Elon Musk…Not a Cunt?

Now, I know he can come across as a cunt and he did marry a cunt (that retarded not right banshee, ‘Grimes’). But anyone who has it in for the BBC like he does can’t be all bad. Musk totally destroys the ‘Beeb’ knobhead in this interview.

So, possibly, not a cunt…. Possibly.


Nominated by : Norman

47 thoughts on “Elon Musk…Not a Cunt?

  1. As far as I am concerned he has done nothing to adversely affect my life (e.g. Blair) or irritate the fuck out of me (e.g. Lineker) by using outlandishly cuntish behaviour.

    He must have a cuntish streak to have become as powerful as he is, in a modern, cunty world.

    Difficult to pin him down on a specific “cunt crime” but I kinda like him.

    What a cunting conundrum for a Friday morning, eh?

  2. That interview was pure comedy gold. Since he bought Twitter and said he would restore it as a free speech platform, causing the wokerati to have a nervous breakdown, he’s earned my respect. Go Elon, go!!

    Shame about the rocket. But give it another go.

    Nothing deters Elon. That’s admirable.

    • Apparently the rocket blowing up quite high was a success, they were worried it might not even get off the launch pad 🚀

  3. He is a afrikaner. So I imagine he’s distant family gunned down alot of zulus back in the day..
    So not all bad then..

  4. Musk simply asked for evidence after a general comment and the BBC journalist couldn’t provide a single piece. Did the squirmy Beeb turrd graduate from Brighton University with a third in Gender Studies? “I say, sir, that you are a useless cunt.”

    • the highlight was him saying the interviewer didnt know what he was talking about and was a liar.
      more bbc hacks could do with that, the sanctimonious pricks.

  5. He’s in the news almost every day of the week and I still can’t work him out.
    Will he turn Twitter into a bastion of free speech? The jury’s still out on that one.
    One thing is for sure. It’s fun watching the BBC tie themselves up in knots trying to deal with him.
    They are obsessed with Twitter.
    They use it as a barometer of public opinion.
    They use it to source quotes from their very own employees.
    They scan it for tributes the moment someone famous dies.
    They use it religiously as a source of race baiting stories on a daily basis.
    They’d be fucked if Musk decided to buy the Guardian.
    We live in hope.

    • it would only cost Musk £1.1 Bn to buy the Guardian. That is worth of the Scott Trust.

    • Twitter has more free speech than almost any other platform, including this one. The stuff I’ve read, from both the left and right, would get moderated here, and probably get the poster banned.
      Perhaps they should change its name to Cunting Direct, as you can tell someone what you think of them, and the real narcissists will even see it. Yesterday I did just that, cunting Donald Trump Jr, and Jeremy Vine.
      Before that, it was Marje Taylor Greene and Alistair Campbell, the BBC and the NRA.

    • Morning, Thomas. I remember that. Musk lashed out because his idea of using a mini submarine was poo – pooed.
      For that he made a totally unsubstantiated allegation that could have totally ruined a blokes life.
      He has a very fragile ego.
      I look forward to the day when he invites Richard Branson on a rocket trip.

      • Morning Jack,

        That diver Musk accused of being a Boy Brigade leader,
        Before he said it,
        I thought it.

        The bloke did look like someone who should be dashing from the Old Bailey under a blanket.

        I’m glad I never said anything, he was pretty litigious!

      • Ho ho ho 😂
        He’d have had your van, country cream gates, everything.
        You’d have had to start all over again, with a handcart from the local enterprise fund ( Foodbanks R ‘ Us )
        A close call 😂😂
        Morning, MNC. 👍

      • Yup,sadly he missed that last rocket trip for our delectation over Texas.

    • Remember that well. Problem was that the sub suggested by musk would have been unable to negotiate the passage to the stranded kids as passage way had many tight bends etc and from the pictures of said sub, not bendy. What struck me was an ego driven attempt to become more famous, influential coupled with a severe lack of knowledge regarding cave diving and the general problems when caving.
      His response to a negative view of his idea indicated to me a self esteem problem on Musks part. What did he have to gain by insulting a person hardly anyone had even heard of who was also risking his life directly attempting to rescue the kids. Accusing him of being a diddler to the world was a childish egotistical ploy to salve musks hurt feelings.
      Cuntish behaviour and absolutely no class at all. Fuck off

  6. That interview was a delight.

    A bit of straight talking and the hopeless little cunt from the BBCistan was instantly floundering about as his empty narrative about “hate speech” collapsed.

    I quite like Musk,and I enjoy watching the MSM contort to accommodate him,especially as they can’t ever mention the gigantic negative impact his huge car manufacturing concern has on the “climate crisis”,not to mention his wonderfully explosive rocket program.

    Keep at it I say.

  7. Seems to be more plus than minus.
    He doesn’t like the msm, wokery etc and generally allows different opinions on twitter.

