Lori Lightfoot (2)

Oh dear , poor old wokie, weirdo black lezza Lori has had her arse kicked in the Mayoral election. Her share of the vote dropped from 75% to 17% thus becoming the first one term Chicago Mayor for 40 fucking years!

Nothing to do with her wokie policies of defunding the Police and allowing crime to spiral out of control while ordering the coppers to barricade the streets around her mansion. Oh no…..according to Lori it’s all because of misogyny, racism and homophobia.

Of course it is dear…..now trot off to the loony bin and fuck off while you’re doing it.


Fox News

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

158 thoughts on “Lori Lightfoot (2)

  1. It won’t even get a bid at a slave auction.
    “Unsold next lot “

  2. I would make HRH Randy Andy fuck the shit out of her every night for six months. That would be appropriate punishment for both of them.

    • Poster girl for windy city abortions.

      Some ugly Chicago cunts have redeeming features.

      Expiry date on a bottle of milk?
      You can thank that nice Mr Al Capone.

      Lori? Well flies won’t land on her if you put her near a picnic I suppose?

  3. Chicago is also the home of one, Jussie Smollet……fa**ot, liar, race baiter and 100% CUNT.

    • Evening Freddie,

      II know you’re interested in all things American. Past or present.

      The derivation of the name Chicago —

      ‘The name Chicago is derived from a French rendering of the indigenous Miami-Illinois word shikaakwa for a wild relative of the onion; it is known to botanists as Allium tricoccum and known more commonly as “ramps”. The first known reference to the site of the current city of Chicago as “Checagou” was by Robert de LaSalle around 1679 in a memoir.[24] Henri Joutel, in his journal of 1688, noted that the eponymous wild “garlic” grew profusely in the area.[25] According to his diary of late September 1687:

      … when we arrived at the said place called “Chicagou” which, according to what we were able to learn of it, has taken this name because of the quantity of garlic which grows in the forests in this region.[25]

      The city has had several nicknames throughout its history, such as the Windy City, Chi-Town, Second City, and City of the Big Shoulders.[26]’

      • Thanks Miles. I think Chicago was much better off when it was run by Al Capone. He gave a lot of money to charidee you know……..a bit like the Krays.
        I’d also prefer to have London run by Ronnie and Reggie than that fucking Suckdick CUNT!

  4. It’s coz I is blick! It’s coz me like to eat dem pussy.

    No,it is becauae you are totally,fucking useless.

    I could not care less that you are black: irrelevant. You lick minge? So what.

    It is because you have less intelligence than Joey Deacon in a coma.

    My dear old mammy.

    • Evening Miles…weird that her forehead appears to be 3 inches higher than it was 30 years ago.
      Maybe she’s channeling the spririt of Fred Gwynne?

    • Evening Miles👍

      So her brother was a cunt too?
      Doesn’t surprise me.

      Not the same on here without Fiddler is it?
      Think he’ll be back?

      • Nah Miserable. He’s gone. That’s the mistake some people make. All or nothing.
        I’m more like take a break then when one feels the urge…

        Am very much in agreement with my arch enemy Gutstick-.
        Meaning the racist stuff. Somebody puts up a Nom about blacks. And we all like pile in.
        But it’s been done a 1000 times. before.

        (not a moral objection but just because it’s boring)

        Mr Cunt Engine.. Ant has a high forehead l. I was always told it meant you were brainy.

        He’s not very.

      • Mind you Mr. C-E with all these ‘mind expanding’ drugs you take. Do you ever think that your mind could expand so much that it it wouldn’t fit in your brain anymore?
        It does worry me.

      • No need to worry Miles, I split my soul, mind and consciousness across a couple of different dimensions. There’s more than enough capacity.

      • Evening MMCM…Fiddler had a histrionic benny about there being “grass” button and flounced off in a huff.
        Whether that was the real reason or he was using that as an excuse for an sneaky exit, one can only surmise.
        I’ve tried to goad him into a response a couple of time (accusing him of liking immigrants, cyclists and ramblers, that sort of thing), but he’s refusing to poke his head out of the foxhole, if he’s even got his ears on.
        Hear me, Mr F? You like homosexuals and you read the Guardian.

      • Evening Thomas. Will that’s a turn up for the books. He’ll be back, I’m sure. Keep prodding the old git.

      • Evening MCMM👍

        Dick saw his arse in disgust at the installation of the ‘ report abuse’ or ‘Rabbit button ‘.

        This was installed after some bullshit artist got mauled.

        The tearstained Rabbit button or grass alarm got worn thin afterwards.
        Fiddler walked.

      • I think a personal plea from Gemma Arterton might do it Thomas if he promises to stop sending her Tik Tok cock videos.

      • Evening MMCM.

