Sue Gray – Partygate Fixer

Yet another ugly old harridan in the mould of Thornberry and AnalEase (and they don’t come much mouldier than that old pair of shockers), Sue Gray she of “Partygate” and former barmaid, is trying to hitch herself to the Starmer wagon of poofters, lezzers and trannies, and the hypocritical old pair of Mandy and Blair.

Starmer is such an opportunistic piece of slime – there is no belt below which he is prepared to punch, he is like a disease waiting to spread.

Gray herself is a hypocrite of the first order – a senior civil servant should be impartial, however, it turns out her son has lead an Irish Labour group and is likely to be parachuted into a safe Labour seat at the next election and one of her chief advisers in matters of law with Partygate turned out to be a potty judge of the Labour persuasion.

So much for this woman’s “ethics”. Yet another would-be hobby politician whoring herself to the highest bidder. Another willing arsehole to sit on Starmer’s face – the biggest arsehole of the lot.

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42 thoughts on “Sue Gray – Partygate Fixer

  1. And why didn’t Jellyfish and his mob know about this bitch’s connections with the Labour Party when he appointed her to look into his appalling behaviour? Surely they could have found some tame cunt who could be sweetened with a nice big brown envelope? Shows you how fucking useless the whole lot of them are.

  2. What’s she gonna be advising the dame on?

    Who to take it up the arse from first.
    Lammy or angie with a foot long strap on.

  3. No great surprise here, unfortunately. The entire civil service is no more than a permanently institutionalised and unelected wing of the Labour Party. And it doesn’t stop there. Quangos, educational institutions, schools, the BBC, the courts and the judiciary have all become unelected wings of the Labour Party, permanently in power, whose sole purpose is to inflict pain and misery and act against the interests of the people of the UK and to continuously gaslight us. It started under Blair, of course.

    • Yeah, there’s a massive shitshow coming that will make us feel nostalgic for the Cameron pig shagging days. Anyone who can needs to get the fuck out but I don’t know where you are going to run to. It’s called globalism for a reason.

      • It’s nice to see a politician with strong political opinions,
        So much so they can jump from one party to another.

        It’s all about the trough.
        And who’s snouts in it.

        Luckily all political parties are cut from a identikit format.

        All greedy woke liberal cunts no matter the rosette.

  4. Suella Braverman doing PR in Rwanda yesterday.
    The line is by summer deportation of illegal immigrants will have started.

    She didn’t mention they’ll be replaced by Rwandans.

    That’d take the gloss off things wouldn’t it?

    • Ah but the clever thinking is that if there is a 2% chance of ending up in Rwanda the cunts won’t get in the boats in the first place. I’m not much of a gambler but they sound like fucking good odds to me.

      • Indeed Freddie,if I have it right those savages are very Machete just like every large city in Britain then.


      • I think if these 3rdworld rats are willing to gamble on crossing the channel on a flimsy rubber dinghy they’ll take the Rwanda gamble!

        They’re the gambling type.
        First stop William Hill😄

      • Have you seen the accommodation in Rwanda? Very nice. I would be happy to stay there myself. Even Suella took the contact details of the interior designer.

    • Replaced by Rwandans. What an absolutely hilarious fucking outcome

      Like being told we’ve cured you of cancer but have accidentally given you AIDS in the process

      Thanks a lot cunts

  5. So the senior civil servant investigating Doris and his troupe of clowns was a closet Commie all along?

    They are all utter Cunts that I do not “wish well” but the actions of this Gray woman are simple treachery.

    Should fit in nicely with Kweer Stormer and his disgusting rabble..I mean next stunning Cabinet ministers.

    What a fucking mess.

    • I wish those science Cunts would hurry up and sort out human cloning or whatever it is..

      They can make us a new Admiral Nelson or Lord Wellington to run the country.

      First class.

      • Morning UT…I tried my human cloning machine with a flake of Dianne Abbott’s dandruff with a view to making an army of black dullards to do my bidding.
        Alas, the machine didn’t recognise it as human DNA.

      • Diane went to the doctor and said “there’s something strange happening Doc….. I keep finding Costa Rican postage stamps up my vagina.”

        He says “they’re not postage stamps, they’re the stickers off the bananas.”

      • Damned bad luck Thomas,perhaps try making an army of Lammys instead?

        Have them take to the beaches of Kent armed with Rwandan style weapons,programmed to destroy all dark invaders with extreme violence.

        How sumptuously delicious.

      • Of course they’d end up killing each other as well.

        So nothing new there.