  8. The undiluted interview was a treat to watch offset by the story re. Kids in the cave comments.
    He’s a strange fish alright and hard to figure but any enemy of the bbc is ok by me.

  9. He sent his woke employees into tears when buying out Twitter,
    He also named his kid R2D2.

    He allowed free speech for Twitter and then calls a diver a Fiddler.

    He seems to swing back and too ,
    Skirting the edge of cuntitude.

    I’ve not made my mind up about him .

    He’s a odd duck.

      • Maybe?
        Who knows.
        Wouldn’t be the first fabulously wealthy barmpot.

        Howard Hughes and his war against germs set the standard.

  10. Strange fella is Elon.

    Don’t think I trust him, but as he triggers so many of what I consider to be bona fide cunts – then he’s earned himself a cunt exemption.

    • Absolutely. Anybody who upsets the left wing and the woke to the extent he does gets a pass from me.

  11. Only heard the name. Thought it was Avon calling trying to catch you out with expensive perfume, only to catch you in. Musk fly.

  12. For the fact he brought Twitter and triggered all the snowflake celebrities and left-wing activist bell ends by vowing to make it a free speech town square and not a leftie echo chamber then fired a lot of the deadwood employees who sat around all day scratching their bollocks and and playing ping pong, not a cunt.

    • Werent they getting pissed on the job as well?
      i cant rember where i read that. coukd be Twitter or Buzzfeed, which has closed down due to publishing bollocks.

  13. the jury’s still out on Musk.

    His swivel eyed fans/thralls are fucking annoying.
    He pushes vapourware.
    He is not ‘the real Tony Stark’ (that was Howard Hughes).
    He did not create Paypal. He will never go to Mars.
    He paid far too much for Twitter.
    Tesla is a ridiculously overvalued company.

    However, he seems to actually care about where we are heading in the West, unlike our woke cunt politicians and corporations. He’s made that Goose-in -human-skin Zuckerberg look an even bigger cunt by restoring a bit of freedom to Twitter, and made that BBC reporter look like a prissy, triggered cunt.

    • He made him look like the thick, leftist acolyte of an overpaid, overpromoted, brainwashing pile of übercunts that he is.

    • ‘Goose in human skin’ 😂😂

      I reckon he’s actually like the aliens in “They live”
      It’s strange how that film has become more and more pertinent over time.

      Either that or he’s and android like Mr Data from StarTrek

  14. I applaud musk for torching the BBC and that lowers him in my view of his cuntitude but I still think he’s a cunt. Uber rich, fragile ego, obsessed with colonising mars, making living things part AI, constantly in the fucking news etc. I think if he was in Alien and someone stabbed him with a compass then milk would pour out. Creepy and definitely a droid. And all his Tesla merchandise is too fucking dear. Cunt.

  15. Imagine being a stupid little student union debating club leftist cunt like this and genuinely thinking you were going to roll over the world’s richest man by saying hate speech a couple of times .

    The likes of this cunt obviously think that people like Musk get where they do due to luck. Got steamrollered and made to look like a bigger cunt than he did already, quite a feat.

    Get back to writing snide hit pieces whilst drinking soy lattes and stay clear of the big boys , you’re out of your league cunt

    • The trouble with the BBC, The Guardian and other woke scum is they are used to people clamming up and backing off when they use their wds words like ‘racist’ ‘sexist’ and ‘far right’ as debate strangling intimidation. As you say, it didn’t work on Musk.😉

  16. I’m glad he bought Twitter, got rid of loads of lazy, woke staff, and has allowed more people to say reasonable things. Saw plenty of ‘I am an adult human female’ tweets the other week. When Jack ‘Rumplestiltskin’ Dorsey was in charge, tweets like that would’ve been banned. The Leftwaffe hate Musk; good.

    No doubt Musk is eccentric; one of his children has some bizarre Alpha Centauri name, none of my business. And no doubt he is as hards as nails when it comes to business; good for him. Apparently Musk is breaking even on Twitter, now that he’s gotten rid of the dross. Again, good for him. He’s even warned the world about AI, he can’t be that bad.

    Musk should be on the cool wall, for now.

  17. Watched the whole interview and enjoyed it all. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone sticking up for free speech. His laugh is so bizarre though.

  18. Well, ‘Hate Speech’ as far as the BBC are concerned is anything they don’t like or agree with. Take the following statements…

    Trannies are not real women
    Kids should not be taught about the ‘normality’ of poofery
    Most child rapists are Paggis
    The dinghy migrants invasion are a human plague

    To any decent or sane person, they are all true and valid opinions. But to the Beeb, they are all ‘hate speech’. When I criticised their choice of a woman Doctor Who, they even considered that hate speech. The cunts just hate anyone who doesn’t agree with their loony left fanaticism.

  19. To call somebody a ‘hater’ is another way of getting people to back off and shutting down debate or discussion.. Just like using the words ‘sexist’ ‘racist’ and ‘trans/homo/islamaphobe’, hater and hate speech is just another dirty leftie scum trick.

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