        Dick’s last post:

        dick Fox fucker pretend rich tosser on February 3, 2023 at 9:35 pm said:

        I see Admin have now introduced a feature to report “Abuse”…Ffs….and we hear so much about “Snowflakes”.

        Well I’m off afore I’m pushed and the easily offended and Billy Bullshitters can post away in peace.


        Dick has taken elongated breaks in the past (before your time, Miles) so highly likely he’ll be back. Last time was for about 6 months, if memory serves.

        Billy Bullshitters take note.

      • @Miles
        If repetitive noms bore you then you can always follow the onion ‘advice’ of Japseye and scroll down.
        I submit the noms are as repetitive as the reality of this leftard shithole the West has collectively descended into, along with ISaC’s libertarian contingent getting stampy about Trump every 3 days or thereabouts.

      • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      • I was out on the lash last night, and I told my mates that some knobs online had called me a lefty libtard. When they stopped laughing, one asked ‘what fucking site were you on, the daily stormer?’
        ‘Not far off’ I replied…..😂

      • Thanks for the updates Miserable and Ruff. I take a short break from ISAC and when I come back the place is falling apart.

        Only kidding.

      • @MMCM

        I would caution you about accepting anything the torch and pitchfork mob says at face value. In fact It should be taken with an industrial 50lb bag of salt.

        Fiddler ran away because I threatened to blast him into atoms with QAnon’s Top Secret, space based, Christian Particle Beam.

        Proudly deplorable
        Righteous and rent free
        Standing up to abuse

      • Talking of actual torch and pitchfork mobs, I wonder if the proud boys and those other Gravy Seals are going to heed the Mango Mussolinis call to protest his possible arrest and indictment?
        Stupid cunts

      • Since there’s nothing the government can do to stop us there’s no harm in me divulging our plans…

        First, a group of Special Forces will liberate Trump and whisk him away to safety…perhaps to the same safe house Fiddler is hiding in.

        Then, as Trump’s MAGA Minions have gained control of QAnon’s Top Secret, space based, Christian Particle Beam we intend to target New York City and blast it into rubble so that the entire Libtard cesspool slides into the Atlantic.

        Those of you on the coast of Europe may experience a slight Tsunami…but our cover story will blame it on climate change.

        But to be safe, I’d head for high ground if I were you.

      • Oh damn! I forgot!

        Proudly deplorable
        Righteous and rent free
        Standing up to abuse

      • No need to press the rabbit button…Dick already hit the chicken switch.

        Proudly deplorable
        Righteous and rent free
        Standing up to abuse

      • I dedicate this fight against abuse to Vernon and all the other righteous cunters who were driven from the August Forum by the villainous Lord of Trolls and his rabid torch and pitchfork mob.

        Lest we forget.

        Proudly deplorable
        Righteous and rent free
        Standing up to abuse

      • Wasn’t Vernon arrested for hate speech or something? (Allegedly)

        If only they arrested people for shit speech.

        Patiently waiting
        For a link to a claim
        That doesn’t exist

      • @MBE

        Could you please provide one link, and one link only, from a credible source, that alleges in the exact same words that Vernon was arrested for hate speech or something?

        Proudly deplorable
        Righteous and rent free
        Standing up to abuse

      • Don’t panic!
        Don’t panic!

        Sure when the knocks at your door you’ll remain tight lipped General…

      • The same time as you provide a credible link proving that your mate, Zelensky, banned all other political parties…

      • That’s the one. But it won’t be acceptable to Bullshitter cos it doesn’t name the perpetrator as ‘Vernon’.

      • Oh, General Bullshitter does, Guts!

        ‘Test post, test post, Mr Grimsdale…’

      • Evening lads. I see the tickie cunt has been around again.
        I’m quite happy with my usual low tick count, so no thanks, you sad scotch twat.

      • No where in the story does the first name Vernon or the last name Fox appear.

        No where in the story is the word arrested used.

        And I’m supposed to take this seriously because the guy who claimed his boss bought the Chicago Bears says so?

        Is this the same guy who claimed MTG used the (exact) words “Jewish Space Laser” when the fact check shows very clearly that she didn’t?

        Is the Daily Mail a credible source?

        Why is the one post and one post only…from a credible source…using the exact same words…applied to me and not a member of the torch and pitchfork mob?

        Could it be that hypocrisy depends on who holds the torch and what side of the pitchfork you’re on?

        Ever notice how the torch and pitchfork mob always support and make excuses for each other? No matter how big a lie one of them tells, the others appreciate “hearing a different point of view”.

        Proudly deplorable
        Righteous and rent free
        Standing up to abuse

      • GC – where is your source for your claim that poor Vernon was driven from this August forum by the ‘rabid torch and pitchfork mob’?

        You are surprised that the words Vernon and Fox don’t appear in the Daily Mail article? Good lord, next you will be telling us you aren’t really called General Cuntster.

