Women (2)

There really can be no pleasing them.

At all. Ever!

The bar they set is so high, it may as well be hovering in another dimension.

And all of them awaiting the six-foot superstar billionaire each and every one of them believes they alone are worthy of – every fat hag, illiterate slag, and monday morning medusa.

Find ’em, fuck ’em, and forget ’em, lads – and don’t even bother with the first two.

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Nominated by: Mild-Mannered Reporter, Cunt Kent

111 thoughts on “Women (2)

  1. Off topic, but I heard this today…

    “But…. But Jim Ratcliffe lived in Manchester”

    So did Myra Hindley Get to fuck.🤣🚮

    • I clicked on that and all I got was a mama cat with her kittens. Very cute but what’s the point?

      Italy 0 Wokegate’s Gays 1

      • Yes, 2-1 in the end. A good result for the woke set of cunts.

        What a diving cunt Harry Kane is though. And brings on Foden as a sub but subs him minutes later because some cunt gets a red?

        That definitely won’t piss him off lol. Wouldn’t take one of his favourites off first, would he?

        Good result but we got lucky I thought. All over us second half and ref gave us everything.

        And what the fuck was the white trainers with a suit thing Wokegate and a few of the staff were wearing?

        Trainers plus suit = pie key in court.

      • Wokegate has bought himself another 5 years in the job after that result tonight.

        The cunt.

        Evening CB.

  2. The old joke : why do men die before their wives? Answer – because they want to

  3. I like women.

    Lisa Del Sierra
    Remy La Croix

    Two of pornhubs finest.

    I’d clone em if I could, keep them on ice for use I pleased.


    • I suppose that was always the benefit of the Page 3 type – petite build. You could hide them away quite easily, say in a tea chest or car boot, and return to fiddle with them later, one the people from the environment agency had cleared off.

  4. When I watch porn I only see women. Solo women. Why would I want to watch dicks ? Find that unsettling.

  5. The scent of sanity returning.
    Transgender ( men to women) banned.
    Is this the thin end of the wedge that is finally going to stop the “ooh, I’m a woman, because I say I am” brigade from poncing about in stilletos?
    Let’s hope so. How very refreshing. I’m glad wimmin can swim, without Lia no tits joining in.

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