Women (2)

There really can be no pleasing them.

At all. Ever!

The bar they set is so high, it may as well be hovering in another dimension.

And all of them awaiting the six-foot superstar billionaire each and every one of them believes they alone are worthy of – every fat hag, illiterate slag, and monday morning medusa.

Find ’em, fuck ’em, and forget ’em, lads – and don’t even bother with the first two.

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Nominated by: Mild-Mannered Reporter, Cunt Kent

111 thoughts on “Women (2)

    • I don’t get this moaning about the Met. Reckoned to be racist, misogynistic, homophobic? I’ve never had a problem with them.

      • I thought it was a matter of commendation that they were racist, homophobic and misogynistic. You do wonder about the people who write these reports. Certainly policing in London hasn’t improved since the McPherson report.
        All I want from the police is that they are thief takers not pen pushers.

      • Discussed this with the Mrs yesterday.

        I told the old lady that -according to the BBC -The Metropolitan Police have been hiding bad people in plain sight.

        Mrs Norman looked at me and said, ‘Exactly like the BBC themselves then…’

    • Did you hear about the US government’s plan to report on Incel activity is being based on their UFO reporting system of the sixties?

      Project Blue Bollocks.

  1. I love how in the Wiki article, there’s a picture with the words ‘a woman’ underneath it.

    I’m surprised that they didn’t go ‘Daily Star’ style, and have it reading ‘a woman, yesterday’.

    Afternoon all.

      • I’m sure we would all like to see something more ‘pleasing’, but it has sizeable tits (bigger than mine), so more than likely is a woman. The only thing that matters is DNA. If it’s XX then it’s a fucking woman!!
        Anybody have Suzy Izzard’s email address? Would like to send him (he’s XY), the Wiki link …

      • Speaking of dodgy entities, the Fail has an article about the Izzard. On scrolling down, you get to see it as a young child. Jesus…. Those eyes. The question is finally answered. It is a Midwich Cuckoo. Horrible looking kid.
        I wouldn’t mind so long as da wimminz hoover in another dimension; otherwise, it disturbs me liste ing to music.

  2. I’m not a misogynist. The complete opposite, a philogynist. I treat people with the respect they deserve. It goes to show, I have more women friends than men and that speaks for itself.

      • Maybe because it’s you are a cat and defecate in other peoples gardens.

        Just saying’ 😹

    • It might also have something to do with having a loving mother and not a nice father, plus 3 older sisters whom I respected as they did me. Got the early training in, for the normal life ahead, that came to with ease.

      • I’m very glad that you are so well sorted Sammy, but I hope that others reading your post don’t get the idea that they needed to have your experience when young to find contentment. My mother had the mind set that children required strict discipline in pursuance of which she beat me and my siblings regularly for the smallest misdemeanour. I’m talking prettty well every day. Nevertheless I have been happily married for approaching forty-nine years and we have two grown up daughters. I sometimes make the wisecrack that had I believed all women were like my mother I would be homosexual!

      • Sorry to hear of your misfortune, Arturo. Can’t ever recall my mother once, chastising me. The only pressure was a touch of mental cruelty from father, but once I got older, the tables were turned. Fortunately you were strong and didn’t go that other route. Now it sounds like you’ve a loving wife and two lovely daughters.

      • You have absolutely nothing to apologise for Sammy.
        I adore women and have always been a perfect gentleman to them all.
        As dhould all men.

  3. Much as we (quite rightly) despise our mu§sie “guests”, at least they have the right attitude when it comes to getting wimminz to do as they’re told:
    Do it or get a sulphuric acid facepack.
    Mind you, if you threw drain cleaner and lye of Katie Price’s face, it’d probably bounce off, unabsorbed.

  4. There’s some shite on Facecunt I see every now and then. Mostly videos of gold digger whores who give guys no attention or interest on the street when he starts up a conversation as they look ‘normal’, telling him to go away, I have a boyfriend and when said slag sees boy getting into expensive car her attitudes changes MASSIVELY. It then cuts to a dashboard cam video of him calling her out for being a gold digging slag, before he chucks her out the car like a used condom.

