King Charles (13)

Our King is a useless cunt.

Even after Harry’s vindictive and spiteful autobiography and his slut of a wife telling out and out lies about the royals being racist, the jug eared buffoon has apparently invited them to his coronation, despite strong misgivings from his son, William.

What do these two cunts have to do to be fucked off for good? Murder someone? And surely the Grudge Toting Man Baby and his trailer trash slag would be a security risk, because of Little Walt’s remarks about the Taliban?

Charlie is as soft as steaming shite. How many last chances are they going to have? They are irredeemable scum, and they will continue their antics, stunts and bullshit because they know they can get away with it. On your own empty head be it, Charlie. They will use it as a stunt for their own gain, just like they always do…

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Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Charles is okay he’s trying to just ignore the sheer shower of shit that is h&m. He’ll be dead soon too and he knows it, he’s a placeholder for William within a year or so.

  2. Unfortunately you can’t give up being a father, although it is obvious to everyone that he is a step father.

    That’s not to say that Charles is a fucking half wit and him and the rest of the inbred, six toed scroungers should not be disbanded.

    It’s often said that the royal family bring plenty of tourists to the country.

    France gets far more tourists and they had the good sense to cut the heads off of their royal scroungers.

    • You mean you would rather have President Blair or President Linecunt? I’d much rather keep the monarchy.

      • I would rather have an elected head of state, yes.

        They can always be voted out.
        They would have to do some actual work.
        They would not be paid tens of millions.
        There would not be any extended family to pay for.
        They would not need dozens of palaces stuffed full of priceless objects.
        They would not be immune from prosecution.

      • You cunt, take a look at the real world! Xi and Putin and indeed Hitler were elected, just bend the rules…..

      • Cunt?

        Edward Ii
        Charles I
        Mary Queen of Scots

        All fucking useless.
        And the list goes on.
        Spread the search worldwide and there are loads of unelected, freeloading cunts to choose from.

        Three are good and bad in both elected and unelected heads of state.

        At the moment you have a cretin as a future king.
        He will be followed by a line of incompetent clones.

        Get shot of the lot of them.

      • They can’t be voted out, yes. But I think the King works hard. It’s a 24/7 job. And I think the core members of the royal family pull their weight as well. A President would actually do no more work – possibly less as no one gives a toss if their charity is sponsored by a mere president or their new building unveiled by a boring presidential non-entity. And a president is still likely to be immune from prosecution (except perhaps impeachment) whilst holding office. That’s usually the case.

      • I’m definitely with Artful on this one. I just can’t get past the ridiculous idea that the head of state has the job because his mother was head of state. No qualifications required except that he is still breathing. He could be nutty as a fruit cake, some would say that he is, but there is no mechanism for replacing him. At least if an arse hole gets elected he can be unelected which to my mind makes the argument regarding “president Blair” specious.

    • It’s a VERY tough question, especially as we now have KC III.
      But an elected head of state. Given the British media, who would put up with being under the spotligbt? I suspect they would be physically attacked/offed more often than a Royal. And, like an executioner, only psychos or time-served murderers would “want” the job.
      President Lineker, I suspect, has a very obvious target on top of his neck, as does President Bercow, or Heselslime.
      Sadly, a lot of Frank e’s tourists don’t appear to have “gone home” ; they seem to be heading our way…

  3. He’s not inviting him to sit on his knee, its just a simple invite to stand at the back with all the other hangers-on. Taking the piss, if you like.

  4. To be fair he would look an even bigger cunt if he didn’t invite his own son (debatable) and daughter in law. Imagine the whining from California if that happened. People are talking about them not coming or the Halfwit coming on his own. I guarantee Sparkletits won’t let him come on his Todd, no fucking way! My guess is that they will both turn up………any contact with the Royals is something they can monetise. The Coronation is worth a couple of books and a six week Netflix series to this pair of parasites.

