Inane T-Shirts

A cunting for t-shirts with inane bollocks written on them.

What a load of old wank t-shirts can be, really a nice simple comfy garment to troll around in but some people use then to convey a message.

I was wandering through a shop and came across ‘Old guys Rule’ t-shirts, what a fucking abomination these are, overprice shite with ‘amusing’ ditties written on them such as a mock up of the Dark Side of the Moon prism with ”The dark side of the shed” written on it.

There’s loads out there, mostly with Americanised crap such as Disney, route 66, some fucking college, Nirvana or whatever bollocks the ‘designer’ dreamed up in his lunch hour.

They are all fucking meaningless tat and you’re an extra special cunt if you cough up your hard earned on one. Or, indeed, on a ‘designer’ t-shirt, they boil my piss. Huge amounts of cash for a fucking sweatshop produced t-shirt so Tommy Hilfiger or some other rip-off merchant can buy another Roller, you must be mentally ill.

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Nominated by: Bertram Cuntatious DCO

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91 thoughts on “Inane T-Shirts

  1. Getting a personalised T shirt these days is beyond easy.

    There’s so many Websites that offer the service it’s a buyers market.

    I’ve contemplated for some time getting a picture of Harold Shipman on the front and back with Dr Feelgood emblazoned across it.

    With ‘keep calm and carry on’ in small letters under the picture.

  2. Anyone remember those ‘Hitler European Tour’ T-Shirts?
    All the tour dates on the back, with the UK and the USSR marked ‘Cancelled’.😜

  3. The rainbow coloured Che Guevara T-Shirt is hilarious.
    Old Che despised pooves and he murdered them for fun.

    The fact that he is a gay icon shows the brain dead stupidity of the doughnut punchers,

  4. Having spent a lot of time in the US, I found that wearing a T-Shirt with a logo meant that you had actually been there, and done that ie, Marines, Daytona Bike Week etc. People would ask if you had served or been there. If you said ‘No’ they look at you with contempt. I have one that clearly states “CAUTION: DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS” and random strangers still approach and ask me stupid questions. “Ooh, do you bite HAHAHA?” I give them my best Hannibal Lector face and say “Touch me and find out!” So many stupid people, so few Fava Beans and bottles of Chianti!

  5. Sirs:

    I’ve got a t-shirt that reads:

    “Hi, I don’t care, thanks.”

    But I only wear it to cut the grass.

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