Sir Keir “The Fag” Starmer (20)

Starmer the Reluctant Tobacco Farmer

Apparently Starmzy is considering making the sale of tobacco illegal when he parks his useless arse in Downing Street. What a brilliant fucking idea! ………hand over the tobacco industry to the Albanians, criminalise millions of ordinary people and lose all that lovely tax money that you could be spending on dirty immos.
Do these cunts learn nothing from history?

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Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

(Prohibition in the USA back in the 1920s certainly worked didn’t it. Not! – Day Admin)


73 thoughts on “Sir Keir “The Fag” Starmer (20)

  1. Who’s going to pay for the nhs if there is know tax revenue from smokers.
    As someone as already said politicians just don’t think 🤔 before they open their gobs.
    And star man excels with as a clueless soundbite cunt.

    • It is widely recognised that if every smoker in the UK gave up tomorrow, the loss of tax revenue would see the NHS collapse almost over night.

      Guess who will be picking up the shortfall? That’s right, those self righteous non-smokers who eat a vegetarian diet and never drink.

      Meanwhile the tobacco smuggling gangs that have just arrived from Albania will be filling the gap and buying fucking massive dachas back in Albania, with the local Mercedes dealer struggling to get enough stock to satisfy demand.

      • I eat a vegetarian diet, but I drink like an actor. Those Albanian faggóts wouldn’t get a look-in as my business would corner the market. I’d buy boatloads of foreign crap, Russian fags, Chînksta fags, gnarly Spanish black tobacco, Indian biddies, Eygptian camel shit rolled in old bus tickets….

        Magnanimous Ciggies ©️ 2024

      • I think I have actually smoked the Camel shit rolled up in a bus ticket. They were called ‘Time’ and were absolutely vile.

        You couldn’t give them away if you tried.

  2. This is all about “saving the NHS”. I’m fed up saving the NHS. The Uk has become a health service with a country attached to it. The NHS swallows everything in sight in return for huge waiting lists and the worse cancer survival rates in Europe. As soon as I read the words “saving the NHS” I immediately wanted to go out and 100 packs of Dunhill International.

    • I meant “buy” a 100 packs of Dunhill International.

      And maybe a 100 tins of Dunhill 967 pipe tobacco as well.

      Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, nanny state tossers.

      • Dunhill London mixture puts hairs on your chest. It’s a real man’s smoke.

        Strong coffee and a pipeful of that on a Sunday morning and You will be curling down the most spectacular morning shit ever.

    • The government should make sure the NHS doesn’t fail as it is state owned.Dont take my money spaff it up the wall on diversity officers and seminars on men giving birth and empty nightingale hospitals with no staff and useless PPE to help but your cronies their next mansion or yacht ,whilst working the staff on the floor to their wits end whilst you can’t get a GP appointment or an Ambulance quickly in an emergency.

  3. Stupid idea – ought to legalise cannabis instead and tax that – use the extra income to build some more 5* hotels to house all the dingy raiders👍

  4. I would have thought that smoking being plant based would be all the rage with veggies and the woke feeble minded cunts.

  5. just as long as the thick cunt don’t ban king size Rizla’s then he has my vote!

  6. Naive cunt. The dutyfree fags racket will simply adapt and grow exponentially. We’ll be seeing ice cream vans out in snowstorms. Starmer thinks that a black economy capable of supplying cocaine across the UK can’t manage the same for tobacco?

    What a cunt.

    Anyway, for the addicts out there – I was one myself a couple of years ago-

    “…the hard part of growing tobacco is in germinating the seed and bringing it on to a stage where it is ready to plant out, this requires very specific growing conditions. Also, as tobacco seeds are very small it can take some patience to get tobacco plants to a size at which they are ready to plant out. However at (see link) we do this for you so that you can simply plant them out in your garden, make sure they don’t get too dry, harvest your plants at the end of the season and cure for smoking. The success rate of home growing tobacco this way is very high. Our free guide will tell you everything you need to know about this.”

