Sir Keir “The Fag” Starmer (20)

Starmer the Reluctant Tobacco Farmer

Apparently Starmzy is considering making the sale of tobacco illegal when he parks his useless arse in Downing Street. What a brilliant fucking idea! ………hand over the tobacco industry to the Albanians, criminalise millions of ordinary people and lose all that lovely tax money that you could be spending on dirty immos.
Do these cunts learn nothing from history?

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Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

(Prohibition in the USA back in the 1920s certainly worked didn’t it. Not! – Day Admin)


73 thoughts on “Sir Keir “The Fag” Starmer (20)

  1. The sheer fucking stupidity of politicians never ceases to amaze me.

    Life under the so-called conservative party is bad enough but if (when?) Liebour get in we know we’re completely finished.

  2. If I ever became PM, I’d ban the sale of Brylcreem.

    Sir Kweer would then be up a fucking gum tree, the quiffy Reg Varney/Bryan Ferry be-quiffed m0ng0l0id.

  3. Considering.
    I wonder how large the donations to various political parties/politicians are/have been, from “Big Tobacco”?

    Also-what would Granny Rayner suck on? On the Westminster terrace, as she holds court, telling anybody within hearing distance about her “Ginger Growler”?

    I can’t see it happening. Lots of youngsters-potential Lie-bore voters, smoke.

    As an aside, “Big Pharma”?

  4. That’s right follow the example that simpering horse faced leftie fascist Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand and her party of kowtowing CCP bootlickers.

    • That’s what it amounts to basically.
      Why does everyone over here fawn over that Shergar impersonator like she’s some kind of example of world statesmanship?

  5. Ban Smoking! I thought is was already banned 😂

    Ban Trans bollocks, ban gay bumming (obviously not lady bumming) ban foreigners, ban benefits, ban politicians.

    And don’t forget turn off your leccy tonight between 5 and 7 😂

    • Ban gay bumming? Wes “teabagger” Streeting is the Shadow Health Secretary and he is right behind this. I suppose that is preferable to him being “right behind you”.

      Under a Labour Government, Streeting will be seeking to increase the availability of heavy duty, 12″ black pvc buttplugs by passing strict new laws for these to be sold by the checkouts at supermarkets.

      • Ah Wes, he will be a breath of fresh air, blowing a fragrant aroma from his well worn bum hole 😂

  6. Back in the day I used to relish the sensation of wrapping my lips around a fag and sucking away slowly until thoroughly satisfied.

    • That sounds to me like you attended one of Michael Barrymore’s pool parties. Surely not Sam?

      • What does that ashtray in the Header Pic, & Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool both have in common? I think we all know the answer to that one!

  7. Don’t suppose there will be any legislation to stop the snide fags from being sold in many of our doggy corner shops. & the prices will only increase.

  8. With his greasy makeup; and elderly TinTin hair, who would take instructions from the bloated embalmed corpse Kweer Charmer looks?

    Even his own MPs ignore the old cunt. Don’t stand on picket lines, he tells them — so they all go and stand on picket lines, and considering so many of them are dykes, incipient trannies and bumders, he is too scared to discipline them.

    Him and Screeching are total arsehioles.

  9. I’d say put it to a vote, but must folks don’t seem capable of making their own decisions and just do what the Msm tell them to.
    I read recently that 80% of the population do as they’re told, no matter how stupid it is.
    Proven during the stupid covid lockdowns.
    And it was interesting to see some of the polls during this time, when people were keen on banning things that had no adverse effect on them whatsoever.

  10. It’s quite likely those cunts will replace the present set of cunts and probably serve at least two terms..

    So this idiotic bullshit is just the beginning of a whole new pantomime.

    Expect to see “consultation” about tripling the tax on cigs,booze,pies and anything else some bolshie penpushing clown can dream up.

    Big Government,here to pull your pants down..again.


  11. with the price of 20 B&H already over £15. It will soon be cheaper to grow and smoke your own cannabis than buy a packet of smokes.

    • I grew some tobacco on the allotment last year. Wasn’t bad really – especially if mixed with rolling baccy.

