Christopher Willis – Composer

Never heard of the cunt? Me neither until I looked into a new album entitled “I Can Only Be Me” by the beautiful and talented Eva Cassidy. (For those that don’t know, Eva died nearly thirty years ago.)

This grave robber has allegedly isolated Eva’s voice from recordings, and set it to music that he composed.

What’s the matter Chris, can’t your composition stand on it’s own two feet without stealing the voice of a genuine entertainer? Didn’t anyone alive want to warble along to your hacked composition?

It’s had exactly the response he was hoping for, I thought it was a long lost recording, and nearly bought it.

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Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

(More info about Willis here. Day Admin – Wiki Page)

68 thoughts on “Christopher Willis – Composer

  1. Heard of her
    Not heard of him
    Maybe it’s a tribute an he’s a massive fan?

    Music from beyond the grave…woooo

    What’s the B side?
    Derek Acorah doing devil woman?

      • Mystic Meg I notice is still predicting in the The Sun. She must be sending in her copy from beyond the grave.

      • I always thought Mystic Meg looked a bit of a goer?
        Bit dirty👍

        That black Bob
        Bit cross eyed

        I’d of let her fondle my crystal balls.

      • The singer from Swing Out Sister and Mystic Meg were never seen in the same room.

        If you’re asking me if Mystic Meg took it up the arse or frigged herself off to midget porn, then you are a bloody rotter who should be ashamed of yourself.

      • As the Fab Four definitely said, “She’s a prick teaser. She took me half the way there.”

        “Big teaser” my arse.

      • Now that’s dedication to your harp playing sitting on a cloud in heaven for still got hokey pokey horoscopes to make up😁

  2. A tribute to Eva and royalties to her kin.
    Something for Eva’s fans.
    It’s a win for everyone, surely?

    • There are worse cunts in the world.

      For instance, Peter Murrell, Nicola Sturgeon, Hamza Yousaf, the entire SNP and all its membership, Suckdick, Lilly Mong, Lineker, the BBC, Puffin Books, most of the publishing industry, Bleks Love Mansions, Carl Beech, James O’Shithead, the Yorkshire Ripper (don’t RIP), Kweer Starmer, Satan Blair, George Osborne, the EU, Putin, Biden, the cunt that stole my blue recycling bin, Rachel Reeves, Lord Adonis and that cunt outside Parliament with the EU megaphone.

      • That cunt with the mega phone is meant to be having a boxing match with conservative MP Lee Anderson!

        If he loses he’s got to stop
        If Lee Anderson loses he’s got to go shouting outside parliament with the daft cunt.

      • Where’s it being held? Back of the bike sheds, somewhere in Worcestershire?

        If they show up.

      • That will be fun. Will it be televised on GB news? Forget Ali v Frazier. The fight of the century.

      • My favourite Charles Bronson story, was the one where he threw a washing machine UP a flight of stairs at some guards during a prison riot.

        His kidnap demands were very funny too. I think it was an inflatable doll, a helicopter and a cup of tea. He let his hostage go after being disgusted at the smell of his farts.

        Parole? Let him out, but don’t move him near me (we all say, I’m sure!)

  3. Has he paid a copyright fee for using her voice?

    If not, I suspect he’ll be taken to the cleaners. She’s brown bread, but some cunt will still own the copyright, surely?

    Sound like a good idea. If it’s allowed I’ll isolate John Lennon’s voice in interviews and mess about with them a bit, with a few AI programs.

    Et Voila John Lennon’s new gangsta rap album. Followed by his Death Metal/White Power albums.

    And this lass was proper unlucky. No cunt bought her music until she snuffed it.

  4. Terry Wogan championed her I remember. The ‘voice of an angel’ she was sold as. Then her death.
    Got to say I never really bought it.

  5. Terry Wo*an championed her I remember. The ‘voice of an angel’ she was sold as.
    Got to say I never really cared for it.

    • This ‘afterlife’ career is macabre. Like the people who go to watch Elvis on a screen with a live band there. As though he’s still alive.

      • Dunno Miles,
        Don’t think it’s anything seedy or disrespectful.
        Just fans aren’t they?

        People miss talent like Frank Sinatra, Elvis,
        Freddy Mercury and enjoy hearing and seeing them perform again.

        Whatever makes you happy.

        Besides bet you’d go see Jesus if he was on at the Manchester Apollo?

      • Morning Miserable,

        I suppose Heaven could be described as the Afterlife After Party?

        Mrs P is always saying I am too highbrow and not allowing for people just to be happy.

        No I don’t really do.happy.

