I would like to nominate Wuka for a well deserved cunting, there are just some things that no bloke needs to see let alone know about.
Picture the scene, there I am about to enjoy one of Dirty Harriets legendary fried breakfasts when on comes this advert (see above link, but not if your about to eat) anyway I am in the process of eating breakfast in the morning when on comes this ad complete with clotted blood dripping in the shower.

For fucks sake it’s still morning why isn’t shit like this limited to later times, not that any time is a good time for any bloke to appreciate shark week
There should be a warning like the football results, if your a man and you want keep your latest meal down look the other way now, shock and awe advertising like this is a cunt.


Nominated by Fuglyucker.

55 thoughts on “Wuka

  1. I’d rather attempt a night of unbridled passion with the Flabbott than click on that link.

    • It’s just knickers that soak up the blood.
      Throw em in the washing machine and wear em again.

      The ethnic girl probably wears em a few days then makes a soup with them.

      It made me crave black pudding.

      • Good Morning MNC

        I might be a soft southern twat but I love Black Pudding and your comment probably means I will never eat it again. Thanks😃

      • Fucking hell MNC, that paints a very disturbing mental picture, i also loved black pudding but im going to have to give it a miss for the 8 or 9 years and get some counselling…

      • I reckon there’d be a market for minge pudding if the packet had a picture of the bird whose fanny it came from.

        Dragon’s Den, here I come.

        “You want 50% for half a mill Meadon? Fuck off you piss taking minger. This is bigger than the internet and the combustion engine combined.”

  2. Do those pants help with mood swings?

    Just asking.. ” what’s that love, no I’m not talking about you.. please stop hitting me”

  3. Period pants eh? So what about shit pants or jizz pants? I could have done with them a few times I can tell you.
    Strictly in the past of course. I don’t do that sort of thing anymore.
    I am respectable in a world without shame. A fucking dinosaur.

  4. They should just show the advert at times when only women are watching.

    Like during Coronation Street.

    Same as the bulky pee pads couple.

    Men should not be subjected to these things.

    The white girl in the photo has remarkably ugly knickers for someone her age.

    • Theyre not the best-looking birds we’ve encounteted here although far too pretty to be doughnut-bumpers. Most lezböes look like Jess Phillips driving a lorry.

      • Jess Phillips driving a lorry on a scorching hot day. Imagine the fragrance in the cab…A cross between shark chum and Vacheron cheese.

      • Jess Phillips would probably drive her lorry stripped to the waist, the better to see her misandrist tattoos.

        I wonder if they make a pair big enough to cover Thornberry’s pissflaps?

    • I know, these ads are rather distasteful but it’s nice to see Cleo Lane still getting some work advertising the bulky pee pads. And fortunately she isn’t called on to sing.

  5. And the black girl is advertising the fact that her knickers will contain gak.

    Wuka printed all around the elastic.

    An early warning alert.

    Like in the old cartoons where the villain would be holding an obvious bomb with BOMB written on it.

  6. Imagine coping off with a bird and firing your hand down there only to find big damp knickers?

    Heavy blood drenched keks like someone’s run over a cat!!

    Why don’t they just wash their fanny more often?

  7. I never knew we were such shrinking violets. It’s only a bit of blood – although I agree that I wouldn’t fancy it over my breakfast cereal.

    • Just what I was thinking MMCM, some delicate flowers posting on here today. I lived for years in a household where I was the only man with three adult women. Sometimes I was despatched to Tesco’s RIGHT NOW to get tampons or towels. When there I would read all the labels twice before purchase ‘cos I knew if I got home with the wrong ones it would be god help me! I must say I regard this advert as one of the less irritating on television.

      Morning all.

    • I was going up to chemist’s later today, and USUALLY… I pick up a raspberry doughnut from the Polski patisserie next door (really nice, brightly coloured tarts, and the cakes are also pd good) ; however, the raspberry puree is really dark and fruity, and I’m not sure I could manage after that vid..
      At least, not having a TV, I’ve escaped the dry, itchy cunt ads…

    • The Krauts certainly didn’t invent the Ladyshave. Women with hairy legs and hairy armpits, fucking disgusting.
      They deserved to lose two World Wars for that alone.

      • Hairy legs on a lady is a truly evil sight to behold.Arm pits not so bad.Not exactly interesting terrain in the bigger picture of bed chamber depredations.?

  8. This kind of shit is only the beginning.
    It won’t be long till we have graphic adverts espousing the virtues of extra strong condoms for fucking small boys up the arse.
    Still, at least Philip Schofield will have a career option.

  9. I would like to promote an advert of the time i shat myself after a heavy nights boozing and how this 8 inch log layed hammocked in my underpants.
    Put it out on day time tv

    • The people have a right to know ff. Spread the word on Youtube or Twitter.

      Morning all.

    • That happened to a scouse lad when i was at college. Put him in the shower fully clothed and left him there. He resurfaced a day later.

    • One of my proudest moments in life was filling my pants in Morrison’s car park, as I desperately tried to make it to their bog.

  10. Just to think, it was the Catholic way of contraception at one time. “A Jam Roly Poly” ( Custard optional )

    • ive known a few women who coukd probably sub a tampon for. a big spongy Swiss roll.

  11. Digression so you can keep down your breakfasts. The ridiculous embarrassing celebrations from the Toon Twats, for qualifying for the champions league. But don’t they still have to go through the stages of a knock out, due to the cunts not having a sniff for two decades ?

    • No. All of the top 4 English teans qualify for the CL group stage, due to England’s club prrformances in Europe over recent years.

      • Thanks for rectifying my thoughts, even though, it was silly of the northeast to go into raptures with a saint vitus dance.

  12. If they’re anything like sanitary towels, they’re great for clearing up dog piss on the carpet. So I’ve been told.

  13. Bleckie girl is a no-go for me. I don’t like chocolate but I’d give the white girl a chance to impress me (once it is not that time of the month).

  14. Aye, and what’s with all those erectile dysfunction adverts?

    Can no cunt get a boner anymore?

    Ok, I get that quite a few more mature chaps may need a bit of medical help, but it’s like half the blokes in the country can’t get it up, the amount of adverts that are on.

    And during the fucking day and all.

    “Dad, what’s erectile dysfunction?” On the adverts during Scooby Doo nowadays. No fucks given for the mums and dads going ‘Erm…no idea. Now put the kettle on.”

    Put these fucking floppy nob ads on at night FFS.

  15. Not looking forward to the pile lotion adverts. Just sitting down to have a bite and up pops an image resembling a road kill hedgehog whilst the voiceover extols the benefits of Ring num or something.

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