  12. If I lived in the UK I would give up smoking.

    It’s something that I enjoy but no fucking way would I pay so much tax to the cunt government each time I lit up.

    £15 for a pack of Benson’s???

    I pay 5,50 euros for mine and the Spanish tax office are getting a fair slice of that.

    The UK government are getting £10 more per packet.
    The greedy cunts.

    Let the Labour Party put the banning of the sale of tobacco on their manifesto.
    See how many votes they get.

  13. Absurd. If people want to smoke they should be allowed to do so. People know the risks and are adult enough to make their own decisions. I’m an occasional consumer of tobacco – the odd cigar, pipe and even cigarette on occasion. It relaxes me.

    If it’s outlawed it will simply go underground and the criminals will make a killing. You can’t outlaw 500 years of tobacco usage overnight. Cupid stunts.

  14. I have to say I’m struggling with this one. If I’m still here I shall be 72 in May. Now Richard Doll had turned up the evidence on the damage caused by smoking before I started school. (Incidentally the Germans were on to this in the 1930s but unfortunately their researchers were also high-ranking nazis so no-one outside Germany wanted to hear it.) My parents both smoked heavily and where we lived it seemed all adults smoked, it was that simple. When I got to thirteen or fourteen many of my contemporaries took up smoking. I well remember seeing kids turn green and stagger about but it didn’t stop them, they were going to fucking beat it! Certainly many of them did it to be bolshy and kick over the traces. I could be bolshy as well but I just let my hair grow a little long because it drove the teachers and other adults to distraction. Point is it was clear to me that it wouldn’t make me ill and I could simply have a haircut whenever. (Also I never really believed that masturbation would cause me to become blind.)
    The cigarettes killed my father at the age of 54. At that point my mother gave up smoking. She developed COPD in later life but she did make it to 85. My sister and her husband smoke and their case proves to me how addictive the habit is. They have tried to give it up several times; it lasts a very few weeks before they almost come to blows.
    It seems to me that the patronising way the politicians handle the subject is guaranteed to get up people’s noses. In particular when some bumder MP talks of missing their target date, the implication being that the fucking plebs won’t get into line, well if I smoked I would go out and buy another packet. Puts me in mind of their plan for getting us all into electric cars by 2030. As a petrolhead I am about as likely to swap my car for a milk float as I am to become a poof.

    • Same here arfur.
      Both of my grandfathers, my father and mother all died of smoking related cancers.
      Tobacco’s a real killer in a number of ways, but I reckon that trying to ban it is pointless. Many drugs are banned, and we see we that gets us.
      No one can claim these days to be ignorant of the drastic damage they can do to themselves by smoking. It’s up to individuals make decisions for themselves.

  15. According to the government’s very own OBR, the Treasury receives around £10bn in cigarette duty per year!

    So if Sir Bendy Knee does ban smoking how is he going to plug the £10bn hole? More spending cuts and/or more tax increases?

    The man is an utter twat

  16. Fuck the old fag Kweer, he’s like a used condom waiting for someone to slip on it in a gay bar!

    I am more interested in wanting to know what is going to be done about that bald bandit, rag head cunt Nadhim. Dirty motherfucker dodging taxes, should be sent back to Bagdad – do not pass go – do not collect £200.

    Rishi’s daki Government is shaping up to be full of cunt’s. All the hyperbole that curry peddling cunt gave us last year about integrity and transparency.

    These cunts only get into the cabinet beucase of one thing – they are all rich fuckers, and 9 times out of 10 beucase they have done some right dodgy dealings.

    I’d poppadum over to Nadhim’s house and take him straight to Heathrow – and the rest of the Ali Baba cabinet – fucking carpet riders.

  17. Thought Bliar was a total cunt, but this smarmy faced kneeling cunt has eclipsed even him.
    Fuck off you useless fence sitting shit head wait for the next bandwagon……

  18. As Admin points out the US government back in the 1920s resorted to banning booze (prohibition), which only created a black market controlled by gangsters. This resulted in a massive increase in crime and murders because people resorted to anything in order to have a drink!