    This is exasperated by the me, me, me culture and I think goes deeper into society than we realise. Sexual attacks on the increase but a quick look at some online videos shows girls prancing around wearing clothes that barely cover their arses. Girls, who clearly want to be seen and have men idolise over them (why else would they dress like that) but when some pervert goes to far and touches them then he’s pulled up (rightly so, I am not condoning this).

    If I were to walk around displaying my bits, I’d be pulled up for being a flasher but a girl walking around with her tits and ass cheeks hanging out seems to be OK.

    And you can shove all this libtard, feminist shite up your ass – fucking stay at home and clean the dishes, or go out, be free, but don’t be a gold digging slag.

    The proof and evidence of this is great. All the old men who fuck sexy young high maintenance honies have one thing we don’t money – that’s what makes them tick.

    Even the Elephant man would have had a daily noshing if had millions in the bank.

  5. Oh they’re not all bad.

    Some good ones about, but if you play the victim, none of them will be be interested. I’d avoid Tinder for any serious bird. Full of slags I reckon. I know fuck all about it, but I bet it is.

    In saying that, I’ve never been comfortable bashing incels, which you see a lot from all sides, but particularly from the left.

    Doesn’t it mean ‘involuntary celibate’?

    Maybe I’ve totally misunderstood this phenomenon, but doesn’t that mean lads who want a shag but can’t get one. Maybe a bit ugly? Not over 6ft?

    I’d say it’s a bit, well…nazi to despise some cunt just because he’s too ugly to get a shag.

    Obviously, I never had such problems with my boy band looks and sparkling blue eyes, but I do feel sorry for ugly lads who can’t get a shag.

    And he is right that women nowadays do seem to be overly fussy. I know a right rough as arseholes mid 40s dog who uses that date app which I’ve forgotten the name of. Different bloke every other week. Tinder. That’s it.

    She goes on about them needing to be over 6ft with a six pack not older than 35. Lads must be desperate for cunt.

    In my day she’d have been the dodgy ten to two bird in the club, if lucky (for her..I wouldn’t have touched it with a nob I’d found in the street myself.)

    Must be difficult for young lads now. Glad I’m out of all that bollocks.

    For a decent bird try the church or ballroom dancing. Maybe a sports club (golf etc.?)

    Or just hide in the bushes and leap out at them, as I reckon some on here do.

      • I’m grand thanks Thomas. Going round to a mate’s later to watch England Italy (not that I have many mates left.)

        I’m hoping Foxy gets a job as an ice cream seller in the Diego Cuntadona Satdium in Naples and exacts his revenge on Gareth Wokegate tonight.


    • ‘For a decent bird try the church or ballroom dancing.’
      Might I add to that any John Lewis Coffee Shop, Cb? Nothing better for picking up a bit of middle-aged milf in my experience. Especially if you walk in with one of your own kids to show off the fruit of your loins. They’ll undress you with their eyes as you take your iced latte to your table.
      Better than any nightclub and a fuck of a lot cheaper.

      • I’m out if the dating game thank fuck, but I wil caveat the ballroom dancing thing.

        An acquaintance tried it and told me that the ratio was about 4 blokes to one bird. Caused a bit of tension he said. I’d just tell the birds that that one is a pee dough, that one lives with his mum, that one has a colostomy bag etc…

        It’s a jungle out there.

  6. I pulled a bird at the end of the evening, who was a couple of stone heavier than what I would normally go after.
    After we’d done the deed she did that snuggling-up thing they like to do, and said, “You….are without doubt…….the biggest I’ve ever had.”
    I said, “Ditto”….

  7. Other than fucking what use are they, a nice tight little arse and pert little tits, who cares what she has to say unless it’s ‘I want it up my arse’

    Men are wired to fuck not talk about fucking curtains and pastel shades, the only reason they pretend to be interested is to get a shag, anyone who disagrees is obviously a gay.

