Film Sequels (2)

Sequels are cunts, aren’t they.

Is there a more cynical money-grabbing move than the sequel?  Re-hash the whole rubbish again with the same characters, some knowing references to the first crap, and a repetition of any catchphrases.

Apparently, there will be another ‘Passion Of The Christ’ so that Mel fucking Gibson can make another $100 million when all the dopey devil-dodgers queue down the road to watch more shitty torture porn. Flogging their bishops while Jeebus is flogged.

Passion 2: Christ is back and he’s pissed off. This time, he’s not cruci-fucking around. This time, it’s personal. If it’s a comedy, how about Passion 2: Christ Goes To Monte Carlo? Perhaps it’ll be like the Police Academy and we can expect lots more. Passion 6: City Under Siege.

Will anti-English and plastic paddy cunt  Gibson be making sequels for his other crap?

The Patriot 2: This time with facts!
Apocalypto 2: The taco years.
Braceheart 2: William Wallace is resurrected, but is attacked by the evil English who shoot him with lasers from their 13th century helicopters.


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(That film might upset the Woke – Day Admin)

77 thoughts on “Film Sequels (2)

  1. The first two Terminator films were ace. Same goes for the first two original Planet of the Apes. And all the Christopher Lee Dracula films.

    The 2015 Terminator film was cack of the highest order. Can’t act cunt Emilia Clark calling Arnie’s Terminator ‘Pop’ for fucks sake. And Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes was steaming shit.

    • Tim Burton has allegedly admitted that he deliberately made a really bad Planet of the Apes film so that he wouldn’t be asked back to direct a sequel.
      Only the first two of the original Apes films were any good either. Escape, Conquest and Battle were hand wringing 1970s liberal horseshit…

  2. I really hope they bring our a Grimsby brothers two. That film is fucking fantastic.

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