      • Where’s the fun in happy Miles?

        Your probably like me a moody aesthetic type with killer cheekbones.

        Wandering the Moors to escape all this hideousness.

      • Miles, with apologies to Vic Lewis-Smith, you need to put the fun back into fundamentalism… Or the mentalism, even!

    • Wasn’t Susan ‘land whale mirror shatterer’ Boyle described as “voice of an angel” ?
      Wonder where she is now, maybe only as the poster girl for some supermarket dwelling frump with b.o and blue hair……

      • If he doesn’t do happy, I can see Miles on Sunday afternoons of yesteryear, tuned to Radio Toooo listening to Sing Something Simple, The Sunday Half Hour, Palm Court and the late Alan Keith’s Five Thousand Best Tunes. Sheep safely grazed as Mr K chewed his Rennies and sanh Ave Maria. They really knew how to make shows in those days – they knew, but they just didn’t bother. Sunday was suicide day. The channel for pains and pullovers.

      • The Billy Cotton Band Show was a life saver tho WC. Who can ever forget Alan Breeze’s immortal interpretation of ‘I Can’t Do My Bally Bottom Button Up’?

        Happy days.

      • Yes Ron, You have a point – and who will ever forget Round The Horne which followed with the prototype Blair and Mandy (“Ooh, hello, I’m Julian and this is my friend Sandy”). I always remember as “Bona Law’ they were too busy to defend Mr ‘Orne on a motoring charge as “we have a criminal practice that takes up most of our time”.

        Never mind wait till next year and Starmer gets a job on Radio 2 for the Kweer Charmer Band Show “Wokey, Wo- keyyy!”

  6. He looks a lot like that vaccine dodging tennis player djokovic..

    Who is a cunt..
    This bloke never heard of him.

    Then if he ain’t producing Belgium trance I’m not interested

    • Poor Eva Cassidy, she did have a beautiful voice.

      Only 33yrs when she died.
      She had melanoma which my dad has,
      So with the advancement in cancer treatment today she might still be alive.

      Think she was a talented,shy , lady.
      Glad this bloke isn’t using her to further his career and is respectful to her memory.

  7. A bit whiney for me was eva cassidy. Tracey thorn of everything but the girl and nicholas lyndhurst never seen in the same room. Its a bit like when artistes do things with an orchestra, a rehash, rebox thats not that different. And cunts wet themselves for it.

    • RTC for me Jack Cassidy will always be “The Great Santini” in the story ‘Now You See Him’. I wanted him to get away with it – after all he was being blackmailed by the old bastard who owned the Caberet of Magic. If that had been Sherlock Holmes he would have let him go.

  8. Thanks to the wonders of recording this sort of thing happens quite a lot. There is a lablecalled “Pristine” for example who doctors recordings made by Wilhelm Mengelberg and Wilhelm Furtwangler who both died in the early 50s, to make them appear to be conducting stereo recordings , both died long before stereophonic sound was available. That isn’t the worst part – they “colourise” black and white photos of the long dead conductors to give their discs added sales appeal – like “colourising” Laurel and Hardy films. You know they are old mono recordings tarted up and the photos are monochrome. Why pretend? What next?. Colourise Sir Adrian Boult to make him look like Louis Armstrong? – they might then sell a few copies to Guardian readers. It is another pathetic sales gimmick, like Mr Willis’s.

    Perhaps this composer is dead as well and is decomposing – or else that photo is so old he is now a very old man and can’t manage it any more (he looks as though he couldn’t manage it when the photo was taken).. As Sir Thomas Beecham once said “Beethoven’s last string quartets were written by a very deaf man – and in my opinion should only be listened to be deaf men”. Always had a way with words, old Tom.

    • I love Laurel and Hardy. But not in colour, it looks rubbish and distracts me from the comedy.

    • One of Beecham’s best, to a laydee orchestral ‘cellist, was:
      Madam, you have a beautiful instrument between your legs, but all you do is sit there and scratch it.

      On the photo front, there is a CD of Reger’ s violin concerto, with his trademark oval wire specs colourised purple. Looks qute a evil bastard…
      Much more tache on Ted Elgar, he could pass for a Californian leather queen! Something nasty in the woodshed (cf. his 2nd Symphony, and violin concerto, which I love).

  9. Whatever this guy’s done, I can’t see how he could improve on Cassidy’s simple but haunting take on Sting’s ‘Fields of Gold’. Imo one of the greatest covers ever.

