“King” Charlie and his freeloading scrag end wife and all the hangers on

are cunts.

If this is a modern democratic country; who voted for this pair of posh twats?
Not me!
Or you I’ll bet.Actually no one has ever voted for a King or Queen, it’s an Heredity thing C.A.

Who is this god twat and how is he going to save them, and from what?

A lifetime of freebies and privilege ?
Having to wave to all the peasants?
Having a real job to feed their families
What a par of gobshites!

Nominated by Igor.

82 thoughts on ““King” Charlie and his freeloading scrag end wife and all the hangers on

  1. Things could be worse – imagine King Kweer and his Queen, Mandy, and the ghastly kiddies Prince Chris Bryant and the Princess Cooper, or Emily Thornberry, in Union Jack knickers, taking on the role of the Queen Mother.

  2. I am a closer relative to the Tudors than this inbred German halfwit.
    He is worth 600 million. All unearned from our land. Yet we paid 100s of millions for his mother’s funeral and his selfie coronation day.

    Fucking parasites all.

    • Well, when it comes to having a claim to the throne, my ancestry has been traced and confirmed to be Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham who because he had mostly Plantagenet blood was wrongly accused of treason and off’ed by Henry Vlll. So, Charles the jug eared cunt had better hand over what ain’t rightfully his!

    • I cannot agree with this cunting.

      I am not a royalist, but neither am i a republican.

      I am english…british if yyou like. I am peoud of our heritage, i am proud of our traditions…traditions with royalty which makes us near unique in this shitty worldi live near london, and visit probably a couple of times a month. It doesnt matter what time or day i visit, but everytime i do it is full of tourists spending their money in our country….their first destination? Buckingham palace. They can only dream of what we have and how well we do it. Yes, it cost 168 illion for the queens funeral, but the projected revenue from tourism due to it is currently around 1.2 billion. Thats a good uk returnat least with the royal family, you can be involved or not….but if we became a republic that choice has gone…along with what other countries and their populations wish they had.

      • Agreed, CC. The thought of a president – yet another political layer, is just repellant. Who would we get? Jon Bon Jercow, Heselslime, B Liar? Better the devil you know.
        Just a crying shame it’s the whiny, petulant Charlie Jug and his cotswoldian hoover bag…

  3. I can’t see Charlie boy lasting that long. He has probably already got onset repetitive strain injury from decades of ribbon cutting and shaking hands.

      • I guess that’s why he married Camilla: if you marry a chick with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp (which got in it’s mouth) after it licked piss off a thistle, which was growing at the base of the ugly tree it just fell out of…… then any other bird is a 10/10 by comparison and sheer wanking gold.

  4. Didn’t Charles famously want to be Camilla’s tampon? All nicely forgotten nowadays.

      • @Chuff Chugger

        I’m trying to type the onomatopoeia for puking in my mouth a little… any idea how to spell that?

  5. At least the Queen kept her nose out of politics usually.
    This twat seems to be in bed with the greens and the WEF, and loves to lecture us about having cars and using planes, whilst jetting all over the place using our money.

    • I think the late Queen always kept out of politics which is why she was revered by many and tolerated by others.

      I totally agree with the rest of your comments though. It’s a damn shame this isn’t an alternative reality with him being politically anti to the Net Zero bollox on behalf of the little people – he’d be popular then!

  6. I can’t support the monarchy because I don’t believe in the divine right to rule.
    Even if I did believe in God, I still wouldnt believe in him giving any creature a divine right to rule. Ir’s preposterous.
    Constitutional monarchies may be some of the better nations to live in, but that is not because of monarchy but the parliamentary democracy.
    I don’t know about others on here but I would rather the head of state be elected than inherit their podition, however much fun it has been having a Queen.
    Chimp boy has the gig for fifteen years max before he becomes one with the force. In the mesntime, we need to rethink. The House of Lords can fuck off as well. I prefer the Yankeedoodle senate as an upper house.

    • We have a senate here. Loopy cunts, chancers, troughers, diversity picks, eco loons and one cause fanatics.Cunts one and all pretty much the same as the HoL and both of our lower houses.

      • The US Founding Fathers saw fit to put a two-term limit on Presidents and even George Washington set a high bar by not seeking re-election after his first term. The issue with the US congress (as with the UK Houses of Parliament) seems to be politics as a career, rather than a duty.

        If the same term limits were put on the US House and Senate with strict rules (and even harsher punishments) on partisan lobbying, dodgy stock market trading and if assuming the office required mandatory divestment of assets to prevent conflicts of interest, then in theory you would only attract people who want to make real change and not just to please their big business pals.

      • Nail on the head TiTS. Safe seats and career politicians are corrosive of democracy. The fix for safe seats is PR and all political positions should be subject to a two term limit.

