Microsoft (6) and Windows 12

Rumours abound that W12 could be with us next year even though W11 is still relatively new in the public domain having only been available since late 2021. And even now W11 is still slow taking off, not least because of its fussy hardware requirements.

W12 is supposed to be very “AI-heavy” (Artificial Intelligence), although Microsoft hasn’t gone into details as to what this actually means. And neither have they confirmed officially that there will even be a W12 rolled out any time soon.

However, it is known that they’ve been working closely with CPU manufacturers such as Intel and ARM, both of whom are producing the next generation of super 64-core and 128-core processors (a massive step up from the current quad and octa-cores) for the domestic market.

Inevitably this may mean that to upgrade to W12 you’re going to need fairly top-end hardware. Either that or having to shell out yet again for another laptop or PC just to be able to run the same programmes you’ve used on W10 and 11 but on the latest W12 platform.

Or you could just stick with what you’ve got and wait until it goes out of support (W10 – October 2025. W11 – October 2031). This is probably the best option because if you do consider upgrading your machine you’ll be facing the usual compatibility issues with apps that run perfectly fine on your current OS, but now won’t run on W12.

Microsoft are no different from Apple – always trying to squeeze every pound and every penny out of mug punters for operating systems that really don’t make much of a difference to ordinary people.


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51 thoughts on “Microsoft (6) and Windows 12

  1. Just brought a HP Omen gaming computer.

    Fuck it’s fast!

    I expect that Windows 12 will be available as a free upgrade from 11?

    I will probably be advised to wait until the bugs are ironed out before doing any upgrade.

  2. I only upgraded to Win 10 when support for 8 ran out last year. I have no need for 12 or even 11. To be honest, I was happy with 98SE, then 7.

    • This expensive crap they keep churning out is overly complicated and needs updating and reboots every couple of days.

      You could do 90% of what Win 10 does a lot simpler with XP. That was the best O/S they ever produced.
      Vista was the worst, but they keep trying to make worse crap.

      You need a super fast multi-core processor and a graphics card that costs more than my car, to play shit games that are only 10% graphically that the ‘classics’ being produced 15 years ago.

      Fleece the punter – it’s every busineses favourite past-time and I’m frankly quite sick of it.

  3. A thousand pounds says their AI is the robot equivalent of walking into a “hipster” coffee shop..

    All “we got this” and other terms used by the silicone valley woke cunts.

    Quantum Core Oven.

  4. Ditto Harry…

    Pfizer, Wal Mart, Disney…all icons of American corporate life and all, at one time or another labled as evil.

    They all pale in insignificance to Bill Gates and his malevolent creation…Microdoft…or in Cuntster parlance…Macrocunt.

    If you think Jeff Bezos’ Alexa and its spying capabilities are truly nefarious, in a more than creepy, Big Brother kind of way just wait until Microsoft’s AI starts thinking for you and making decisions.

    Bill Gates was a crony of Jeffrey Epstein. I can’t wait until we find him hanging in his jail cell…done in by his own evil creation…Artificial Intelligence.

      • “You can do anything when you are rich, you can grab them by the pussy”
        Birds of a feather……

      • It’s almost more a case of “who isn’t/wasn’t a crony of Epstein’s”

        A giant cesspool of corrupt dodgy cunts on both sides of the left/right equation.

      • That should read -left/right/philanthropist/royalty.

        Where would we be without such kind hearted philanthropists and medical experts such as Mr Gates.

      • Good morning cunters from sunny (well it’s dark at the time of this writing) Central Florida. The high today was 90 degrees and it was clear and sunny. After the sun went down it was in the low 70’s and breezy.

        Sorry I’m so late in responding but I am on a short excursion in DeSantis land…where Donald Trump is greatly loved.

        And speaking of Donald Trump let’s debunk the notion that he and Jeffery Epstein were friends. Trump admits to knowing Epstein but legal documents show that Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago…barred him from returning…and cut off all ties with him when he realized Epstein was a peddle file.

        No need for me to go into any detail as this NY Post article will explain it:

        The question of Trump’s friendship with Epstein has always been a matter of conjecture but one thing is for sure…when you eject someone from your business…bar him from returning…and cut off all contact then you and said creep can hardly be considered friends.

        But no matter. For the foaming at the mouth, Trump hating left…the important thing is to establish the narrative…even if it’s not correct…then keep repeating it until it becomes accepted as fact.

        As I am on an excursion and may not be able to refute their nonsense in a timely manner, I encourage all cunters to take everything the Trump haters say with a grain of salt.

        In fact you’d be well advised to keep a 50 lb bag of rock salt handy for you never know when a discredited Jewish Space Laser theory might pop up again.