        You seem to be spending a great deal of time on this thread which presumably means that you have time in your schedule to find a link citing that Zelenskyy banned all rival parties in Ukraine. It would be appreciated and perhaps clear up some of the confusion on that other thread.

        Off topic I know – but what is your take on the US Reaper getting knocked out of the sky? If you can explain how it is all. Genuinely interested to hear your opinion and how it is all Zelenskyy’s fault.

      • Last para should read;

        Off topic I know – but what is your take on the US Reaper getting knocked out of the sky? Genuinely interested to hear your opinion and how it is all Zelenskyy’s fault.

        Apologies, as many of you know I am a bit technologically challenged.

      • Things are warming up. There appears to be a lot of history here, all of which I have missed. I’ll have to write it up in my forthcoming History of ISAC tome (Oxford University Press – out soon, a bargain at £999.99).

      • Evening old timer.

        You mean the big lie that: “Zelensky banned ALL political parties in Ukraine”?


      • Having been on the receiving end of a fair bit of abuse for my views over the last week or so, I could moan about torch and pitchfork like stuff, but I can’t be forced to give a fuck. I stand by what I think, and folk can scroll by, call me a twat, whatever.
        Means fuck all to me. 😁

      • @MBE

        Could you please provide a link to where I said the US Reaper that was “knocked out of the sky” was all Zelensky’s fault.

        I of course never said that or commented in any way on the subject.

        Since I never said that and absent a link would you please explain why you think I should explain an opinion…that I never expressed…as to why that is all Zelensky’s fault.

        Just like the other lies. Establish the narrative with a lie. Repeat the lie over and over again until it becomes truth.

      • Erm, I know you haven’t commented on the Reaper, that’s why I asked for your take on the incident, if you would be so kind.

        Morbid curiosity I suppose.

      • @ MMCM @9:26pm

        Most of the history of which you missed occurred on the Ukraine Forum which Admin sadly (but conveniently for General Bullshitter) recently deleted.

        Fortunately I retained a copy of the relevant thread, which I would be more than happy to forward you should on request via Admin’s good offices, assuming they are willing to pass it on to you.

      • … to forward you on request via Admin’s good offices, assuming they are willing to pass it on to you.

      • @MMCM

        I cautioned you about believing anything the torch and pitchfork mob said.

        The lie that the Ukraine thread was “conveniently” deleted (the inference being it was) on my behalf is easily exposed.

        Go to the header…click “pages”…click “ukraine” and there it is.

        You can read all about it including my disappearing posts. Many of my posts disappeared and I asked the Admin Team to restore them. Some they did. Some they didn’t or couldn’t…like this one that I referenced…


        Fiddler didn’t even see it and he still tried to discredit it.

        Don’t believe the lie that I couldn’t provide any links. I just didn’t provide a link* to meet Dick Middy Fittler’s absurd and abusive demands. So I walked away from the thread.

        Those absurd and abusive demands are what led to the the report abuse links.

        The torch and pitchfork mob cannot accept the reality that Chicken Dick did himself in and fled in fear of being banned.

        *The demand was one link…and one link only…from a source he deemed credible…that used my exact words.

      • I’ve just been looking at the Ukraine thread, its a faff on a phone but still there with all its 3k+ responses .

        “Putin fell down the stairs and shat himself”. Fucking Daily Star level reportage and still muggy cunts lapped it up.

      • Weird, HC, I can’t access it on my phone at all and the thread is closed for comments which makes it as good as dead.

        But yes, one can use a computer to scroll through the comments and revel in the sheer volume of disinformation in all its glory. There are some absolute peaches on there, though sadly it was closed before some vital links had been shared, due to some scheduling clash or other.

      • @MBE

        Just genuine “morbid curiosity”…no prejudgment you just want me to explain why it’s all Zelensky’s fault.

        I think I’ll let you dream up a reason…establish it in a narrative…and then keep repeating it…with the support of the torch and pitchfork mob…until it becomes accepted as truth.

      • @MBE

        Also…dramatics aside…the thread was closed because of Middy Fittler’s abusive, foaming at the mouth attacks and the rabid support of the torch and pitchfork mob.

        Not dead…closed…and certainly NOT deleted as has been claimed.

      • I know, tragic wasn’t it.

        And to think it all could have been avoided if only you had provided a link to your claim.

      • My goodness. Well thank for the offer of your ISAC archives Ruff. I shall take you up on that.

        I can actually view the posts and have read the whole thing.

        Don’t take it too hard General. Vigorous debate is what we are all about. I have been pushed hard on some of my pro-Ukraine posts on that thread as well as my recent posts praising the monarchy and Prince Charles. It’s democracy and and the Western critical method in action.

      • MMCM,

        if you did indeed read all 3,719 posts overnight then why do you need transcript of the thread from RTC ?