      • @arfurbrain

        Exactly! The main issue with the UK electoral system is that people are scared shitless and propagandised to vote every 5 years for not only a cunt; but a gaggle of cunts chosen from either the red pool of cunts, or the blue pool of cunts… purple’s not on the ballot.

        “Remember! If you don’t choose the red cunts, the blue cunts will get in! No other options!”.

        I hate FPTP because it just allows the 2 main parties to pass the power, (but also the culpability and blame) between each other so they can blame each other in order that the other guy can get in power to repeat the cycle anew.

        They are, to be fair, horrible fucking cunts to a man, woman and creature.

  7. Politicians cost us much much more. Politicians freeload at every opportunity. Politicians don’t struggle to feed their families. They charge it to us. Politicians are as equally fucking useless as the RF, but all in all. I would prefer them to any Politician.

    • This is the question isn’t it?

      If we got rid of the monarchy, what do we replace it with? Inevitably imo, the process of choosing a Head of State, whatever it is, would quickly become overtly politicised, with all the potential of causing chaos constitutionally.

      President Blair anyone? *shudder*

      • Absolutely Ron. I see nothing even remotely attractive in British republicanism.

        I agree with Madeline Grant in a recent Telegraph article where she said that it shows a puritanical “meanness of spirit and purse”. On the outside the concept of monarchy can seem absurd. But it is not absurd in practice, at least not in the UK, because it works. Call it ceremonial magic if you will, but ceremony is important and can play an important role in a nation state as a symbol of history, continuity, sovereignty and authority. Every nation needs its myth and the myth of the monarchy is ours, just as the myth of “equality and freedom and the pursuit of happiness” is America’s.

        But it’s more than just a myth. The monarch plays an essential role as a unifier, a constitutional arbiter and the ultimate guarantee of our freedoms should Parliament go rogue and try to do something unconstitutional or immoral. Arguably a president could do the same – but without the same level of authority because he would be a mere president, an elected figure, and therefore by his very nature partisan.

        I find nothing remotely attractive in British republicanism. It’s arid, uninspiring and seems to be based on an incoherent juvenile rage and jealousy. Most republicans sound like Adrian Mole, aged 13 and three quarters. It has never gained much traction in the UK and will never break through to a critical momentum – at least not in my lifetime and probably long after.

        And it matters not if you dislike Charles personally. It’s the office that counts, not the man that occupies it. We have had our fair share of cretinous monarchs, but the monarchy survives.

      • Exactly.

        President Bliar
        President Brown
        President Kinnock
        President Major
        President Davey
        President Mandelson
        President May

        It’d be a succession of despicable cunts, one after the other. At least you know where you are with the Royal Family.

      • Also, if we went down the republican route, what would actually happen to the royals? Even today, I can’t see us Brits doing what the French or Russians did to their lot. They would need some sort of nature reserve, or theme park. Dog knows what they might get up to if they were bored. The Yorks would probably sell the King Mother’s corgis to the local Fu Man Chu. I’d volunteer to be Sophie’s personal masseur.

      • What would happen to the royals HBH? Well by the standards of more than 99% of the population they are fabulously wealthy. I wouldn’t advocate cutting their heads off, I would just tell them to fuck off and look after themselves instead of leeching off the rest of us.

    • The HoC twats cost us enormous amounts but they are elected. Why add the costs of the Royals on top.?
      ‘Soft power’ is an intangible quantity and you can argue more of that comes from the City of London.

      • Any soft power the royals had was held by Her Maj and perhaps a smidge with Wiĺliam and Kate, but most of it has evaporated after the queen died. If it hasnt’ chimp boy will kill it off.

        Lets be honest though; the soft power of the Queen was just our coward Government pimping her out to Arabs.

    • More a reformist. The Chimp is the king, but I don’t believe in his divine right to rule, or anybody else’s.
      I just ignore all Royal events, even if I do have respect for the RN and RAF.

  8. Head of state should be done by a lottery system.

    If you win, you and your immediate family move into Buck House for a two year term.
    Fifty quid a ticket, it pays for itself.

    • I like that idea – best I’ve heard for a long while 👍

      I’d add one thing though: the right to immediately sack any politician, or HOL trougher, without notice or compensation, unlimited in single or cumulative numbers throughout the two years. I’d pay £100 a ticket for that prospect!

      It would take me weeks to complete my “full initial list” so I’d have a “short list” for immediate action this day (as Churchill used to say) – Slimak and Suckdick would be in font size 50 capitals, bold and underlined, at the top😡

  9. His is the king of 15 countries in total.

    I think that it’s only the UK who has to pay for this dubious privilege.

    Having a cretin and an ugly swamp donkey as heads of state is not ideal.

    Have a French style revolution and cut off their heads, and those of his extended family.

