King Charles (13)

Our King is a useless cunt.

Even after Harry’s vindictive and spiteful autobiography and his slut of a wife telling out and out lies about the royals being racist, the jug eared buffoon has apparently invited them to his coronation, despite strong misgivings from his son, William.

What do these two cunts have to do to be fucked off for good? Murder someone? And surely the Grudge Toting Man Baby and his trailer trash slag would be a security risk, because of Little Walt’s remarks about the Taliban?

Charlie is as soft as steaming shite. How many last chances are they going to have? They are irredeemable scum, and they will continue their antics, stunts and bullshit because they know they can get away with it. On your own empty head be it, Charlie. They will use it as a stunt for their own gain, just like they always do…

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  1. Problem is, he’s bolloxed if he invites them and he’s bolloxed if he doesn’t so he can’t win. Blood is thicker than water so that swung it in favour of them attending IMO…….even though Hewitt is his dad really.

    • Can you imagine the fun and games if the stories about Hewitt or about Migraine’s moonbumps were actually shown to be true?

      The meeja would boil over then go into total meltdown.

      • I could believe anything about Sparkletits. She’s a compulsive liar and a nasty piece of work. Gingerbollocks will curse the day he ever set eyes on the bitch, if he hasn’t already.

      • Migraine’s character is like her face; it’s hard to tell where the truth ends and the fallacy begins.

      • Looking at that ski slope bugle, it looks like Bob Hope is a distant relative. Has Bobby been fucking blacky wackys ?

    • Is he the real father of Ginge? I want some proof of that. I had a mate who served in the Household Cavalry, and he tells me any one of those fuckers or even the Foot guards could have done the job

  2. According to Sky News Australia (and other sources) Sparry and Peghim are making a list of the following demands:

    1. They want an apology for the systemic racism Peghim had to endure from the Royal Family.

    2. They want a place on the balcony with the other superfluous members of the Royal Family.

    3. They want Charles da Turd to make a statement that Coronation Day is also Archie’s birthday.

    4. They want a statement from Suckingham Palace officially recognizing their quadroons as a royal Prince and Princess.

    Being inundated with stories of this farce is worse than being forced to watch a slow motion train wreck.

    • I surprised that there is not a demand that they they won’t be told to ‘Fuck Off’.

  3. The only thing those 2 whingeing cunts are good for is mince for the pigs trough.

    Charlie’s making a rod for his own back. I have some sympathy for him – QE2 is an impossible act to follow. She will be written as our 2nd greatest Monarch (Elizabeth 1st being no.1). She even eclipsed her own father.

      • Queen Vic shagged Albert to death, then spent 10 years hiding away grieving in black. She did bugger all for those 10 years.
        You could also argue she precipitated the first World War, marrying off her multiple offspring to European empires – that started animosity between her Granchildren (sound familiar?) – Jealosy and perceived slights and a generation of young men slaughtered like cattle.

    • It’s sad that you have to go back 420 years to find the monarch that many describe as being the best.

      Therefore, the Kings and Queens that followed were not up to scratch.

      The idiot Charles should not get the position.
      He is an embarrassment, so out of touch with the nation.
      He is and always will be an ineffective, embarrassing scrounger.

  4. I’m not sure about this cunting. He did take Frogmore from their grasping hands which would make them non-doms, and strip Harry of his royal title and duties.
    Perhaps inviting them to HIS coronation is another way of rubbing salt in the wound.

    • Harry and Meagan should declare themselves Emperor and Empress of Hollywood and have a Coronation at a Burger King, complete with paper hats topped off with a gangbang between Crips and Bloods.

  5. Many moons ago when I swore allegiance to HM, her heirs and successors I wish I’d had my fingers crossed behind my back as I really have no time for the King. If he has any sense he will abdicate and hand the crown to William. Times have changed and the crown should sit on a young head, not that fucking jug eared, interfering old cabbage and his chain smoking, horsey faced old strumpet!

  6. I think a lot of us just think the media just bombard us with all of Harry and megs tedium.
    I tend to turn the volume down on the TV if they start spouting twaddle and same if reading the paper and they are in it just flick to the next page.
    I’m not anti royalist it’s just an old British tradition trying to hold on to public affection, you can get a bit overwhelmed with pomp and ceremony..hours of footage of the queen’s jubilee then hours of footage of the queen’s funeral then next it’ll be Charles being officially made up to king.
    It’s hard when your just poodling along making ends meet watching the posh entourage spending silly money on glamourizing
    Rich twots when the country is in a shit state.
    Surely the money would be better spent on fixing up our medical system which is slowly sliding towards privatisation…just pop his crown on and say congrats you’re king now good luck!!

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