    • Yeah some doddery 97 year old aristocrat who thought Downton Abbey was fly-on-the-wall reality TV series will probably ask her where she is really from.

    • The essence of the problem Fred.

      On balance I reckon KC had little option but to invite Hophead Harry and Yacht Girl; it still remains to be seen whether they’ll condescend to turn up unless their various ‘conditions’ are met.

      With a bit of careful handling, they can in effect be marginalised at the event. If they’re allowed to get any way front and centre (on the fucking balcony etc) I think there’ll be an outcry.

      Whatever, I hope the security services make it impossible for the grifting cunts to record or film anything if they do turn up.

  5. 21st century Britain, we have a king and lots of people no doubt will watch him sit on the throne..🚽

    Bleedin marvellous, innit..!

  6. Much like with Trųmp and the Rus§ian hoókers, Meghan received an invite on the strict condition that she performs a lªpdance for the King with a gọlden shọwer happy ending (with Kate watching).

    • I think theirs a lot of sexual tension in the royal family Thomas
      Kate and Smegan would be well placed at a greedy girls Bukake evening at Highgrove with multiple men in attendance.
      Of course old jug ears and Harry son of Hewitt would tell them their is no shame in taking multiple facials followed by a royal wee

      • Sophie W looks bangin hot.
        She must be in need of some TLF, given that she’s married to Ed.

  7. Whether to invite them or not was always going to be a lose-lose for Juglugs, so he took the advice of his closest advisor and intellectual equal – his Swiss Cheese Plant.

    • That’s an insult to the cheese plant, it’s far more intelligent than the whole lot of them.

    • Perhaps that’s the tactic behind the invitation. After the ginger whinger’s comments about killing rag-heads, he’ll be a prime target. All that’s necessary is a “lapse” in security and bye-bye The Hewitts. The modern equivalent of the Paris tunnel.

  8. Charlie has always had the look of a senile old man who’s not quite with it .
    I reckon he never wanted to be king , he just wanted the money to come in while he does water colours and tell the great unwashed to pay a fortune and buy organic produce and pay £50 plus for one of his chickens.
    Out of touch old cunt

    • He’s always been a plonker with wacky ideas. It’s hard to imagine the warrior Kings of old talking to plants, dabbling in Islam and desiring to be a tampon, is it?

  9. Not on board with this cunting. He’s the King and doing a fairly good job so far, considering the tough act he has to follow.

    I also think he has played a good game with his errant son. We have to take account of the fact that Halfwit is his son and that puts him in a very difficult position. No doubt he loves his son and hopes he will come to his senses. But he’s been right to withhold commenting on his sons demented accusations and right to invite them to the coronation. He has to hold the moral high ground. and he has to behave like a king and not a mere spiteful politician. And one of the most important attributes of a king is mercy.

    • A ‘real’ king wouldn’t be massively happy about his realm being invaded by a murdering, medieval, religious cult bent on overthrowing said king and turning it into a caliphate with housing, medicine, education, benefits and 12 year old white girls on tap. All paid for by racist whitey, of course.

      • He wants to be king of everybody. King of the peacefuls? Yeah, they have their own leaders and King Jug Ears the Woke ain’t one of them.

      • Peacefuls that have assimilated and regard themselves as British, yes, why not? The Peacefuls that are problematic are those that refuse to assimilate.

      • If, or rather when, the peacefuls take over this country do you think the ones that have assimilated will be British first, or peacefuls?

  10. I hope he has invited them..imagine the look on their faces as they are ambushed at Windsor then hung from a gibbet on Tower Bridge.

    Of course this will only happen if the ghost of Henry VIII jumps into the royal torso of King Charles Spaniels Ears.

    Fingers crossed.

  11. Halfwit and his misses have only been invited to the Bloody Tower. For far more sinister reasons I take it.

  12. I think Charles has secretly organized a special Coronation episode of ‘DNA Journey’ and is going to surprise Halfwit (but not the rest of us) with the results. Maybe get Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer to host.