        Righteous and rent free

      • Thanks for posting a link which seems to suggest they actually did have a long standing friendship, I wonder what kind of fuckery they got up to before they had that falling out.
        Florida, where they say woke goes to die. More like leathery old racists….😂😂

    • Correct, General and the ‘Internet of things’ will cause some major disruption at some point but the kids will love it cos its nu, or summink.

    • I won’t have any jokes against Bezos. He has worked long, difficult hours for little pay to fulfil his lifelong dream……of making other people work long, difficult hours for little pay.

      Anyway, he’s past his Prime.

      I’ll get my coat.

  5. I might be able to add a meaningful comment to this nom if I had a fucking clue what it was all about, but I’m barely able to log in on here.

    Fuck me, I’m getting old…

    Ah well. Morning all.

  6. Pffft. Snooping waste of time.
    Windows 10 runs my beast of a pc just fine.
    Technocunt, in your professional opinion, if I upgrade from my humble 3080Ti to a 4090 24gb card, will my ðwarf pọrn look even more stimulating?

    • Ah Thomas you were the one person who bought a copy our porn film, ‘Yvette Pixieballs Takes It Up The Arse From Lammy.’

      Boggs Pornographic Films (Taiwan) biggest failure. We give it away now as free gift copy of our badly performing Diane Abbott movie. We call it “Little and Large”

  7. I’m a bit of a Mac snob cunt myself.
    I use windows at work and it all looks like windows 95 as if some geek made the software in his bedroom. i’m not much of a tech bloke but To me Macs are much more simplistic to use. Maybe it depends what you use them for

    • I’ve often wondered if I should dip my toe in the ‘Mac’ pool, every time I have to upgrade my PC, but I’ve been using MS shit for nearly 30 years (Dos before that). I’m just too old and set in my ways to learn a new way of computing.

      Christ, it takes me long enough to figure my way around the new Android system (Cheesecake or whatver it’s fucking called) whenever I get a new phone (every 3 to 4 years on average).

  8. I mainly use my macbook to watch Porn and use my huge itunes library.
    I’m a bit pissed off with my service provider as i can’t access Xhamster unless i switch the VPN on

  9. I only know the 3 windows I learned as a kid was on play school, the round one square one and the other fucking one. Know what they where all the same had some kids playing in sand, park, playground. They were fucking wank windows then and I bet windows are wank today.

  10. When prompted to upgrade to W11 (from W10) I always decline. That doesn’t deter the machine from asking me every fucking time I turn it on. I plan to use what I have as long as it works. W7 was wonderful. Bill and his minions are cunts. I always appreciate the IT updates Techno.

  11. Linux.

    My firewall runs it, the 3 laptops run it, the 3 desktops run it, the 2 WLAN boxes run it, even the ‘smart’ TV runs a manufacturer’s fucked up version of Linux, the only computery type thing in the house which doesnt run Linux is the NAS, which is FreeBSD based.

    Not forgetting the phones and set top boxes, they all run Android, which is just Linux in a fancy coat…

    I’ll not lie, there are MS Windows partitions on all the laptops and one of the desktops, they only exist to run CAD and ‘legacy’ DAW stuff, and I do have a number of Windows VM images I can ‘spin’ up if/when needed in Virtualbox on Linux, in all cases they’re either Windows XP or Windows 7.

    If I ever had to go back to doing CAD/CAM/CAE or graphics design work at home again, I might have to consider running something higher than Win 7 natively, but If that day ever came, I think I’d rather opt for the lobotomy and investigate an Apple solution rather than give that eugenicist cunt and his control freakery crew another penny.

      • Linux: A free computer operating system, UNIX like. Has a penguin as it’s mascot, runs on almost anything.

        FreeBSD: A free computer operating system, more like UNIX, or one variety of it. Has a wee devil in sneakers carrying a pitchfork as it’s mascot, runs on almost anything.

        UNIX: A venerable computer operating system much beloved of the technohippies of the 70’s.

        WLAN: yer wireless network boxes (I know nowadays most people use the shit wireless that their broadband router provides, I don’t)

        NAS: set of big hard disks where the data is usually stored in such a manner that even if one disk fails, the data is still there, this is then shared to all the computers on the network, they’re usually filled with music, films, photos and pr0n.

        CAD: Glorified computerised etch a sketchery

        DAW: records audio and MIDI, Allows one talentless musical moron to make multitrack recordings of themselves, add effects etc, thereby producing something which sounds as if multiple talentless musical morons were involved in the birth of the sonic abomination.