      • I don’t know that i read every single one. Certainly enough too get a flavour. It didn’t seem liker over 3000 posts. Have a lot been removed?

      • You are the ISAC official archivist, Ruff. You must have something on everyone in your extensive archives, no doubt microfiched and stored in a safe more secure than Fort Knox. Cunters had better behave or Ruff will dish the dirt.

      • Evening MMCM.

        Currently running at 2160 pages, my ‘Bumper Fun Book of ISAC Cuntings and Comments for Boys & Girls but not Gender Fluid Attention Seekers’ is due for publication in December.

        It’s guaranteed to be a runaway best selling Christmas blockbuster, so pre-order your copy today to avoid disappointment!

      • Waterstones won’t stock it Ruff, that’s for sure. Not unless you remove the offensive material, which will only leave you with half a page fit for publication. And you have to jump the hurdle of the sensitivity readers who will turn Fiddler into Mary Poppins.

  5. Is that one of Gary ‘MOTD viewing figures down 500,000’ Linekers relations?

    He’s black you know.

    • Remember when Mick Channon used to refer to him as ‘Gary Lin-acre’?🤣

      Thing was, when jug lugs started out as a pundit on MOTD, he was notorious for sitting on the fence and no one minded him because he generally kept his gob shut. Then, in 1995, he turned into Mary Whitehouse after the Cantona incident at Selhurst. And, when Twitter arrived, his twat transformation was complete.

      Amazing, how fame, money and social media can turn someone into a complete cunt.

  6. If they remake “Day of the Dead”, give Lori Deadface a role and save fortunes on make op and FX.
    Jesus-H-C, that sure is one ugly fucking cunt😱

  7. I reckon Dick has been harbouring a grudge ever since Mis won COTY. It’s like the Oscars, behind the air kisses they all secretly hate each other. Fiddler is living in a 1960s land rover scouring the country for MNC, once identified it will be lamping time. To prevent this I propose we appoint Dick as COCK, Cunter Of the Century King, and lose the grass on people you don’t like button. Only soft poovers and lefties get upset when they read something they disagree with.

      • A fucking ‘Stool Pigeon’, to use his own vernacular, who didn’t like it when Dick backed him into a cul-de-sac.

      • I’d love to see Dick back, on his usual fine form, just to see General Bullshitter crying into his grits and gravy!!


      • I hold the general in high regards, and didn’t read the offensive posts but I stand by what I said. This is not a safe space for drag queens and usually self polices quite effectively if someone goes too far beyond the line.
        Mis, the clue is in the title, Cunter of the YEAR. You only have 9 months of celebrity left, and then, like Miss World, you have to pass on the crown. At least that cunt Bruce Forsyth won’t try to bum you.

      • Have to politely disagree about The General (Admission) – he’s a pontificating cunt who tries to be so far up Admins arse that he’d need a fucking map to find his way out, who went all ‘Mr Grimsdale, Mr Grimsdale’ when Dick asked him to prove one of his usual outlandish claims.

        Like a spoilt (bullshitting) child who’s used to getting his own way and can’t believe it when someone has the temerity to challenge them.

      • Morning Magic 👍

        No chance.
        I’m like Idi Amin, COTY for life and I’m not passing it on.
        They’ll have to rip it from my clutches as I scream and kick and swear.

        I’ll mobilise a guerilla army and launch a coupe if deposed.

      • @ Themagiccunt

        There is nothing in the rules to prevent MNC from being Cunter Of The Year two years in a row, or any number of years for that matter.

      • Pontificating? Moi?

        A soft lefty poove? I’m the man who cowed Dick Fiddler!

        The torch and pitchfork is out for blood!

        Proudly deplorable
        Righteous and rent free
        Standing up to abuse

    • Dick and the rest of you can fuck off
      COTY is for life
      I’m not giving up the title after having the t-shirts made up.

      • Morning Miserable.

        I am currently in the process of having 10,000


        T-shirts printed in celebration of ISAC’s 15th anniversary.

      • Morning Ruff👍

        I’ve just had some t-shirts and hoodies made up.

        “Destruction and Destroy”

        (Marvelous Marvin Haglers old training motto )

        Inspired by a black man,
        Don’t tell the others I have my racist image to live upto,

        For my mates birthday.
        By the lovely lady who does my work shirts.

  8. Well, this has all got a bit deep.

    I only popped in to see if I could lure Dick out of semi retirement, with a signed and worn pair of Gemma Artaton”s skimpiest undercrackers containing heavy snail trailing on the gusset.

    We miss you, Dick.

    Please come home.

    • Erm, if Fiddler doesn’t return, do you mind if I borrow them ?
      I’m getting some lovely flock wallpaper put up and could use some of her fragrant paste…..

  9. This is what happens when you employ people only on the basis of their skin colour. She is quite the ghoul.

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