    On the subject of AI ‘ABBA style’ performance reconstructions, I wonder how long it will be until some entrepreneur turns towards The Beatles? I’m surprised that Mono and McCartney haven’t seen it as an earner already.

    Morning all.

    • My colleague said exactly the same thing, Ron, after watching the Abba Voyage show.

      The Who and Led Zep could bring back Moon and Bonham.

      • It’ll come Paul, I’m sure.

        The possibilities are fascinating, but it could also be royally messed up if not done really professionally and with a true respect for the work of the artists concerned. Any cheap cash in quick merchants could wreck things.

  10. Not so sure this Willis gentleman is a Cunt in the same way as, say, Tony Blair, Jeremy Vine or Gary Lineker are Cunts. This isn’t much different to the 1995 “Free as Bird” Beatles single which many a Beatle fan creamed their gusset over.

    Without wishing to offend the Cunter, this nomination does seem a little tenuous?

    I’m sure this music will bring joy to Eva Cassidy fans, so I can’t really get on board with this one.


    • Think it all depends on Willis’s intentions?

      Using dead folk to line his pockets?
      But if he’s doing it as a tribute and money goes to her family?
      Not a cunt.

  11. What a cunt. Making money out of another dead cunt, that’s atrocious.

    I’ll also tell you what is a fucking liberty – this cunty story on Ali Baba Beebie today, put me in a right old foul mood for a Monday morning, cunts.

    Headline: Private firms profiting from UK asylum hotels.

    One company allegedly went from revenue of £2.1M to £6.3M.

    It wouldn’t at all surprise me if some dirty MP’s have their hands in this folly and it sickens me that this country if fucked and yet we pay to put these money grabbing, filthy, won’t or can’t speak English cunts in hotels because we’re a soft touch. My mum used to say sort your own house out first before you worry about others – these dinghy dwellers get looked after better that we do. Dogshit on my shoe is a more pleasant thought.

    Where’s that jugg-eared cunt Linecunt, he seems to love the Asians, let them all stay with him.

    Fuck me, I’m in a bad mood now.

    • Jug Lugs claims to have let a ‘refugee’ stay with him. Well, he was allowed in the garden to have his photo took with Slimeball. Oh, and guess what he was? A young man from the Middle East? Course he fucking was. What other type of ‘refugee’ is there?

  12. Fucking grave robbing cunt. One of many useless rapacious leeches who cash in on greater talents.

    Its like all those ‘musicals’ that use original songs and hits from well known artists. That Ben Elton and Queen bollocks. That fat four eyed gobshite wrote fuck all. Queen did all the work, and that fat lazy arsed motormouth cashed in on them. Same with that Small Faces ‘musical’. Absolute shit and a stain on their great legacy. Also, Steve, Mac and Ronnie are no longer with us, so they can’t have any say in cunts abusing their work and shitting on it. And that weirdo goggle eyed cousin marrying cunt, Richard Carpenter. Cashing in on his sister’s lovely voice by putting Karen to crappy orchestral custard. And Abba destroyed any artistic integrity they ever had by giving their blessing to the abomination and chav magnet that was Mamma Mia.

    I also hear that there is a Kinks musical’. Sounds absolutely puke inducing. And although it will bring Ray a few quid, I’d love to hear what Dave thinks of such crass and tasteless shite.

    • Most theatre seems to be musicals these days, must be where the money is. I absolutely detest it when some cunt just takes a story (any story) and turns it into a musical, ‘Gone with the Wind; the Musical’, ‘The Longest Day; the Musical’ sort of shite.

      Don’t mind well produced shows that dramatically showcast the story and the talents of musical greats tho; ‘Jersey Boys’ and ‘Buddy’ were both terrific for example.

      • I took my mum to see Fiddler On The Roof starring the late Topol and it was a great show. I also took her to see Scrooge starring Tommy Steele. Another great production.

        I also hate things that are turned into musicals when they aren’t supposed to be. Only Fools and Horses the musical? Bollocks.

  13. It’s now a trick for big name acts to ‘reimagine’ their past hits because they either have dried up or they can’t be arsed doing any new ones.

    Bonio and his U2 Diddymen have been down the treacle butty mines ‘reimagining’ all their old twaddle. And Def Leppard are also ‘reimagining’ their stuff into orchestral bollocks. It is laughably called ‘Drastic Symphonies’. U2’s refried crap will also pay tribute to Zelensky y (yyyy!). So, apart from it being a lazy arsed cash in, it’s also sickeningly woke and virtue signaling. Typical Bonio…

    Fucking hell, there are only two (original) Stones left and they are both 80 this year. But at least they are having a crack at new material.

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