Tara Jay Trans Activist

One of the sticks that transgender women like to beat us blokes up with is the question ‘would you date a trans woman?’. Answer no and of course, you’ll be promptly branded a transphobe.

Well I can safely say that after seeing the epitome of loveliness that is Tara Jay, I’m definitely no transphobe. In fact, I’m haunted day and night by dreams and visions of this utterly alluring and sensual creature. She’s got every soft feminine charm and wile in her armoury, and she deploys them with devastating effect.

Forget that utter dog Salma Hayek. From now on I worship at the shrine of Tara Jay. It’s love guys. As the Borg would say, ‘resistance is futile’.


Nominated by Ron Knee. I have to say Ron that this is one of the ugliest fuckers on planet earth. C.A.(Cunt Admin)

110 thoughts on “Tara Jay Trans Activist

    • Evening UT…if a họmo tran§itions into a “woman”, he does retain his mince and lisp, do you reckon?

  1. Wouldn’t even make the train journey to the Camp or even enough hair to make one sock for a U boat crew member.

  2. How I wish for the good old days when a homo was usually just a man that fancied other men. It’s all so complicated now that I can’t keep up.

  3. Funny innit? If you don’t want to shag a dirty tranny freak or some enormous fat bird you are “transphobic” or “fat shaming” and you are full of HATE!!!
    Whatever happened to that freedom of choice the lefties are always on about? What happened to “my body my choice” and all that? No…..that don’t fucking count. It only counts when you do what they say, when you obey THEIR cunting rules. Yeah, well fuck that Comrade Citizen.
    Piss on your fucking rules Nurse Ratched.

  4. Despite the degenerate nature of the Trans movement, there’s really nothing new here.

    It’s a call by the Neo-Marxist Progressives who want to destroy Western civilization to mobilize more useful idiots.

      • I wouldn’t really call them ‘Neo Marxist’. At least with Marxism there was a goal. These modem progressives don’t really know what they want to progress to.

  5. Well good luck convincing anyone that you aren’t a complete nutter.

    Making threats In America..
    the gun owners capital of the world.
    Anne Oakley you ain’t.

    • Armed robbery at a bank. A mafia hit maybe at a restaurant.
      Gangland drive by on the streets.

      More tragically a jeaous husband might use one in the family home.

      This fella want to use a gun to enter a women’s public toilet.

      • Tara’s doctor gave him three months to live. Tara stuck a gun in his face and the doc gave him twelve months. Tara was happy. People like Tara don’t like reality and can’t cope with it. Soppy cunts.

  6. I didn’t have to, I read her original tweet, blaming lasers from space owned by Rothschilds.
    I have enormous fun calling out her obvious lies on twitter, she’s a fucking idiot, and says such easily debunked crap, only an absolute moron would vote for the adulterous slug.
    I’m no fan of the trans, but supporting neo nazis just because they feed your paranoia?
    Men who fought and died for freedom will definitely be spinning in their graves at the thought of that.

    • Who said what, this tranny fuck or are you still on about MTG , is this Freudian ?

  7. The fat cunt doesn’t move from its sofa in every one of its videos. Not sure the degenerate slug can even move much less back up its threats.

    If you have the stomach, take a look at its Facebook page. It has a nappy fetish and is into babies. I’m starting to see a pattern; trans are mostly pedos.

  8. If I had a rifle with ten bullets in it, and Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Gerry Adams, Pinnochet, Putin and Tara Jay were all in the room with me, I would fire ten bullets into the trannie cunt.

  9. Nobody’s offered to wave their magic wand so this tiresome bloke can disappear in a poof of smoke.

  10. Now that/they thing really does look like Chubakka, it’s obviously looking for something to apart from play with it’s new bits, now that it can’t compete in women’s power lifting…

  11. 3 likely near-term fates for this lunatic.

    2)death by suicide
    3) death by homicide/manslaughter

  12. This cunt obviously never experienced low level bullying at school. Shame.

  13. This creature should be put to good use on Guy Fawkes Night.
    The freak is alight…🔥🔥🔥

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