  8. I love women.
    Always had a girlfriend before setting down.
    They’re putty in my hand!

    Charming motherfucker see?
    They get that ” Beatle mania” around me.

    Screaming and that.
    Screaming always with the screaming.

    Sometimes I’ll uncuff they and let them out the van.

  9. I think dating sites and the media have fucked up a lot of young men’s attitude towards women, with the ratio of men to dating sites being a good 15 to one, often more. This ratio can destroy a normal -looking man’s self-esteem, and is often not helped by that fact that many women on dating sites are unhinged (read some of their profile updates – never told no as children).

    This is also not helped by so many men growing up without fathers in the home and being taught by overwhelmingly female, Marxist teachers, being told that the only way to succeed in life is a degree in the humanities.

    This has bred a generation of young men who ae increasingly sissified and isolated from real men and women. They drift into a world of online bullshit; Alpha ands Sigma personalty traits, which to my ears sounds as fruity as horoscopes

    Women of my generation have been encouraged by the media (run by cunts) to act the cunt, but so have many men.

    None of this really matters now, as we’ll all be transmutants soon.

  10. Most wimminz [a very few are not ]are total cunts, a friend of mine through bitter experience calls them snakes with tits.
    Most of the people i know are on 2nd,3rd marriages depending on stupidity, everyone i know has been in the the shit at some point or another thanks to their wimminz.
    Blokes can be cunts as well of course, but it seems its only cunts who manage to get through life without being fucked over, mentally or financially thanks to some tart, myself included.
    Honestly if i was single again, i can honestly say i wouldnt bother again,nobody is immune from having their life turned inside out by some bint thanks to vajaja fever look at the clown that is halfwitt Harry Markle/Hewitt.
    But as the saying goes, behind every great man there is a woman rolling her eyes, the sad thing is thats as good as it gets more often than not…

  11. I love the fair sex. They are usually a pain in the butt, but I can’t live without them, even when they are cunts, which is frequently.

    But what does worry me is the trans for some “soshil meddja” wimminz to create posts about allegedly being harassed by men.

    There was a wimminz in the press a few weeks ago. She was exercising in the gym, with a feed to her YouTube followers, naturally, dressed skimpily, preening whilst scanning the room to see who was checking her out. One innocent male gym user seemed to be minding his own business, exercising not far from her. The silly bint kept telling her followers about how he was checking her out, harassing her, making her feel threatened, etc. He appeared to be doing no such thing.

    Wimminz are happy to slander men for a few You Tube upticks. Not the best characteristic of the fairer sex.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen that video. Just another snowflake desperate to be a victim. The bloke was, of course, a white straight male, a typical product of the white supremacist patriarchy. It’s all part of the culture wars……. a generation of brainwashed fucking idiots. It’s no wonder there’s so many benders and trannies these days.

      • An ex-manager of mine once said of women – “They’re only good for fucking”. Ne’er a truer word was spoken.

        If you want sex with a woman, all you need to say is – ‘I love you, I want to marry you, I want to raise a family with you’. Say these magic words and she’ll drop ’em. I wish someone had told me this when I was a teenager.

    • I put the increased narcissism, entitlement and attention-seeking of so many young women down to the media and, more lately, social media via smart phones. Still, there were plenty of preening Beckham-type metrosexual lads at college growing up. Things won’t improve for either sex unless the media and online culture are reined in and the education system is reformed; no more teachers trying act as a peer or mate to the students and agreeing with them, even when the student is obviously wrong. ‘My truth’ etc.

      Pure faggotry.

  12. Them trans women,
    Wonder if they nag?

    Can they drive without due care and attention and not reverse into a parking space like a real woman?

    Do they take fuckin ages to get ready when going out?

    Being a woman is more than putting on a wig and fake tits.

    That Suzie Lizzard,
    Fooling nobody.

    No stretch marks see?

