Film Sequels (2)

Sequels are cunts, aren’t they.

Is there a more cynical money-grabbing move than the sequel?  Re-hash the whole rubbish again with the same characters, some knowing references to the first crap, and a repetition of any catchphrases.

Apparently, there will be another ‘Passion Of The Christ’ so that Mel fucking Gibson can make another $100 million when all the dopey devil-dodgers queue down the road to watch more shitty torture porn. Flogging their bishops while Jeebus is flogged.

Passion 2: Christ is back and he’s pissed off. This time, he’s not cruci-fucking around. This time, it’s personal. If it’s a comedy, how about Passion 2: Christ Goes To Monte Carlo? Perhaps it’ll be like the Police Academy and we can expect lots more. Passion 6: City Under Siege.

Will anti-English and plastic paddy cunt  Gibson be making sequels for his other crap?

The Patriot 2: This time with facts!
Apocalypto 2: The taco years.
Braceheart 2: William Wallace is resurrected, but is attacked by the evil English who shoot him with lasers from their 13th century helicopters.


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Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

(That film might upset the Woke – Day Admin)

77 thoughts on “Film Sequels (2)

  1. I did like that scene where Colonel Tavington boarded up the church full of rebels then razed it. Other than that I hope Mossad arrange a falling dolphin for the cunt.

    • Surely you mean a herd of programmed cattle to constantly monitor, photograph and record him. That’s the latest piece of PaliWank from the addled mind of one the PA’s peasant shitkickers that the MSM actually reported. Hmmm, I feel an MSM oriented cunting in the pipeline as long as it isn’t sabotaged to restrict the flow of cuntings to this site, causing a cunt shortage to the EU area.

  2. He has the same affliction as many of our politicians; religion.

    Religion; the very essence of evil being peddled as it’s opposite.

    • “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the government as useful.” (Seneca)

      Morning Arfur, morning all.

      • Morning Ruff. Thanks for that perfectly apposite quote from Seneca; I shall try to remember it.

  3. I saw a article about them making a gladiator 2.

    Maximus rises from the dead and challenges the new emperor to a eating contest.

    Deep fried sparrows and otters nose’s and wolf nipple chips..

  4. Melanie Gibson gave us the expression ‘sugartits”
    Which I’ll be eternally grateful for.

    And I enjoyed Braveheart.
    Admittedly for Edward Longshanks played by RTC.

    But think he might be a bit puddled?
    And a pisshead.

    • A better title for that work of English bashing fiction would be “Brae Fart”.
      The raddled ol’pisshead never misses an opportunity to pander to the Yanks’ utter worldly ignorance and prejudices, particularly if he can piss off the English and Israel.
      It won’t be long before he produces another pile of fictitious wank for the Yanks’ and the other sundry ignorant fuck-heads, romanticising the heroic IRA with Idris Elba starring as Gerry Adams, Emma Thompson as Martin MacGuinness and Alan Carr as Bobby Sands, for up to date, inclusive casting.(no Jews allowed).
      Cuntimus Prime describes him, but I think that monicker is taken by one of our esteemed, respected ISAC friends.

    • Apocalypto from mg was a feast to behold.He’s apparently working on a film about the Rothschilds’ which should be interesting.It won’t be a paean operation given Mels Truthbombs these last years.If it reaches the screen we can safely conclude the Roths are going down the tubes which would be something.

  5. Good Morning,

    The thing about sequels is that at least half the scenes have already been shot and then left on the cutting room floor. A bit of judicious editing, a few extra scenes woven in and you have a very cheap film, living off the publicity from the original. Hence very profitable and why they get made.

    • And the leavings on the cutting room floor from the sequel are used to make the next one, explaining why and how they get progressively worse as what was considered shite, becomes the material for the next.

  6. I think that the 2nd Alien movie was better than the snooze-fest which was the first one and prefer Empire Strikes Back to a New Hope. Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan is the best of all the Trek films.

    These exceptions aside, most sequels are utter shite.

    – Final Destination sequels
    – Fast and Furious sequels
    – Scream sequels

    All pointlessly wank imitations of the originals…. originals which were themselves of questionable quality.

  7. The worst remakes are the all female box ticking ones, like Oceans xx and Ghost busters ( and that took some doing)

    • Waiting for a remake of Mary Poppins starring Ru Paul as Mary and Lenny Henry as Bert Katanga the flour miller, face whited up with flour and sporting a genuine Victorian afro-brum accent.

