Andrea Ivanova (3)


I’ve already cunted this muppet, but thought the horn section might appreciate an update.

Seems to me like her lips aren’t the only thing she likes huge. Maybe it’s the camera angle ( no David Bailey), but I could hardly see her newly massive gob for her newly massive tits.

What next, a big arse to rival that of the woman who looks like she has a hundred weight of walnuts in her keks.


Daily Mirror

Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

102 thoughts on “Andrea Ivanova (3)

  1. Shouldn’t ‘surgery’ like this be illegal in the civilised world?
    The NHS shouldn’t be involved in shit like this ever, and the cunts who do it privately should be struck off. Plastic surgery should be for emergencies like deformities or burns victims. It should not be a toy for cheap narcissist slags like this eurofilth cunt.

    • Couldn’t medical science learn from the foolhardy. I know it’s a cliche, but possible.

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