Eric Clapton [2]

I am not going to go on about his ‘racist’ rant from Birmingham in 1976. There are enough ‘But… But’ lleftie cunts who have documented that part of Clapton ‘s ‘legacy’.

I think he is a cunt for what he did to his wife, Pattie Boyd, during their marriage.
Clapton’s mate, George Harrison, was married to Boyd during his Beatles heyday. But Clapton ‘decided’ that he wanted George’s (supposedly his ‘best mate) old lady and he pursued her and declared he ‘couldn’t live without her’.

Anyway, Eric eventually gets his way after several outpourings and declarations in songs like ‘Layla’ and ‘Bell Bottom Blues’. Rock star, rich as fuck, nicks a Beatle’s glamorous Mrs. Any other lad would see all this as a result. But what does Clapton do when he finally marries her? He beats her up on a regular basis and he also rapes her. Now, there is no ‘allegedly’ about this one. Clapton admitted that ‘there were times when I just took sex with my wife by force and thought that was my entitlement. I had absolutely no concern for other people at all.’

Of course, he blames the sauce and the smack for such monstrous behaviour now. But there are some things that simply can’t be excused, and rape is one of them. Also, when the Me Too bandwagon gained momentum a few years back, how did this twat slip under their radar? Was it because he was a ‘cool’ rock star, and he didn’t fit the panto villain bill like Savile, Hall, and Gadd? Abuse is abuse, isn’t it? And the ridiculous and hilarious thing is many (certainly online) believe Clapton’s ‘racism’ and ‘views’ are worse than how he treated his wife. Fucking astonishing….

Nominated by : Norman

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  1. Never liked the cunt. That piano bit on the end of layla what a fucking drawn out piece of crap. His child was a quick reader, 3 storeys in 5 seconds.

  2. It occurs to me that nomination photograph looks like a very raddled “Reverend” Richard Coles after a heavy night fisting on Hampstead Heath (he has more time now Wireless 4 has sacked him for being a wrinkly).

    As for Eric Clapton – a bit like the late Jerry Springer I had forgotten all about him. Time is a great healer

  3. I never could see the obsession with this dullard.
    Cream were a total fucking bore and the best he could come up with since then was I shot the Sheriff and Lay down Sally FFS.
    Derrick and the Domino’s were not bad i suppose

  4. Fucking hell!

    How did the skinny cunt manage two bottles of vodka a day and not fall off a stage to his death?

    Anyhow in today’s era of historic sex criminals it seems he could do with some lass from 1973 coming forward to accuse him so he can have some jail time with Big Bubba.

  5. Layla, wonderful tonight and a shit version of I shot the sheriff..

    Pass the heroin please..

  6. Here’s a wonderfully sick classic joke:
    Who’s the world’s fastest reader?
    Connor Clapton…53 storeys in 7 seconds….

  7. I’ve just finished reading an interesting thesis on the whole Beatlemania issue.
    Psychologists now believe the crying and hysterical screaming seen at Beatles concerts was actually a shock induced psychosis brought on by seeing four scousers working….

  8. Never got the adulation surrounding him.

    Not a huge Dire Straits fan, but I’d rate Knopfler as a really good guitarist and far better song writer.

    Morning all.

    • I agree Ron. But Knopfler couldn’t sing to save his life but then neither could Clapton

    • Knopfler sits at the top table for me.It’s one thing fast shredding the axe but if there’s not the songs or variation of guitar techniques there’s no real benchmark ?,MK had both in droves.Ditto Keith Richards,Lyndsey Buckingham and Peter Green.They had that all conquering originality thing going down.

      Jimmy Page can’t be touched.A seperate universe of talent for this fella.

  9. Thanks for the nom Norman, yet again learned something new on IAC. Absolutely appalling stuff certainly. I hope one of these women he abused sets things in motion so that he serves jail time before he dies. As for rape, why on Earth would you want to force yourself on a woman who doesn’t consent? What would she or you get out of it? How warped has your reasoning become?

  10. Fuck me, I hadn’t heard of his rant – before my time. Here is part of it

    “Stop Britain from becoming a black colony,” he said. “Get the foreigners out. Get the w o gs out. Get the co ons out. Keep Britain white. I used to be into dope, now I’m into racism. It’s much heavier, man. Fucking w o gs, man. Fucking Saudis taking over London. Bastard w o g s. Britain is becoming overcrowded, and Enoch will stop it and send them all back. The black w o gs and co ons and Arabs and fucking Jamaicans and fucking … don’t belong here, we don’t want them here. This is England, this is a white country, we don’t want any black w o g s and co ons living here. We need to make clear to them they are not welcome. England is for white people, man. We are a white country. I don’t want fucking w o gs living next to me with their standards. This is Great Britain, a white country. What is happening to us, for fuck’s sake?”