    • Look at that fucking “Money Supermarket” wimmin only advert. A partially rehydrated Jui Dench plus the now de-rigeur wimminzz only characters with a WOC (Wimminzz of Colour) complete with black hanging metal snot “septum ring” dangling out of her conk like a charcoal dust infused bogey.
      Another one that gets the MBT (Mute Button Treatment)

  8. I predict that Jew hater, Israel basher , HAMAS fellator and plastic Paddy, Gibson will somehow work “Palestine” and oppressed “Palestinians” neither of which existed then, into the fictitious but believed by gullible morons – Passion 2, The Final Libel – From the files of God Squad.
    The first offering was a pile of barely watchable mumbling, wank spattered with subtitled blood soaked mis-pronounced Aramaic.
    I’ll bet the cunt wouldn’t date make a film about the prophet of death and the resultant slaughter, mass rapes, enslavement and forced conversions.
    Mush as I have little time for religion especially the appalling Irish church, the Marxist antichrist Pope the suicidal wokery of the CofE and useless wet-lettuce archbishop of Canterbury, they, unlike the religion of Death won’t fight back, nor will the Prophet arse licking MSM.
    Good cunting,, bit not enough focus on the biggest hypocritical, pissed up cunt of all, Mel Fucking Gibson, fêted by all good Hollywood antisemites and leftists.

      • Sorry SD, but the roast hog offer expired last month. How about a nice drop of chicken soup, aka Jewish penicillin?

      • @ shiek’n’vac. As a Jock I’ll nae pass up a free dinner. Slàinte maith. Yer a stingy cunt though and a true Scot.

      • A Scotsman and a Jew were having breakfast at the Savoy.
        The Scotsman says to the waiter “I’ll pay”

        Headline in the next day’s Daily Mail


  9. I remember Alan Bennett making a film version of his play The Madness of George lll, which became The Madness of King George, so as not to confuse the stupid yanks into thinking how come we missed the first two films.

    • The film Doppelganger, was retitled as “Journey to the far side of the sun” as the Americans don’t like films with foreign titles. Besides, most of them think a Doppelganger is a fancy hamburger from McDonald’s.

      • It gets better. It was quite a good film, albeit a rushed ending. Gerry Anderson who made it knew that the Yanks’ would never show it over the pond let alone put a cent into it, so he cast Roy Thinnes (from The Invaders) in the lead role, job done. I can just imagine the conversation when the title came up. Perhaps one my fellow cunters would like to take a stab at it …

  10. Brian 2 – The Resurrection. A very naughty boy lives again. With special transitioning scene where Jesus miraculously transitions Stan into Loretta complete with a box for the foetus. A PFJ Production. No connection to the JPF knock off. Fucking splitters……..

  11. For all you idiots out there, Father Came Too ! is a one off. Didn’t want to mention dyslexia incase it upset the CUNTS !!!

    • Smug bastard….. Couldn’t you at least have spelt dyslexia wrongly so as not to make dyslexics feel badly about themselves not being able to spell dyslexia?

      FUCK…… I’ve just done the same…. what a smug cunt.

  12. It’s Monday morning and it rather chilly and i am reading this bollocks. Gibson, fuck off and die you cunt!
    That’s better, have a good day.

  13. Have you read the comments on the DM article? Ignorant cunts treating it as fact. No wonder Hitler’s propaganda worked so well turning neighbour against neighbour. I also saw the original and saw it for what is was and could only be, a work of biased fiction.
    Waiting for the ol’Jew hating pisshead to be really brave and make a factual film about the psychopathic prophet of death and see where that leads.
    As we know far more about Mohammed than Jesus, will there be scenes of him slaughtering the entire Jewish cities of Medina and Mecca? A passionat love scene where the prophet fucks his 9 year old “wife” Aisha whom he “married” at 6yrs old. Not a fucking chance, he’d be dead before the first announcement of intent was made.
    Gibson is not only a cunt, hrs a lying cunt and a cowardly cunt to boot, knowing what he can get away with by going after the soft targets for his innate hypocrisy and spite. He may be a half decent director, but making clearly dangerous and inflammatory films that pick the scabs from sensitive religious issues, not caring a fuck who he offends, just as long as he only offends those who won’t kill him, rather than go after the lot, makes hime a prime cunt who should be in this year Cunt of the Year nominations.

      • Thanks Ron. definitey not Ron Take a Knee, that’s for sure.
        Here’s a thought, he could cast Kanye West as Jesus to resurrect his self-inflicted career suicide or was that Jewicide. A fellow Jew hater, should fit in well with Gibson.

  14. I used to phone on to Radio2 regularly when the KV show was very good. They rang to ask if I’d go to see and then review on air, “The Passion”. I stated live on air the next day, that it was a nasty violent offering with little actual basis in fact, in garbled mispronounce Aramaic that none of the actors could speak or read and that it pandered to dangerous prejudices and old blood libels. My commentary lit up their phone panel. I packed in listening to the BBC in 2016 and LBC in 2018 as I couldn’t stomach the obvious bias and contestant barrage against anyone who didn’t cleave to the MSM and Left’s agendas re Brexit, Trump, St. Greta of Mongberg, “palestine” and of course the TransCrap, onlyBLM and the whole LGBTQWERTYPLUSVAT bollocks. The only oasis of sanity and actual reportage is GBNEWS. I switch the rest off and refuse to associate with the pile of propagandise wank that’s passed off as news.