    I see that the media are now calling his grand children ‘The Fab Five’.

    • The “Fab Five” Artful? FFS. If you’re looking for an alliterative description I would suggest “The Five Freeloaders” is more appropriate.

  10. Don’t care about Charlie’s wealth, so long as he puts it to good use, such as bumping of his so-called son and Bob Hopes granddaughter, in the style of yankie gangsters during their prohibition times. Then I won’t have to be bombarded with this nonentity nonsense every five minutes.

    • Not good, but it would have been temporary, he could have been voted out, he would not be immune from prosecution, you would not have to support any extended family, he would not have needed dozens of expensive castles to upkeep……. Etc.

      • I don’t agree.

        People would still visit the UK and London regardless.
        How many visitors actually see any of the royal family anyway?

        France gets more tourists than the UK and they had the good sense to execute their royals.

        Do the tourists who go in their millions to Thailand even know that they have a royal family?
        Do the millions that visit Spain know the name of the present king?

      • At least Thailand has King Bummyboil. Charlie Jugg should change his name. Doesn’t Camilla look a bloody fright?

      • Soft power comes from the City of London and Tourism woukd stiĺl thrive, just as it does in France and the US.

      • Bummyboil of Thailand is dead HBH. And he was no saint. His son and successor is a monster – nom coming up shortly.

    • I’m OK with president Blair.. as long as a military coup is called 10 minutes after the cunt is sworn in.

      Lamp post, wire. Feed to pigs.. sorry pigs..

  11. Having inadvertently seen a bit of the coronation all I can say is that the new King and Queen look decidedly unregal..

    I did like the Duke of Edinburgh but really its been all downhill since the Tudors.

    I’d be an instant ardent Royalist if the King stood in full armour on a Kent beach and proclaimed “Death to the Invaders” whilst brandishing a jewel encrusted broadsword.

    Broadcast that BBC.

  12. We already have too many layers of politicians councillors mps lords and other associates we definitely don’t need another layer ie president. Marcon Biden putin etc etc. total egotistical maniac cunts. Ps current monarch is a arsehole of biblical magnitude

  13. I digress. Just watched the police arrest a man for pushing “stop oil twats” out of the traffics way, but they didn’t dare stop a big buck giNger for doing far worse. Was it because of the obvious or were they frightened of getting the same treatment ?

  14. Wish people would stop all this nonsense of protecting the planet, because of something to do and get noticed. The earth corrects itself in time. Just like its done in the past, long before we arrived.

  15. I’d make the King step aside, and his old washed up has-been of a wife who’s been gagging to her her hands on the crown jewel’s for years – bet she’s living a proper thug life since.

    No, I’d properly shake things up and bypass Willie and Kate and give it straight spunk of Hewitt and Princess Sparkes – that’d send fireworks through the establishment.

    It would be a dropping the mic moment and I’d walk off into the sunset while the royals tear each other apart – I’d even take Andrew to Pizza Express.

  16. Rolf Harris has snuffed it, I’m sure we’re all delighted to hear.

  17. Apparently the trouble with the Royal Family is they’re too white.
    President David (Lammy) anyone?

  18. I feel sorry for the old bastard. Imagine, having to wave at us peasants. Poor woke cunt. And being married to a horse as well. It must be the pits.

    • Sorry, can’t agree Harry.

      Good for you Igor. Monarchy. What a steaming pile of shit!

  19. I doubt we’ll get rid of the monarchy, despite doing that once and then restoring it. Annoying that they’re German though isn’t it?

      • Charles doesn’t cut it as a king.
        My ballbags more regal.

        And he’s bleeding German.
        Bit of bubble mixed in.

        King of England should be English.
        Trace his line back to Agincourt at the earliest.

        And bearded.
        Not some smooth faced little chinless wonder.

        And likes a drink and some dinner.
        Kind to peasants
        Quick to anger and throw arselickers off the battlements.

        He should plot, bellow, throw stuff,
        Shag the maids,
        He should laugh crack dirty jokes and threaten war.

        Charles is a bit of a let down for me,
        As you can imagine ☹️

      • Non. Liol.

        Funny how succession turned out between William 1,Frenchie, and George 1, Kraut.

        Anyway I’d rather we kept them overall. They don’t run the country.

  20. The day the beautiful queen died was the last day i had any interest in the freeloading bludgers that have carried on in the royal family.

  21. i’m all for an English Republic. i don’tcare about the President Blair guff; it’s just a lazy, reflexive cliché for royallists. Who says he’d be elected? If he was he could be voted out.
    Chimp boy can’t.
    And who ssid the president has to be a former PM or party leader?

  22. The dole scum Chav next door is the real King.
    King for a day skint for a fortnight that is.

  23. Love them or hate them they’re a lot cheaper than a president…

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