        MIDI: the arcane system by which electronic musical instuments exchange snide comments between themselves about their players musical abilities, or lack thereof.

        VM: In context here, Windows inna box, it’s a way of running things like Windows on another system in such a manner that it cant fuck with that system if/when it fouls up. Virtualbox is a freebie way of doing this.

        CAM: Computerised etch a sketchery but also connected to CNC lathes, routers etc…you draw it, they’ll do their best to fuck up the job of making what you drew in as spectacular a manner as possible…

        CAE: Fancy software which allows you to do really clever things like conclusively prove via maths and physics that bricks aren’t aerodynamic but which has the useful facility of providing fancy animations of simulations, graphs etc all of which keep the suits confused but happy (as it all looks cool, expensive and ‘sciencey’) and, importantly, off your back for a bit..

    • I set up an Ubuntu VM on W10 last year and that’s it. I’ve used MS for 35 years and have no idea where to start with Linux and feel too old to start learning CLI commands.

  12. I seem to remember when Gates bought out Windows 11 he (or one of his lackies) said that it would be the last incarnation – there wouldn’t be a 12, but I think they hinted something similar after 10.

    Get a Chromebook – they are cheaper and quite good for everyday home use.

  13. I’m more concerned about chat gpt4, and it’s later iterations waiting down the line. That is the tip of an ai nightmare waiting to happen. Who thought it would be wise to invent ai that would be capable of analysing billions of streams of data per second, is a cunt! If I was an intelligent computer I’d wipe humans out! They can keep windows 12 and any other shite they come up with. It’s inevitable that these systems will be embedded into new operating systems sooner or later. Oh and fuck Alexa and all the other systems for lazy cunts. I’m quite happy to turn the lights on my self, or the TV or anything else for that matter. We seem to live in a world full of lazy fuckwits, they can’t even be bothered to go and get food. Don’t even get me started on the me me me culture!

    • Once the physical iteration of AI can give a chap a hand job, wash his clothes and cook a decent meal, there’ll be no need for birds any longer, just like in that fillum ‘Cherry 2000″ from 1987.

  14. Apple and Microsoft have a different business models. Apple’s OS is free, as long as you don’t mind paying a premium price for their hardware.

    Microsoft will sell you an OS that will install on a multitude of hardware if it’s on the HCL.

    Neither are perfect but the alternative would be whichever flavour of Linux you can stomach, pretty much all the various flavours of Linux will leave the average user with a bitter taste in their mouths.

    If you don’t want or need a rich OS experience, you just want to send the odd email or browse the internet and compose the occasional letter of complaint to the BBC then get a Chromebook or an Android device.

    • XP is good John. Company I worked for had loads of work going round blowing off its successor, Vista and reloading XP.

  15. Back in the dim and distant I had paid roles in a few porn movies, mainly bondage flicks.
    I’m not proud of it, but at the time I was strapped for cash….

  16. Ffs, Windows12?
    I begrudgingly upgraded to Win 10 after years of holding off, and the other day I started receiving messages asking me if I would like a free upgrade to 11.
    No thanks, please fuck off.
    I dispise the whole fucking OS, and started using ‘XP Shell’, to give my system the look, and feel of the earler OS that wasn’t as fussy, and without the fuckwitted gimmicks that these cunts are so fond of foisting upon us.

    • I bought a new laptop last year, a fucking expensive one, which had Windows 11 instead of 10. I was thinking that would be it for a few years, it could see me out and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything technical again. Fucking Windows 12? They can fuck off. It can’t be necessary so it’s just to screw more money out of people. I can’t be doing with this, it takes me all my time sending emails and buying stuff on Ebay.

  17. Fuck that, i have a windows 7 lenovo laptop that still works great, for now. But get this i still run windows 3.1 on 2 cnc machines at my place of skiving, proper old school, and you can rebuild them with items off of the web. Bill gates is still a cunt.

  18. I moved to Linux 15 years ago, which was one of the best decisions I have ever taken, I work on hardware that’s almost a decade old and still running fast enough for all purposes that matter. Never had any problems whatsoever with Malware, nor with update errors and software getting slower at every update. Windows has always sucked, at least since 7… still sucks like fuck, and will go on sucking like AI fuck for ever. Just as Apple does, those patronising cunts from hell.

  19. Being an obedient little ponce-sheeple I donwloaded the 22h2 update. Fuck me! It was like trying to wank wiv me left hand! Luckily I was able to uninstall the POS. The other day I kept getting knocked offline because the updates pause I clicked on had expired. Now everything’s on pause update. It’s a drag. But nothing will ever be as bad as owning a MacBook. That literally drove me mental.

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