of identity, and community, with a historical myth derived from a pretty brutal tribal reality. Oh, and English immos to Wales and the Gaeltacht, please note, you may speak the lingo better than the natives, but you’ll always be outsiders unto the 3rd and 4th generation*. Don’t bother,

    *Which will have moved back to Luton in search of a half-decent job, in any case.

    BTW, whatever happened to Pictish?

    • Think the Vikings fucked them up Komodo.

      Slapped them about,
      Knocked the woad off their chops,
      and Interbreed with them.

      Was Kenneth mcAlpin a pict?

      Was he pict or did he volunteer?😁

      • Bastard. You made me look him up. The record seems to be unreliable, but one version has Kenneth MacAlpin as being a quarter Pictish.

        If you want to confuse the issue completely, the Wikipedia entry for the Picts should do the trick nicely.

        Revenge is sweet.

      • All I know about them Komodo is the artwork they left behind carved in stone,
        And the fact they were the forerunners to what became the Scots.

        And think they built brochs ( a fortified turret)
        Probably inter tribal livestock raiding which has a proud history in Scotland and lasted to reletively recent times.

        Border Reaver’s!
        Of which our Mr Fiddler was quite taken with.

  18. Welsh was invented by J.R.R.Tolkein in the 1930-40s.

    Sorry that was Elvish. I always get them mixed up

    i think they have the same number of speakers

  19. “Wales” – originally ‘Wealas”, Old English for “foreigners”. The Welsh are a bit upset. They used to occupy a huge chunk of mainland Britain, along with other Celtic tribes. Then along came the Anglo-Saxons and drove them to the Celtic fringes, the rocky infertile bits of the island which the Anglo Saxons couldn’t be bothered with – Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland.

    Oh well, never mind.

    • Judging by the amount of Saes who are moving to Wales because it reminds them of the Britain they remember, it looks like history is repeating.
      Oh well…..😂😂

      • Got to wonder at the chutzpa of the Anglo-Saxons though. They are the last to arrive in the British Isles and then call everyone else who’s already here “foreigners”.

      • Time to modernise, perhaps?

        I shall always remember with affection the last King of Scotland.

        Idi Amin

  20. I like it.
    I was a welshie?
    I’d speak it around the English 🙂

    Bet most of us would if it the boot was on the other foot?

    He can’t understand us!
    Let’s take the piss out of him to his face!

    Just human nature that.

    • I don’t speak much Welsh but certain words pepper the English spoken in Wales.
      One of my favourites is Hiraeth, which doesn’t really have an English equivalent. It means home, but also where you feel loved, where you belong.
      My dad’s family all spoke Welsh but my mother’s didn’t and I was a lazy cunt so I never learned, something I regret from time to time.

      • Gutstick @

        My lad can speak it😁
        OR could.
        Lived near Red wharf bay Anglesey,
        As you know it’s part of the curriculum in Wales.

    • Intriguingly, while the Welsh who can speak it immediately switch out of English when a saes comes into the pub, Highland Gaelic speakers switch INTO English on the arrival of a sassenach. To do otherwise is regarded as discourteous. I’m English and I;ve experienced both. Kudos to the teuchters….

  21. Truth is of course that English will in a few years time take over all communications and other languages will be studied by a few as something quaint and arcane like the art of ancient Mesopotamia. I studied French and German at school, took ‘O’ level French. Spent time in both countries, never used a word of either language, simply didn’t need to. Friend of mine from Dordrecht outside Rotterdam speaks English like me. When I was with him in the Netherlands didn’t meet a soul who was not proficient in English. I asked him once if he knew any Dutch people who didn’t speak English. He scratched his head and thought for a minute and then said no, he didn’t. As I heard an academic whose field was languages say on the radio some years ago; “English is the real bully in the playground.”

  22. How hard can it be to learn Welsh? A few bah bahs is all ewe need.

  23. The only ‘Welsh’ I know is ‘popty ping’ which means microwave.

  24. I asked my Welsh mate to think how many different fucks his had in his life.
    The Cunt fell asleep within a minute.

  25. True story – Some years back I worked in Cardiff for a while and, rather than stay overnight, travelled by train from home, changing at Crewe. The Borders line was pleasant enough so I enjoyed the journey until just before Cardiff-fucking-Central. The Six Nations was on at the time and in a shitty council townhouse, on the right of the tracks, only a couple of hundred yards (not metres) from the station, some sheep-shagging Welsh twat had five flagpoles in his excuse for a garden on which flew the flag of every competing nation bar England. The small minded spiteful Welsh cunt! I hope he reads this and knows that I’d slice his sheep-friendly bollocks off given half a chance. Get to fuck you Welsh wanker.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🇮🇹🇫🇷🐑

  26. The thought of Charlotte Church being all wet is really giving me the ‘orn.

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