Jess Glynne – Singer or Summat!

Jess Glynne is a cunt.

Radio stations seem to love this whaling bint. They torture people with that ‘I’ll Be There’ song. When will these cunts realise that ludicrous badly done cadenzas and stupid noises is not singing? She is absolutely horrible.

With ridiculous yodeling, she sounds like a female Jimmy Savile. And that ‘I’ll be there for you-hoo-hoo-ooh’ bit makes glass crack and animals run for cover. Seriously, I defy anyone to listen to it without getting a headache or their piss boiling.

This tart is also responsible for that unintelligible screeching in those horrible Jet2 adverts.

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Nominated by: Norrman

90 thoughts on “Jess Glynne – Singer or Summat!

  1. Yep i manage 19 seconds of ear fucking from this miserable bint, i have heard the song before and assumed it was that other warbling tart with the wrecking ball

  2. Meh. Much like Ellie Goulding, it’s the sort of crap i only hear while paying at petrol stations. Most of today’s recording artists are limited to that category. I hardly watch TV and barely listen to radio.

  3. It’s ok but a bit bland. That song she did with Clean bandit was everywhere at one point. I put her in the same sort of category as M People back in 1993.

  4. Never heard her before (I’ve sort of heard of her!), so I dialled up Youtube. God, what a fucking racket! Awful cunt.

  5. I think she nay be bent, but regardless, I’d plough her shithole until I spunked up my chirrotic liver.

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