    Inevitably the government backed down and prohibition ended. Lesson learnt!

    If Keir is serous about banning smoking then he really needs to know his history. Although what I suspect he will do is not ban smoking but just increase the duty on it (and booze as well) via a regressive tax which will hit the poor most, while the rich won’t care one iota.

  19. Great idea Starmer you thick cunt.

    It works for drugs after all, nobody does drugs in the UK

  20. I had an idea how to gradually ban smoking.

    You just increase the age required to smoke by one year every year.

    Then you slowly phase it out over a generation.

    Those smoking still can and the fiscal repercussions are spread over decades

    Easy really

  21. I organised a pro smoking march against this!
    Unfortunately we all got out of breathe half way through.

    Had to call it off.

    What the fucks it got to do with Teddy Boy if people smoke?

    I don’t smoke, but not arsed if others do.
    None of my fuckin business.

  22. The good news is the more dame keir talks it makes the Labour Party look more fucking clueless.

  23. I thought starmzy would be pro smoking, seeing as he was a bit of a lad at school.

    Slashing rockabillys, driving he’s vespa on the pavement a bit of casual smoking is nuthin to the king of the bikesheds.

  24. Once the wokies have banned smoking then they start on alcohol. All for your own good you understand. You proles can’t make your own decisions, you’re fucking stupid. Cars are going of course. You can have an electric one but out of your price range I’m afraid. Then we ban you trash from eating meat. All this for you own good, to save the planet and the fucking polar bears.
    Then we’ll ban angling ( cruelty to the poor fish) and boxing (uncivilised and dangerous) Once they start pushing you around and making decisions for you the more they love it, and the more decisions they make the more they want to make. Their self righteousness knows no bounds and they want you to be just like them.

  25. These PoliCunts, especially lawyers, never fucking learn that prohibition never works and builds a criminal black economy…. Unlesssssss…. that’s the aim where the cunts at Labour HQ run the UK tobacco smuggling racket via their mass postal voting mates or peace, in Rotherham, Oldham, Bristol etc., plus a wodge for the Police Sports funds, to plug the funding hole left due to falling membership and union support.

  26. This announcement is simply to say, “Give me a shit load of money and I won’t do this.”
    Typical tactic to enrich himself.

    • I used to smoke ,
      Just because it’s glamorous.

      I’d take out my gold Ronson® lighter and make a quip at a dinner party and you’d swear I was a taller, more ruggedly handsome David Niven.

      I was a smoking snob.
      I despised those roll up cunts.
      Obviously ex jailbirds,
      Leaving crumbs of their ‘baccy’ everywhere.
      Like a extra off Porridge.
      Fuckin shagsacks,
      No class.

      I miss it occasionally,
      But glad I gave it up.
      I’ve more money for heroin nowadays.

      • Stopped smoking tabs in 1983… saved over £75,000 not smoking in the interim… and possibly my life.

        Afternoon Miserable. 👍

      • Afternoon Ruff👍

        Ever miss it?
        I occasionally see someone enjoying a fag and think ‘ oh yeah, I remember that’.

        But I’ll never have another one.
        It’s lost its hold on me.

        It’s a hard habit to kick,
        Good luck to anyone trying,
        But I don’t agree with forcing people.

      • Ever miss it? Very rarely think about it.

        Tried several times to stop before I eventually cracked it. The physical side was relatively easy to deal with, took about a fortnight for my body to settle down. But the psychological side was far harder, even after a couple of years my mind was looking for ways of tricking me into having “just one tab…” I used to dream I’d given in to temptation and would wake up in a cold sweat! Only after about 5 years did I feel confident I’d never go back.

        Health wise I feel better now than I was at 30!

        That said, definitely wouldn’t ban it or vote for any party that would. Not that I’d vote for Starmer in anyway. The way things look now it’ll be spoilt ballot paper time again for me in 2024.

        ALL CUNTS ✔️

  27. He’s Obviously been talking to the thick Cunts in the Green Party

    These retards think we can ban petrol, Diesel coal and gas

    We can all live in Utopia on a Plant based Diet

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