    The shit only hits the fan if you are found to be using slave labour.

  7. He makes a lot of statements now Let’s see if he carries them out when or if he gets into power
    The Socialists are great on ideas like shutting down the country via the Unions so they can get into power. Be careful what you wish for 👎👎

    • The government should make sure the NHS doesn’t fail as it is state owned.Dont take my money spaff it up the wall on diversity officers and seminars on men giving birth and empty nightingale hospitals with no staff and useless PPE to help but your cronies their next mansion or yacht ,whilst working the staff on the floor to their wits end whilst you can’t get a GP appointment or an Ambulance quickly in an emergency.

  8. I enjoy smoking and plan to give up when they pry the last one from my cold,dead fingers…haven’t bought “legal” baccy for years and I’m guessing that all a ban will do is increase the smuggling….if they can’t stop dingy loads of illegals,they’ll struggle to stop my baccy.

  9. I don’t believe that prohibition works. However, I do think that the smoking age should be raised to 25 to discourage it from it you’re born on xx/xx/xxxx you cannot smoke at 18.

    Once you’re 25 smoke till your heart’s content, but the amount of damage it does ruins your potential future health and prospects is detrimental and that cannot be ignored.

    • My dad was 8 when he started smoking.

      Him an his little urchin mates would follow a bloke smoking and then swoop for the dog end when the bloke threw it away.🙂

      He’s 76 now, still smokes although cut down to about 10 a day.

      If someone wants to smoke ,. Let them.
      It’s personal freedom of choice.

      If people enjoy smoking what’s the problem?

      • I’m one of those ex annoying smokers at 18 I started. Before that I was fit and full of energy. After 10 years I gave it up, worse mistake I could have ever made – starting in the first place (screwed up all my athleticism).

        If it does make people happy so be it. But I felt at that age personally I done it because it was the norm almost friends in clubs and pubs. That’s just my personal experience.

        I certainly wouldn’t want to ban it though, NZ style that sort of stuff is madness it would never work. They live in cloud cuckoo land.

        Personal choice I’m all for it’s just I just grew up in a smoking household and I wouldn’t really want my young children to pick up my habits out of trying to look cool.

        If I was 25 I feel I would have made the decision to never start in the first place. After all, it’s been raised from 16 to 18 before. Why not get rid of the age limit and puff away from 10 with irresponsible parents?

  10. I started smoking when I was 16, and I gave it up when I was 30. I haven’t smoked for years, but I don’t agree with how smokers are treated. People should be allowed to have a pint and a smoke in peace in their local pub, without some nanny state mong kicking off. Also, cigs and tobacco are hid behind closed doors in shops. What is the fucking point of that? If people want to buy them, then they will. Also, the same shops will hide the smokes, yet they will have all sorts of gambling shit on display near their tills. Cigarettes aren’t allowed, yet encouraging people to spend a fortune on gambling is acceptable. How hypocritical is that?

  11. Clearly Keir Starmer has contracted syphilis from shagging Angela Rayner, and it’s now destroying his central nervous system. I wonder how many other Labour MPs she has infected?

  12. I am a regular smoker.Over half a pack a day but I never count and I’m pretty sure it fluctuates on most days by 2 or 3 fans that’s why I hate when health professionals “how many do you smoke a day?” depends purely on what day you are talking about.

    I have thought about quitting smoker but dickheads like Starmer make me want to smoke more..If smoking is banned where is that tax revenue going to come from?Cunts never tell you.Plus why not ban alcohol and junk food while you are at it.Lets ban all pleasure still be taxed to buggery.

    if I quit smoking and live a healthy life I am still due to my genetic make up likely to get alzheimers meaning that the government will pay for my pension longer (which will come at 90 at this rate) whilst the state pays for me to lie in a bed shitting myself for several years.Makes perfect economic sense.

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