  13. We cordially invite Mr and Mrs Hewitt to the Coronation of King Charles, please make sure Mrs Hewitt stays out of the sun for a month before the event, we don’t want her looking too black.

    HRH Chas.

  14. No malice intended. It was something he normally says in passing, whilst shuffling his cufflinks, when he doesn’t know whether to have a shit or a haircut.

  15. Why hasn’t an SAS team disguised as Taliban fighters offed the the whining cunt?
    Would be a piece of piss & no one would question it too closely, given his ‘removing chess pieces from the board’ remark. Daft twat.

  16. The thing is, even if he invites them, those two bastards will still whine on and on about it to Oprah or some other cunt. They will be offended in some way, they always are. The manbaby will cry about being left out and the slag will play the race card, like she always does. Everything is a publicity stunt to them and anything is a cash in. The fucks have even copyrighted their daughter for fucks sake…

  17. Couldnt give a fuck about this extended collection of in bred half wits. We are the cunts for funding the fuckers.

    • I dont drive a white fiat. I drive a …………. I will reverse over them,several times,to ensure the job is done.

    • I think that Charlie should arrange for the pair to be collected from the airport by the white Fiat. Even Halfwit should be able to get the message and behave himself during the visit.

  18. Our woke, dim but nice, NET ZERO fanatic, Head of State.
    He appears almost normal compared to Prince Pee-Doh, Halfwit & MeGain.
    What’s that he said?
    “The diversity of our society is its greatest strength and gives us so much to celebrate.”
    Oh do fuck off.

  19. Charlie boy has always been wet behind the ears. If he had had even the smallest amount of gumption in him then his mother would have stepped aside years ago and enjoyed some kind of retirement. Man is a total waste and of course, a Cunt

    • Yeah, the wanker was a tree hugger long before it became fashionable. I don’t suppose he envisaged this net zero shit back then but you won’t be seeing him on a bicycle or an e scooter and he’ll still be shooting defenceless animals the fucking cunt.

    • Stupid cunt. Him and his brood will be the first to get the chop under the Great Reset. What the fuck do the globalists need him for?

    • Did you use a bad word?

      Like: dwârf, wôg, yîd, côon, pérvert, gôllywôg, Héinz, paèdôphile, dârkiè, jüdgemént, Shîtcake, excéedîngly, nîg-nôg, nîggér, négro, râghead, fâggot, quèér, nônce, pônce, shîrtlîfter, grîstle, Müzzie?

  20. Not only has he let these cunts virtually get away with treason, the gruesome twosome are now making demands including a fucking appoligy…. WTF is wrong with these cunts

  21. Charlie boy has many faults and he’s not exactly Henry V by any stretch, but he’s got this one right.
    Invite the mentally deranged imbecile and his wife and put the ball firmly in their court.
    It might be worth adding, if he hasn’t already, that they have no residence here anymore and will have to arrange their own security.
    There’s a risk that they’ll find something to take offence at to gain publicity, but I reckon he knows most of his subjects think they are the real cunts in all this.
    He’d be fucking right.

    • Mohammad al-Fayed should be there, too. He’s family and a true patriotic Brit. He supplied free Harrods napkins to the Windsors every Christmas, it’s the least Charles should do.

      • Afternoon Ron.

        6th May – that’s Blair’s birthday, you know.

        Probably an in joke among the shadowy Elders of Zion cabal ruling elite. 😉

      • Bloody hell Ruff, I don’t know what you and I must have done to deserve having our birthdays in the same month as Blair!

  22. What I wish to see, just has Charlie is about to get crowned, rusty bollocks shoots himself in the head to steal the limelight.

  23. I have a mate in South Carolina who dived with jughead on the Mary Rose and also in the Bahamas.
    After being offered a wee tot beforehand the jug said “Oh I never drink and dive!”

    • Were they trying to find the underwater entrance to Epstein Island?
      20,000 Days Under the Age? Captain Nemo-lester?

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