  15. With you all the way on this one Cap’n.
    The only sequel which I enjoyed was ‘Aliens’, a real edge of the seat effort.
    In particular I hate ‘re-imagined’ films; you know, really lazy re-workings of classics like ‘The Magnicent Seven’ or the putrid all-female ‘Ghostbusters’.
    Superhero films are particularly bad at this. I mean, wasn’t Captain Marvel originally a bloke, and how many times is it possible to re-do Batman (or should that now be ‘The Batman’), Superman and Spidey? Ffs.
    Still, I must admit that I’m really looking forward to ‘MILF Anal 7’. The first six were pretty good.

    Morning chaps.

      • That odious titless Hollywoke stick insect, Natalie Portman as Marvel hero, Thor? What a fucking joke. Will she be able to even lift the axe? An absolute piss take.

        Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is more appealing, but she’s still no Lynda Carter. She was magnificent.

  16. That arsehole James Cameron has a third Avatar film already in the can to beat us all over the head with, filmed back to back with the second one.
    I’m proud to say I avoided the first film like the plague.
    James Cameron is a cunt…

    • Hollywood sources said the box-office smash Avatar sequel well outpaced the first movie, with a billion people worldwide unable to remember anything about the movie after its first two weeks of release.
      “With the first AVATAR movie in 2009, it took nearly two months before the first billion people couldn’t remember anything about it apart from it being very pretty to look at,” said a Hollywood insider puffing on a huge cliched cigar. “James Cameron has done it again! Delivering a box-office goliath that no one can remember a single thing about. The man is a movie legend!”

      • According to the wife we went to see ‘Avatar’, but I’m fucked if I can even remember going, never mind the film itself

  17. Talking of remakes or “reboots” as our Americunt brothers refer to them:

    I recently watched the original “ I spit on your grave”-the Jennifer Hills character had a lovely full minge and pert tits-in the remake, she is as smooth as a billiard ball and as flat as the table the ball came from ☹️👎

    Like most things in life, films were much better 40 years ago.

    I look forward to the sequel to “Guy Fawkes”-“Guy Fawkes 2-the nuclear solution.”
    Starring Mel Gibson as Jeremy “I hate them goddamn hook nosed sons of bitches” Corbyn.

    • ‘I like a drink as much as the next man, unless the next man’s Mel Gibson’.

      ‘Mel blames…well we all know who Mel blames’.

      Ricky Gervais.

    • The Texas Handsaw Massacre 2 – aka Murder Most Green, recycling old cliches and saving them from the landfill of history.

  18. Only sequels that were any good were The Empire Strikes Back, Sweeney 2, Rocky II, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Godfather 2.

    Superman II was shite. Richard Donner’s original cut decimated by Richard Lester, who turned it into a slapstick comedy. Benny Hill in Metropolis. And Superman III was even worse.

    Modern remakes and ‘re-imagining’ are just plain woke turd. That dyke filled Ghostbusters remake being the worst ever. And the ‘re-imagined’ TV shows are even worse. Westworld, Twilight Zone, Doctor Who, all total shit. And another lezza, Queen Latifah as the Equalizer? Oh, my fucking sides.🤣

    • The last two ‘Indiana’ films were shite. Especially that Crystal Skull bollocks, featuring that utter cunt trombone, Shia La Womanbeater.

      Always fancied Karen Allen, but I would also have tubbed Kate Capshaw in Temple Of Doom as well.

  19. Oh, and that Sweeney remake with Ray ‘The same in everything he does’ Winstone was fucking shit. Same goes for that cunt Shane Richie in that Minder sequel. Absolute dog dirt.

    • Somebody loaned me a copy of it. I’m fucking lad I didn’t pay. Total wank.
      Were we seriously supposed to believe that that grunting fat cunt Ray Winstone (Regan) was tapping Hayley Atwell?
      John Thaw and Dennis Waterman must be swirling.

      • The original Sweeney was brilliant. Thaw and Waterman were ace. Also, George Sweeney as the psychotic Tim Cook was outstanding.

        Hayley Atwell. One word: Funbags.

  20. I normally really hate “remakes” as they’re lazy, often “more relevant” (code for full of woke shit and nannying “messages”) facsimiles of the original. One exception was Total Recall, where the remake was completely different so that it stood in its own right. I liked both versions. Still prefer the original though.

  21. One thing I hate about modern films is how they turn evil bastards into sympathetic characters. Heroes are heroes, villains are villains. That’s what makes a good story. But every evil doing cunt now has had a schmaltzy back story to make them look human and hard done to. Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates, the witch from the Wizard of Oz, Dracula, you name ’em. One of the worst is that load of woke bullshit, Maleficent. Starring Slagenlia Jolie as the witch from Sleeping Beauty. One of the most evil characters in folklore turned into a sympathetic mother figure, just to give Jolie an ego wank and to fit a misandrist woke agenda. What a load of bollocks.

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