Dead Pool [285]

Congratulations to Paul Maskinback who correctly predicted that the massive nonce and former national treasure Rolf Harris would be next cunt to conk out. Harris was 93 and had been ill with neck cancer for some time.

On to Deadpool 285

The rules:

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will conk out next.No duplicates and it is first come first serve.You can always be a cunt and steal someone elses nominations from the previous pool.

2)Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt who we will ignore.

3)It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4)No swapping picks mid pool unless already taken.

5)Hits are awarded based on the chronology of death reporting not necessarily in chronological order of death.

62 thoughts on “Dead Pool [285]

  1. That’s the weirdest coincidence. I was just thinking about that dirty fucker yesterday when I was trying to formulate an analogy between evil bastards killing old people and evil bastards shagging kids.

    • Cunt Karma. Had him in mind yesterday as well. Saw him standing with his daughter Bindi at Haywards Heath station once (near a nonce prison). Asked him if he was still getting his didgeridoo out but the cunt blanked me.

  2. The gloating at the death of this great artist is sickening!

    He brought me a lot of happiness as a kid ” can ya tell what it is yet?”
    Panting and gasping as he fingered his didgeridoo.

    Poor old bloke.

  3. As always it’s Capt Colostomy Bag, Cliff Richard in first place
    Lewis ‘Whining, ungrateful fucking n*gnog’ Hamilton
    Fat Reg Dwight
    Helen ‘I’ve got no chin’ Worth
    Anna ‘I’m not a rug muncher’ Friel

  4. Congrats Paul

    The usual suspects:

    James Hewitt
    Roman Polanski
    Heather Locklear
    Sophia Loren
    Oprah Winfrey

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