Eric Clapton [2]

I am not going to go on about his ‘racist’ rant from Birmingham in 1976. There are enough ‘But… But’ lleftie cunts who have documented that part of Clapton ‘s ‘legacy’.

I think he is a cunt for what he did to his wife, Pattie Boyd, during their marriage.
Clapton’s mate, George Harrison, was married to Boyd during his Beatles heyday. But Clapton ‘decided’ that he wanted George’s (supposedly his ‘best mate) old lady and he pursued her and declared he ‘couldn’t live without her’.

Anyway, Eric eventually gets his way after several outpourings and declarations in songs like ‘Layla’ and ‘Bell Bottom Blues’. Rock star, rich as fuck, nicks a Beatle’s glamorous Mrs. Any other lad would see all this as a result. But what does Clapton do when he finally marries her? He beats her up on a regular basis and he also rapes her. Now, there is no ‘allegedly’ about this one. Clapton admitted that ‘there were times when I just took sex with my wife by force and thought that was my entitlement. I had absolutely no concern for other people at all.’

Of course, he blames the sauce and the smack for such monstrous behaviour now. But there are some things that simply can’t be excused, and rape is one of them. Also, when the Me Too bandwagon gained momentum a few years back, how did this twat slip under their radar? Was it because he was a ‘cool’ rock star, and he didn’t fit the panto villain bill like Savile, Hall, and Gadd? Abuse is abuse, isn’t it? And the ridiculous and hilarious thing is many (certainly online) believe Clapton’s ‘racism’ and ‘views’ are worse than how he treated his wife. Fucking astonishing….

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  1. Never thought much of him really, best quitarist in my opinion is Bill Nelson..

    Be Bop deluxe.
    Red Noise.

  2. Guitarists who were better than Clapton…

    Jimi Hendrix obviously
    Paul Kossoff
    Ritchie Blackmore
    Stephen Stills
    Gary Moore
    Jan Akkermann
    Mick Taylor
    Danny Kirwan
    Rory Gallagher
    Angus Young
    Tony Iommi
    Steve Jones
    Duane Allman

    • Junior marvin(BMW)
      Donald kinsey(BMW)
      All Anderson (BMW)
      Ronnie wood /79 jammed with BMW

    • I trust you omitted Jimmy Page by mistake and Tony Iommi’s live solos are even more boring than Clapton’s.

    • David Gilmour
      Frank Zappa
      John McLaughlin
      Chris Karrer
      Steve Windwood
      James Williamson
      Carlos Santana
      Michael Karoli
      John Weinzierl
      Leslie West
      Peter Tolson

    • Steve Howe
      Uli Roth
      Eric Johnson
      Nuno Bettencourt
      Thomas Blug
      Andy Timmons
      Joe Pass
      Andy McKee
      Chet Atkins
      Steve Lukather
      Dan Huff
      Michael Thompson
      Michael Landau

  3. If a lad gets a bird like Pattie Boyd, you reckon he’d go out of his way to keep her and treat her properly. And that’s what really stinks about EC. Eric made it his mission to ‘get’ her and he made out he couldn’t live without her. Bullshit, I reckon, He just wanted George’s old lady like a kid wanting another kid’s ball or toy car. But when the novelty wore off, he showed her what a cunt he really was.

    • Quite right Norman…
      And let’s not excuse Pattie Boyd in all this!
      She was the one who fucked off to be with her lover boy.
      Reaping and sowing??
      And as for being a great guitarist – most guitarists of the era (and since) have been far better than that leftie cnut.

      • True enough Cass.
        Boyd also screwed Ronnie Wood around the time she pissed off with Clapton. A lot of them were into that ‘free love’ shit. Like that slag, Grace Slick. She shagged every member of the Jefferson Airplane except Marty Balin. And everyone knows about Anita Pallenberg having three Rolling Stones.

  4. A trip down Rapey Lane with Eric Clapton… been playing for 45yrs and never once felt the urge to ever buy an album of his, stick him on a jukebox or learn a single one of his riffs, Layla or Spirit of Radio?? … no fucking contest is there. On the extremely rare occasions I fancy listening to a bit o’ blooz it’ll be Jeff Beck who can take a tedious, predictable, derivitive musical form like blooz and actually inject some adventure and surprise into it.

    I gave him minor props for having the nuts to go public when the jab fucked his hands up but that was tempered immediately by the conclusion “.well you took the fucking thing y’ saft cunt!”

    No; in the guitar pantheon there is but one true living god and his name is Steve Hackett… jewish y’ know.

  5. BTW you forgot to mention the cynical way he tipped his kid out of the 37th floor window just so he could beat sales of Layla in the singles chart.

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