    Ok he knocked his Mrs about a bit, but every cloud…

    I’d love it if Sting got steaming on Nukey Brown and did the same. He’d get 20 years nowadays, which he deserves for Fields of Gold and leaving the Police, the shithouse. That ‘Don’t stand so close to me’ was bit diddly for my liking for an ex secondary school teacher to write, I always thought.


    • Didn’t want Wives Or GirlfriendS near him, but would prefer to rape them instead ?

    • ‘Wo gs’

      A term i rarely heard growing up, never used by my parents but often by both Grandads.

      it means something completely different in Australia.

      • The people that declared war against us when we were losing against the Boche (10/06/40) then emigrated in large numbers over here after we won. My Grandparents refused to eat their food or engage with them in any instance

  11. Like Leo Kearse said the likes of him along with Jimmy Page ans Bill Wyman got away wit it because their cool. Both Page and Wyman banged underaged girls.

  12. Cant stand Clapton, a truly awful character IMO. His ego is bigger than his talent. Was watching him perform with George Harrison and a rake of others playing While my guitar gently weeps (Princes trust on Youtube, well worth a watch). It was as if he was trying to humiliate George by pissing all over his song and upstaging him. Ironically Clapton hated it when Hendrix did the same to him. Ginger Baker was a hateful horrible toxic cunt as well.

    • I have just discovered JJ Cale.. Clapton played with him on stage ‘call me the breeze’. Funny though I think I preferred Cale’s guitar solos to Eric’s. Mistakes an’ all.
      Patty Boyd said of him in later life-‘he just wanted what he (George) had got’.
      Once he got it he wasn’t bothered.
      Cream were ridiculously loud. It was that that made them er…special.
      Eric was born out of wedlock. When it was a bad thing back then..
      That had a long term effect because he refers to it a lot.
      But he is still great.
      He teamed up with Steve Winwood again. And it is marvellous playing.
      From both.

      They all lived within a mile of each other growing up. Clapton, Beck and…forgot.

  13. I loved Cream.
    White Room
    Feel free

    And like Layla.

    I also liked his racist rant while nicking black blues music and Bob Marley tunes without a hint of irony or shame.

    Eric betrayed his mate,
    That’s unforgivable.
    He’s lucky George was a Hari Krishna peacenic because I’d of taken a Maxwell silver hammer to his fuckin fingers.
    See him play Lay down Sally with lobster claws the dirty old cunt.

    Anyway these old rich rock stars are all a bit Boys brigade.
    If he hadn’t been in a band Eric would of been a diver ‘ rescuing’ school boys in a Thai cave.

    • Eric probably ended up damaged after spending time in a band with Ginger Baker.

      Ginger Baker was a right orrible cunt.
      He slagged off other drummers out of jealousy
      (Moon, Jon Bonham)
      Liked his birds black as fuck ,
      And flew into rages.

      Here he is attacking the interviewer in a documentary

      😆 Hehehe

  14. His son was a quick reader.

    Cleared several stories in seconds.

    I will get my coat.

  15. Clapton (or rather Clapp to use his correct surname) is a cunt for 2 reasons: 1. When Stevie Ray Vaughn died in the helicopter which was originally meant for our Eric, Clapton continued with the tour. 2. Only a cunt would write a song about losing their child. He did, however, play slide on Layla, Duane was the other guitar on the song.

    • I hate ‘wonderful tonight’.
      It’s sugary awful shite.
      It genuinely make me feel sick.

      He’s a cunt for that alone.

      He probably rabbit punched her back home.

  16. He has a big gaff down Ewhurst in Surrey. Massive grounds but a footpath goes down the side. Prob about 12 years ago myself and Friend were out for a ramble. We are on the path and I say ” wait a mo “. I half climb up a tree and plant my butt on the fence facing into Slowhands grounds. I then let go the loudest fart I have ever done. It was so loud my Partner rings and asks if that was me. She was fucking 24 miles away. If Clapton was home he would have heard it no doubt. Ringo had a place not far away, just outside Cranleigh. You could in theory stick your ass in the bushes that sit between the road and the groups and stake a claim to have let one rip in Rngo Stars Garden.

    • So could Stephen Stills. Him and Young are great players.
      Angus Young also pisses on Clapton.

  17. Never been that bothered about Clapton’s guitar playing.
    Crossroads is good, Hideaway and a couple of others but he seemed to get to a point and stop developing as a player.

    I preferred Jeff Healey.
    He could make the guitar cry and talk and scream in a way that Clapton never could.

    • The live version of Spoonful on Wheels of Fire is ace!

      One requires an attention span of more than two minutes to properly appreciate it though.

  18. Or Eric Clacton as he was once announced as at Sheffield Arena a few years back.

  19. Sounds like a typical working class oik to me.

    Emily Thornberry standing in for Sixdog on SDV news.

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