    Well maybe around the balloon knot 😦

  13. I’m currently on holiday with ere indoors and all i’m getting is earache and grief.

    Her.. let’s go on an excursion and see a 2000 year old wall

    Fenton… No my love i would rather sit by the pool and read my book.

    Her.. So you would rather stay here than go on an excursion would you. Don’t bother meeting me later for dinner then

    Fenton.. Why don’t you fuck off and leave me alone

    Holiday ruined

    • And that feeling you get when you think ‘I’ve paid for this and this is how I get treated’. And you think everyone else is having a lovely time. They’re not.

  14. I don’t argue with the women in my life.

    I just say Thank you, 3 roasties and stuffing ball.

    Since my partner died, I find I delight in the company of Elder, Younger and the Lass.

      • Bursting for a shit and then spraying the bowl rivals the best orgasm you can have.

        In fact, I might start deliberately holding my shits in until the tortoise gets curious.


        Although I’m thinking I’m confusing relief with sexual gratification.

        Fuck me, and I don’t even do drugs.

      • You might be on a path to coprophilia, Cuntybollocks. Hitler was allegedly into that so its probably also a sign that you are a right wing extremist (the bar isn’t set very high these days).

  15. I could have gone down the woman hater route when my now ex wife fucked off with another bloke. I’ve known guys to do that, and are a bit bitter for it.
    I don’t hate my ex, hate is way too powerful an emotion to waste on someone who, at best couldn’t care less, or at worst, would get a kick out of still having a lasting effect on you.
    Or the cunt she ran off with, you break it you own it. She is fickle, and one day he will be binned, and if he’s lucky, he will realise the cunt she dumped him for did him a favour. As I eventually did.
    If asked, I would say she’s a lying cheating nasty piece of work, but with less passion than I would telling someone the time, or any other inconsequential matter of fact subject.
    I’m lucky that I quite enjoy living on my own, so having a woman in my life is nice, but not essential. I ended a recent fling because I could see the lady in question was going to be a bit troublesome, and no amount of quality in and out was going to be worth the hassle, although it was great to know that the equipment was functioning as it should.
    Women are great, you just have to find a decent one!

      • Evening RTC.
        How desperately sad is that!
        Though I think he’s already back, trying desperately not to be noticed but I think I have his number 🤔 🤣

      • Really? Can’t say I’ve noticed anyone close to the wee Scotch gimp’s modus operandi… and I’m usually pretty alert to that sort of thing.

        We do have one new idiot, but don’t think he quite fits the bill, imo.

      • it was only one phrase that got me suspicious.
        But I’m a cynical cunt.
        Happy, but cynical. 😁

      • Evening Gutstick, Ruff and DCI.

        I expect you’re talking about a fairy upticker who seems to have appeared.

        That used to be caught Speedings call sign. But he seems to have disappeared. I’ve not noticed any posts with footnotes.

      • Evening, MMMC, well, if someone dpes an ‘Abortion’ nomination, we can look forward to gems like this:

        ‘Any issues feel free to come visit me, lets have this discussion face to face, not that the sackless cucks on the internet are generally brave enough. I live in Worcestershire so any takers drop me a message as I’d never back down. Keyboard warriors need not apply as those cunts never turn up.’



        December 11, 2022

        Get on strike you caring cunt, where are dick Fox fucker pretend rich tosser and grunkstick festering knob end licking your arse’



        December 11, 2022

        ‘My name is Jeff gray
        Ruislip ha4 7js and I think DCI Hunt is a cunt, as are all his ilk.


      • Evening all.
        We’ve been truly blessed with some right fucking gems! 😂😂😂

      • DCI, Gutstick

        Certainly does seem as if I have missed some gems. Where do the come from? And I wish they’d fuck off to Women’s Weekly message boards. Or Veterans Today.

      • Evening Herman.

        If moron was back we’d be aware of it. Cos the one thing we know for sure is that the gimp is unable to control himself.

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