  6. It doesn’t make the Jellyfish any less guilty of taking the piss big time when the rest of the country was suffering under the repeated lockdowns he imposed. As for the report, he got off extremely lightly considering all the evidence submitted, probably because the police were equally guilty, turning a blind eye to the disgraceful goings on in No.10 at the time.

      • That’ll be enough of that Mr Creampuff!!

        Don’t you know he got Brexit done?

        And I for one feel like I’ve been done.
        Well and truly.

    • It made me fucking sick when Johnson and Starmer were arguing in parliament on who was the biggest lockdown hypocrite. At the time they were flouting their own rules having their little get togethers, I couldn’t see what was left of my dad in his care home, a time when he could just about remember who I was to him.
      As for the cunts who defended Starmer by saying it was a work event with just a curry and a few beers, they can fuck off too. I would have loved to had that opportunity at the time, yet the contempt that politicians have for the pions that put them in office was clear for all to see.
      Spoiled ballot again, and will continue to do so until there is a change in attitude, which I don’t see happening in my lifetime. It’s getting worse if anything.

      • Don’t forget little Matt Hancock, who wanted to crush people for their own good,
        Kill your grandma,
        While buried upto the nuts in someone else’s missus .

        Labour/Tory/ liberal= no difference.

      • Indeed Mis, all cunts. I’ve never voted for someone I’ve actually liked, more someone I would give the least painful death.
        I can’t even use that logic anymore.

  7. And we ( in the NHS) were able to have tic toc parties, Birthday parties, and mingle within six feet.

  8. Sue Gray was the dogs bollocks when it was announced she would lead the inquiry, obviously not very bright, what did she and the daft cunt leading labour expect when he appointed her chief of staff 😂

  9. The conservatives under Boris left themselves wide open to this by partying whilst people were refused access to dying loved ones.

    Maybe she found enough dirt to make the choice to jump parties to Labour an easy decision.

    Given the revelations of Hancocks WhatsApp msgs between Boris and various other ministers and advisers these cunts are far from receiving any kind of justice.

    If you’ve not read the Hancock revelations you should.

    These Cunts should be facing human rights violation trials at the minimum.

    Labour are Cunts, she’s probably a cunt but this conservative government is criminal and blaming anyone else but them for the shit they left on all of our faces is plain fucking stupid.

    • Smarmers beer and curry party was passed as OK by the the leftwing PCC……

      • It’s irrelevant, the Conservatives were in government. They made the rules and they laughed at the people living under their rules as they flouted them on numerous occasions.

      • Sixdog: the point is Labour ASPIRE to government, boast they are the government in waiting, and look at their rabble> Head of Standards Ex Reverend BUmsex-Bryant, now a sir for services to gay websites posing in only his undercrackers and switching his second home twice to make money, Starmers’s ies abot “toolmaker” dad “unable” to pay his phone bill in the 1970s/80s, deputy leader Rayner who can open her legs wider than her mouth, all having their strings pulled by Mandy,no stranger to dishonesty and corruption himself, and Anthony Blair who lied about WMD.

        Meanwhile, ugly hatchet faced Gray, like the other horrors like Abbott and Butler, Pixieballs and Jess Phillips gives yet another excuse for bent male members. I think we would all go q**er if we had to see AnalEase with her knickers down.

        They are all as bad, but Labour’s pretence at sainthood is even more sickening and repulsive. More beer and curry anybody?

      • The Labour Party may say what they want, they don’t make policy. I will never vote for the cunts either way. The core truth here is if Boris and co had a modicum of decency in them they would never have loaded the ammunition Labour are now firing at them.

        While people were unable to visit dying loved ones due to fear of Covid which the government knew were out of proportion to the risks Matt Hancock has his tongue down his girlfriends throat.

        I don’t think many of us are grasping the depth of the corruption at the heart of this government or the amount of totally unnecessary economic, physical or mental damage they knowingly inflicted on the people of this country.

        This is not a conservative government, the Conservative Party isn’t conservative.

    • I’m not sure she jumped parties – she was likely a Labour supporter all along. I don’t know which I despise more – Labour or Tory. Any road, the next few years look grim.

      • The whole thing’s a fucking sewer.

        The stench is the same from Holyrood, what with Wee Jimmy and her husband, and the general SNP carry-on.

        Cunts, the lot of them. I’d rather have Salma Hayak running the show. With those tits, you could forgive her anything.

        Morning all.

  10. Another snout at the trough. They’re all self centred arrogant liars.
    All aboard the gravy train …. Bastards all

  11. It’s scary to think these self serving cunts are not remotely interested in improving this country in any way shape or form just boosting theirs and big business partners profits.
    Not a care for Joe public.
    Utter cunts!

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