Lori Lightfoot (2)

Oh dear , poor old wokie, weirdo black lezza Lori has had her arse kicked in the Mayoral election. Her share of the vote dropped from 75% to 17% thus becoming the first one term Chicago Mayor for 40 fucking years!

Nothing to do with her wokie policies of defunding the Police and allowing crime to spiral out of control while ordering the coppers to barricade the streets around her mansion. Oh no…..according to Lori it’s all because of misogyny, racism and homophobia.

Of course it is dear…..now trot off to the loony bin and fuck off while you’re doing it.


Fox News

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

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  1. Hang on…ethnic mayor, big city plagued by crime, woke policies and the far-Right lurking around the corner.

    Not the daughter of a bus driver by any chance?

  2. Mayor?

    I always thought it was a stock photo of a homeless bag lady.

    You learn something every day.

    • Fuck me.
      Stuff of nightmares.

      She was good as a dancer for Michael Jackson in that Thriller.

  3. The place is a warzone thanks to the usual suspects, even during the pandemic during draconian lockdowns they still managed to clock up nearly 800 murders.

    Another Democrat success story.

    • Highest number of mass shootings of any American city, averaging one per week.

  4. Just realised why she became a lessa. Who in their right mind would fuck it ?

  5. Lori Lightfoot… Sounds like a pornstar.
    But instead it looks like a Star Wars creature.🤣

  6. Never heard of the cunt, but how did it get to become mayor in the first place?
    Anything that ugly should have been drowned at birth.

    • I had heard of her but I thought that she was a myth used by dodgy parents to get their children to behave.

  7. Chicago was one of the places that other mayors in Texas started bussing in illegal migrants, except they didn’t want them despite being a wokie diverse and inclusive sanctuary city. After seeing the crime rate they would have been better off in their sweaty rat holes south of the border.

  8. This is what happens if you vote for people on race alone.

    Well done to the people of Chicago, you got what you deserved you thick cunts.

  9. Imagine meeting this bug eyed freak in some dark street. You’d fucking shit yourself! Not that she’d be in some dark street in the first place…….except in the back of a limousine.

  10. It looks insane, it speaks in tongues……….a hundred years ago it would have been exorcised by a priest.

    Nowadays these demons get elected…..

  11. You could sell advertising space on that forehead.

    Come to Chicago, vist our fantastic morgues.

      • Was it ever any good though, General?
        Doris Day wasn’t exactly enamoured with ‘The Windy City’ way back in 1953, preferring ‘Deadwood City’ as I recall.
        Wonderful family entertainment with the prescient ‘Whip-crack-away’, which is presumably what the dealers of today do when the Feds show up.

      • Well done Geordi!

        I loved that movie and I loved Doris Day. If you recall I gave her the coat she wore to the dance.

        With regard to Chiraq by the Lake. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago back when it was known as “the City that Worked.” Mayor Daley and his Irish Catholic Mafia kept a tight grip on the city and it was…broadly speaking…a safe place. The street lights were always working…the garbage got picked up and the police beat hooligans, ruffians and protesters with billy clubs.

        The “Outfit” was a major force in those days but they were largely unseen by the general public.

  12. Labeled “the Worst Mayor in America” this hideously ugly old crotch cannibal was known to her multitude of detractors as Mayor Beetlejuice.

    Like other Demonrat hags such as Gretchen Half Whitmer of Michigan and the evil old Grand Nan from San Fran she implemented and enforced draconian Covid measures on her subjects while she herself ignored, flaunted and justified her own non compliance.

    She cut back police funding and ordered them not to pursue criminals while at the same time increasing her own protection squad.

    Like most Libtards she was a virulent racist who went so far as to deny access to white reporters and refused to answer their questions or even speak to them.

    And of course when she got thumped in the primary election she blamed it all on…wait for it…RAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST white voters.

    A walking advertisement for eugenics let’s hope she doesn’t get a job in the Biden Administration.

    Fucking devolved degenerate cunt!

    • Yeah, I remember when she got that woman to open up her salon so she could get her hair done. Her excuse was she was the public face of the city and she needed to “take care of my appearance and personal hygiene.”
      Fucking hell! Even Boris wouldn’t have the front to come up with that one!

      • If that’s her after getting her hair done then her hairdresser’s got a wicked sense of humour.

    • She had this unreal arrogant gesture of turning away from a journalist asking her pertinent questions and drinking from a huge water bottle as if that was a smart way of not paying attention, then she’d make some flippant remark to the journalist.

      2023 will be comical, but 2024 with the election over there will be pure Hell. It’s started already with the Trump arrest. America was meant to be a Paradise but it’s turned into a hell-hole this century, seemingly by design, the powerful people want to remake America in their new image and God help anyone who doesn’t fit the new mould.

      • “…and God help anyone who doesn’t fit the new mould”

        God is the whole root of the fucking problem with America, 40% of them are believing evangelical christian zionists… it’s an open door to the ‘nation of priests’ and its cuckolded, ‘bait ‘n switch, abrahamic horseshit.

  13. It gets even worse when you hear Lori speak.

    Like a mixture of Tom Waits and Hulk Hogan.

  14. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city where the locals wander around with AK-47s.?
    And yet 17% still wanted the ratbag.

    • Interesting that the link shows Fox News’s interviewer Tucker Carlson, the man who praised Donald Trump to the skies and off-camera was calling him a complete cunt.

      • Yep, him and his colleagues also think the stolen election narrative is bullshit too, but they keep trotting it out because that’s what their viewers want to hear.
        What kind of people still watch this cunt after hearing his own admission that he hates Trump, and he happily lies for ratings?

      • Those cunts like being lied to.
        So long as the lies bolster their ignorant beliefs and prejudices.

      • Carlson is all over the place. This is the man who said that he opposed the death penalty (fair enough – I oppose it as well) – and then the next day called for the death penalty for some miscreant. He takes a position on a whim.

    • What does it say about those who are so driven by their ideological hatred that they find a way to turn the righteous nomination of a Libtard Mayor into a rant against Tucker and Trump?

      Be careful children. Playing with T ‘n T could blow up in your faces.

      • I’d say they were both race baiting liars, the only difference is that unlike the libtard mayor, even after both these cunts have been caught lying, their fanbase doesn’t care as long as they keep wanking them off with even more lies and hate.

  15. Defund the police
    What genius thought that one up?

    Trans mentals
    Gender identity oddballs
    Pronoun bullshit

    All from the yanks
    Problem is it infects people in the UK.

    Remember when America used to send us good stuff?

    Rock n roll
    Hot dogs
    Chewing gum

    No nice stuff now!
    All mental hangups.

    Just give us book tokens in future.

  16. I hope that she runs for President next year. She makes Diane Abbott look like Marcus Aurelius. She wanted to get rid of bail for people arrested and accused of kidnapping. I only ever saw a few videos of her and she always came across as te most unlikely person in America to be running a hell-hole like Chicago. That place needs Judge Dredd or something. Needs nuking, it’s basically a heavily armed, drugged up zoo.

    • On the bright side, it is encouraging that Island of Doctor Moreau creatures like Sturgeon and Beetlejuice are out of the game. The gene pool of politics is something else!

  17. She looks like an extra – or a prop – from Total Recall.

    America has serious problems. No wonder they all believe that aliens fucked their cousins.

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